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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Word!

Two more days left in  I have mixed feelings as always.  I am usually sad about the end of a year but excited about the new.  I'm the same this year....maybe a little less sad, and only because of the flood.  The worst natural disaster in Canada's history....and we survived it.  Throughout it all I tried very hard to put on a positive front...."it is what it is now deal with it" was kind of our motto.  When people asked I would say how lucky we felt as so many had it so much worse.  That was true....but in private, over time, I would wear down....that positive front would momentarily fade and I would feel sorry...for us and our loss and the rebuilding that lay ahead.  And it's true when people would say "it's only things".....but they were our "things"!  Maybe our positive front was the reason friends and family from 'home' weren't rushing down to help.  I'm sure lives were busy and until you see things firsthand you really don't get the full scope of the devastation.  There was disappointment in that.....even just communication or lack thereof, was disheartening.  The jokes and jabs "well you moved to HIGH RIVER!" went around and around and at first we smiled and chuckled but then it began to make us mad.  Did people not read or watch the news?  Did they not care?  But it's's in our past and part of 2013.  But it sure makes a person realize a few things.....some of which are hard realizations.......
So onto and upward and into 2014.  I've decided my word-of-the-year would be "LESS". Less stuff, less weight, less stress, less debt, less procrastination, less worry, less disappointment, less anger....... I will purge, over the course of the year, excess 'things' in our home.  I will purge relationships that are a struggle to maintain.  I will focus on paying down debt by not purchasing more 'stuff' and being more aware of our finances.  (That includes fabric stuff too....YIKES!). I will return to Curves and the meal plan and walking with my neighbor and new friend Deb and making it all a regular part of my day.  I have big plans for 2014!!!!!!!!
One thing I would love to do, using the ton of fabric I already own, is a Dear Jane quilt....pieced by hand!  I have the book now I need to get started!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!  I find it ironic that the blocks are from another Jane exactly 100 years before I was born.

Another thing I'd like to make, with wool felt I already have is a pin cushion.  Look at this one I purchased from Kaaren Johnston whose blog is named The Painted Quilt.  I had purchased a Christmas one a couple of years ago and marvel at the detail and all the work!!

I already have a book that will guide me.  
Big plans as per usual but I'm hoping and planning on a very wonderful 2014!!!!!!!  Chin up and move forward!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Christmas's been a good one.  Last year we thought about going up north for Christmas this year but after everything we went through this summer, home was where we wanted to be. My dad was here, all our kids are (still) here and it's been nice.  S and I were sick with the flu yesterday....I didn't get sick to my stomach but she did the night before.  We are both good today!  Our oldest, his girlfriend and A went skiing/snowboarding today.  Of course yesterday was +10....we had a crazy wind, some snow through the night and today is -16C! But they still went.  I have turkey rice soup in the slow cooker, a loaf of bread in the bread machine and two loaves of banana bread in the oven.  The sun is is good.

My dad made it home today...he left yesterday, scared we were going to get him sick....but stayed overnight in Westlock as the roads up there were bad.  We put him to work on Thursday.....he installed the railing going to the basement.

I still have to put the glossy finish on it and the plugs.  I'll add it to the to-do list!!  LOL!
We've been playing a lot of cards and board games:

It's been fun.  I will miss the noise and my sons dogs fluffy hair all over!  Hahaha.  But we will have it again, another time.  

So many people think of a word-of-the-year...something to strive for or think about throughout the new year.  I'm thinking about mine although I can't remember what it was last year!!!  I'll be sure to write it down and plaster it all over this year and really try to live by it.  I think I know what it will be but I'll be sure to post it here when I've decided for sure.  :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

The day is almost over.  It was a good one with family, great food and lots of card playing!  We realized we didn't take a family photo last we did one this year.  Our family photos are very casual.....our second eldest son hates them!!!!!!  So here it is....the tree is the one my dad brought and decorated.

Here's my quilty tree with the tree skirt I made underneath.

The kids are going Boxing Day shopping tomorrow.  They are excited....I won't be going!  LOL!  I'm ready for bed!  The girls (18 & 20!!) got us all up at 7 am which isn't early but I stayed up until 1 watching a movie!  And it was a busy day.

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Tree!!!!!!

My Dad has arrived and brought me two Christmas trees. A white one that was my Moms....but it has no lights so we will have to get some.  The tree I lost was prelit so I haven't got any lights for it....but we will get some.  And the other one was from the Quilt Guild and the tree they donated to the Festival of Trees in my home town.  My dad "won" it at the Silent Auction.  The ornaments are beautiful......

I read somewhere that you should put your tree on an east wall...this is as close as we can get.  It's for good luck or something.  Hey, we need all the good luck we can get!!  We need a fantastic 2014!  I'll do anything necessary.  :-)

Tomorrow we are off to Medicine Hat for Amy's hockey game......late night.  Ugh.  But the girls and I are going for pedicures Sunday afternoon!  Ahhhhhh!  Can't wait.  Relaxation before the craziness!  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Got It!!

