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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Visitors and the Big Squeeze

We had some adorable visitors last weekend.  These three came to see Grandma and Grandpa....grand-dog Leela, grandson Jude and DIL Jenna!  Son1 was going to be away for the weekend so Jenna thought it was a great time to get out of the house and did I mind if they came down here??  Ummmmm NO, don't mind at all!!!!!!!!

Jude was one month old on the 8th!  How can that month go so quickly????????  Here he is on the quilt I made him.  :)  Jenna said he was posing!

I finally had my "meet and greet" appointment with my new Dr.  She seems very nice, young enough to be my daughter and she said I could call her by her first name!  Hmmmm wonder how easy that will be??  Didn't you earn the title of Doctor?  She ran me through the mill, sending me for blood work, stool sample (too much information??  HAHAHA) and had me call for a mammogram appointment.  I was feeling pretty great with being all responsible and having these tests done and booked my appointment for today.....and as the morning went on I got myself a little worked up about it.  But, I kept taking deep breaths, calmed myself down and put on the big girl panties!  It really wasn't that bad!  Now the tech reminded me that often, after the radiologist reads the X-rays, a woman gets a request to return for further tests.  She said it was no reason to panic.......most times things turn out all the way home I was wondering if a) it was something she was required to say to all new patients or b) she saw "something"??  More deep I am sporting my fancy gown,  complete with ties in the front, while waiting to be called in.  

I will see my Dr again the week after next for the other lovely female test and go over the results of the tests I have already had.  I pray I come out of it with a clean bill of health because I need to be healthy for those grand babies and I have a dream to catch!  ;)  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Favorite Toys!

When Grandma is babysitting and needs to do stuff in her sewing room and realized she forgot to bring up toys......these spools were entertaining!!  HAHAHA!!