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Sunday, June 23, 2013

And we wait......

Another day of waiting and not too many answers.  We went to the mayors update at Nanton this afternoon and it was a typical politicians speech.  Told us they are working on the main lift station and are waiting for a motor but electronically it's fine (cheers).  RCMP have gone into 1500 homes....looking for people, pets, etc...their mandate.....6000-7000 more to go!  They have rescued 1800 pets! (cheers) They are building a "retaining wall/berm" so they can start pumping the lake that has formed in our area out. (Cheers) But when you think about it, it's frustrating as Calgarians (most of them) are able to return to their homes...even business as usual downtown next week!!!!  Some in Calgary won't have power....our mayor said power, water and sewer MUST all be functional before anyone goes back AND I doubt the RCMP in Calgary had to go through each and every home/building before those citizens were allowed back so where's their mandate???????  (Yes, they are taking locksmiths with them to get into the homes......hopefully they can pick the locks and get in so they don't have to break in...REALLY????????  Why aren't they preparing the huge hoses they will use to pump the water out so they are ready to go when the wall is done?(they are sitting on a truck on the hwy).  It's really is!
I don't know when these photos were taken.  Enlarging the first one, looking at the top right and seeing our brown house to the left of the white house with the red car in front.  That was similar to when we left as is the second picture which shows our house bottom right with my white 4 Runner and my daughters white car in the driveway.  I wonder when the pictures were taken........I wish they would say.  I'm at the point, at this very moment, of wanting to bulldoze down the place, let it wash away and move.........I know that feeling will pass.  But after this thing with the mayor (puff up the positive, refuse to answer questions) knowing that not only will we have to deal with the clean up but all the rest of it, makes me feel exhausted, deflated and sad.  Maybe winning the lottery would solve it all!  Pay it off and walk away!  LOL!!  I don't buy tickets so that's a little tough....I mean I guess I should buy a couple...only takes one to win!!

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Kimbo said...

Makes me sad seeing these images.