Yesterday I had to run up town and thought I'd bring my finished tree skirt to show the gals at the quilt shop since the pattern(free) and templates came from there and I wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas.  They are closing after Saturday and reopening Monday January 6th in the old, pre-flood location....which they've expanded as well as renovated!  While I was there, the owner Lucie said she wanted to talk to me so we talked.....and she offered me the job!!!!!!  Part time and three days a week, for now!!!!  I start January 7th!!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!!!  We also talked about teaching classes.....yikes!!!!!!!!    We all know I will not be making any money........she offers a great discount to employees.......but I'll be out of the house, meeting quilters and touching fabric...three whole days a week!!!!!!  ***sigh***
Just thought I'd share the great news!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Countdown Is On

Wow, 8 days counting today......Christmas Day.  My Moms birthday was the 24th.  An emotional time of year for many.  My friend Kim is going through a tough time.  Her father passed away Monday so they are making arrangements for a funeral when most people are making arrangements for a gathering of a different kind.  I wish I was there to help if I could.  But she has a big family and I'm sure there are more than enough people around. claims way too many good people.

I did my baking yesterday and was so adamant I wasn't going to eat anything that I got it all into the freezer without taking any pictures!!!!!!!  I don't make much.....Ginger cookies, my moms shortbread (which never tastes like hers) and my grandmas butter tarts...again, nothing like my Grandmas.  Oh well.  Maybe one day I will be more ambitious and make a variety of things.  But for now this is more than enough.

Still no tree but I have Christmas around the house:

Even my nails got a bit festive:

And my next door neighbors are definitely festive!
Aren't they fun!!!!  

We have a blizzard happening today.  Yesterday was beautiful...+7C and today winter is back!!  Time to crank some Christmas tunes and get something accomplished!  Oh, the finished tree skirt:(why not add another photo to this photo heavy post!?!)


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree skirt..and a job?

Yesterday Hubby left for the north first thing in the morning.  I had my coffee and stared at my to-do list but felt completely unmotivated!  I did a few Christmas cards but needed a couple of stamps for postage to the States so went up to the Postoffice.  Near the post offices temporary location is the quilt shops temporary location and I hadn't been in awhile so I popped in the see Mavis and Lucie.  I had a great visit and picked up a free pattern and some templates to make a tree skirt.  While there Mavis mentioned I should hand in a resume....Lucie was probably going to need someone part time in the new year.....Lucie came out from the back and we all chatted....and I left my phone number!  I think I might be working at the shop in the new year and I'm excited about that!!!!!!!  They will be back in the old but expanded and totally renovated location downtown!  How fun to go to work and fondle fabric all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A dream job!  Now I likely won't bring home much of a pay cheque but I will be out of the house and meeting new people....and fondling fabric!!!!  Hahaha!!!  LOVE!

So when I got home I chose the fabric I was going to use for the tree skirt and got started.  Then my neighbor called and we went for a long walk and I came home and continued until my daughter came home and we went for supper.  Once back I kept going.  Here's the top done and since this picture (of the tree skirt and our little 3 lb chihuahua) I have the felt pinned to the back:

Our daughters have convinced me to go to the mall with them today but it should be a quick trip and then I will come home and try to finish the tree skirt.  We are having a chinook so I'm sure it will be nice and sloppy out there soon!!  :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still No Tree

Well, we've looked for a tree but have yet to find one we want to spend money on.  What is left in stores are not the nicest and aren't on sale enough for me to want to buy.  So my dad has a tree that I will put in the basement.  Hubby left for up north today and if he has room for it he will bring it back next week.  If not Dad will bring it on the 21st!  I don't think we've ever had a tree up so late!  Oh doesn't bother me but Amy is wrapping gifts and is complaining there is no tree to put them under!  Soon Amy, soon!

I think I am almost done any shopping I had to do.  When I went shopping at the mall on Sunday I bought this cute nightlight.  The flame flickers when it's on......doesn't give off much for light but it makes me smile.

My poor sewing machine must be feeling neglected as I haven't worked on anything for so long.  If I would get some baking done and cleaning done then maybe my reward could be sewing!!!!  I had made my dad a quilt for his bed this spring.  He didn't want to use it until he bought a new bed...and now he has.  He made his own headboard and sent me this picture of everything all set up.
Looks good altogether!!

Wind is blowing but the sun is shining!  I think it's warming up.....nice!  Off to accomplish something!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Could I forget!!???

My neighbors belong to the Rotary Club here and they were handing out quilts from The Sewing Room, a quilt shop in Calgary,for flood victims, a week ago.  I told her I was given a quilt by Linda from Patchwork Fabrics in Slave Lake already but she said to come and get one for our daughter Amy.  Amy had hockey practice that night so I went on her behalf.  There were quite a few quilts....of all shapes, sizes and colors!  My kids have always complained about the quilts I have made for use on the couch...too small!!!!  So I went looking for one big enough for cuddles.  And I found one.  It's a rag quilt but made without batting.  It is made with good quality flannel though so it's not flimsy and it's very cozy.
It's bright and colorful and makes me smile....not only because of the colors but because there was a kind quilter out there willing to make this quilt for us here in High River.  There were many many kind quilters!!!!!  We can feel the love every time we wrap up in it!!

