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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day....what day is it???

It was easier keeping track of the days when I was on my "vacation" up north!  Lets see, we evacuated Friday morning and today is Tuesday right?  Day 5?

One of the most frustrating parts for me is the communication.  There's no lack of it....between Facebook and the radio and tv we get enough....but it's what is being said.  A lot of smoke and mirrors....indirect, beat around the bush stuff.  Last night I listened in on the information, Q&A from Danielle Smith, our MLA.  She re-played the recordings from our mayor from Sunday and Monday (so no new news there).  She talked about her pet rescue effort (no new news there), she talked about how hard it's been on the rescuers and volunteers (of course it is!!) and she told us that as of last night, water, sewer, gas and power were functional!!!  Halelujua!!!!!!  The mayor said those needed to be functioning before we could be let back in....but wait!  Now Danielle is telling us streets need to be cleared of water and abandoned vehicles, services need to be restored (grocery and gas stations, hospital, etc).  Really??  Okotoks is 10-15 minutes away!!!!!!!!!  I'm waiting for them to say "the pretty flowers planted around the town office must be re-planted and blooming before any residents are allowed back in!"  Mayor B.....things do NOT have to be picture perfect in order for us to be allowed in to see our homes!!!!!!!!!!!!  And get over the fact there are still about 1000 residents there who refused to evacuate!!!!  Who cares!?!?!?!???!!!  Move on....don't worry about them as they are obviously not worried about themselves!
I did see pictures of huge pumps pumping our lake.  It will take some time but at least it's a start.  Danielle said all houses have been inspected.....but today I see all but those surrounded by water, which would be ours.  They have divers coming in now for those ones.  I'm assuming it meant ours anyway.
No one is wanting to give a time frame as to when we can get back.  I understand that.....people will either get their hopes up or be even more upset and angry if the time passes.  But I can't help but feel the longer the water sits in our homes, the more damage it will do.   And that worries me.
Today I am "home alone" and what I wouldn't do for my sewing machine and a project to work on!!  Or even a vehicle!!  But I have my iPad, some magazines, an embroidery project, 5 dogs (my daughter went back to work today too) and two kittens!  Whew!!!!!!!!!!!  Hoping our room gets cleaned today........I miss my home.  <3

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