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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today we got a bit of good news.  Our daughter and her boyfriend will be able to get back to their townhouse on Wednesday.  Tomorrow one area of town can get back to their homes and all the businesses in town will be able to get back to survey any damage or open up!  Great news!!!!!  We can go and stay with our daughter which will be so much more comfortable than being here in the motel.  The dogs will have a yard to run around free!!!!!!!!  They will be happy....still confused but happy!  Still no news on our area but hopefully, because we are the last area to be allowed to return, they will be able to concentrate on it and gets things good-to-go!  I was looking at pictures on my iPad tonight and saw pictures of inside the house....I miss it.  And I saw a lot of things I didn't haul upstairs and it makes me sad.  It can all be replaced but still.............

Tomorrow we are taking Amy to Edmonton to stay with her brother and girlfriend....she will be thrilled to be away from here and on Thursday she will go to her friends place.  Saturday they are in the Color Me Rad race.  They signed up months ago!!  I'm hoping she can stay there for a bit.....once we get into our house she will be needed back here.  But for now, she can have some fun!  I know Jenna (my sons girlfriend) will keep her's great she's on holidays this week.  Amy will need to "train" and Jenna likes her exercise too!  Perfect!

Fingers crossed the time until we can get home is near.  It will be a happy and a sad day........

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