We went Christmas shopping today in Calgary....I didn't get a whole lot done.  As per usual, I found a thing or two for me.  This little girl came home to be added to my Jim Shore snowman collection:

She short (like me).  :-)

I saw this in a magazine last night...excuse the bad picture, but I thought it was nice.....

Lots of snug white quilts here right now!!!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We've Been Hit!!!!

It seems nothing is done half assed around here.  If it's windy, it's very windy.  And if we get a blizzard it's a doozie!!!!  Yesterday we were hit with a doozie!  If we just had snow it would have been lovely....a picture perfect winter day.  But the wind was wicked...and cold!  This morning our street was snowed a couple of huge drifts that even Hubby with the quad could not remove last night.  He did the rest of the street and another neighbor used his snowblower on the sidewalks.  By later last night you couldn't tell.  Here's Hubby on the quad last night clearing the drift right in front of our driveway.
He really does love doing this!!!!!!!  Here's our front yard this should be able to see a bird feeder on a stand.....but it's buried!!

It's still windy today but no snow so far.  I'm waiting for a chinook now to melt it all!  hahaha. But today will be a cozy inside day.

Even the cats were checking out the snow!

I have done some decorating.  I'm not sure about the's different for me and not symmetrical which I was trying to do but my OCD is having a hard time adjusting!  Lol.  And I have my nativity scene on the old treadle...ignore the light switches!  

Next is finding a tree...........

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Week

Another week has flown by!!!!!  Slow down Father Time!!!!!!!!  Next week we will be into December and I haven't got one Christmas/snowman decoration up!!!!!  Soon...very soon.  I am hosting a neighbor party on the 14th so everything will be done by then!!!

This past Sunday we were off to a hockey game in Lethbridge.  It was a beautiful day!!!!
  Our view outside of High River
The temperature closer to Lethbridge

I finished up a few quilty projects.  I made a couple of these table runners and some smaller 'mats' all out of those 2.5" squares.  I have so many of them as I am part of the monthly send out from Fat Quarter Shop.  I should cancel but it's so fun and gives you a small glimpse at the new fabric coming out.  I just need to get using more of them up!!!

Tuesday night we were off to a hockey game in Calgary and the sunset was amazing!!!!!  This pic was taken with my cell phone reaching across Hubby while driving on hwy 2 so it's not very good.  The effect of the sun on the clouds was awesome and this picture does not do it justice!

I also finished up another wool felt mat.  The last kit I had...for candle mats.  I'll have to get at some of my bigger projects.  I do enjoy them!  Using appliqué glue instead of pins works great!!

Today is cleaning and treadmill and list making!  I WILL be organized before the weekend (where we will be going to two more hockey games!).

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Going around Facebook are people writing lists of things others might not know about them.  I thought I'd try and do a list on here....just for fun.  :-). Not sure how easy this will be.

1.  I'm an animal lover (if you didn't know this then you don't know me well!!!  hahaha). Currently we have four dogs (well 31/2 lol) and two cats.  I vow when these animals are 'gone' they will not be replaced!  (Famous last words!)

2.  Hubby and I sold two of our properties up north and moved down here to High River in August 2012 not knowing many people (actually only knowing of one family from our old hometown) the unknown!!!  Except for the flood it's been a great, weird, crazy experience!!!!!!!!!  Going from a town we grew up in to a place where we know no one takes some adjusting.......mostly in a good way.  I absolutely love the scenery down here and the mild weather and being close to amenities.

3.  I am right handed but deal cards with my left.

4.  I am a quilter and have always dreamed of opening my own shop.  I tend to love collecting fabric more than I sew it together so I'm thinking it's a good fit!  (Now to win the lotto and convince hubby it's a good idea!!!!  Hahahahahaha!!)

5.  I've had many jobs in my adult life from teachers aide to bank teller to postal clerk to figure skating coach to flower shop owner/florist to dental assistant to day home owner/operator.  Some of these jobs have overlapped!  I also have the first two years of my teaching degree.

6.  On August 29, 2011 my mom lost her battle with cancer.  I think about her and miss her exaggeration.  She was absolutely my best friend in the whole world.

7.  I am a home body!!! Currently I am a "domestic engineer" and enjoy keeping our home neat and tidy, laundry caught up, etc. but every few months I feel the need for a break and try to get away somewhere.  :-). Clutter and messes in my own house drive me nuts but don't bother me at all in other peoples homes.  Really!!

8.  The hardest part of our move is trying to maintain friendships with people I felt I was close to.  It's worked with a few but not all.  I know I need to find new friends down here but will never forget the old ones.  :-). I also need to find a quilt guild.....

9.  We have four children whom I'm very proud of.  Two still live with us.  I can't wait to all be together at Christmas!!!!!  Another thing I miss because of the move, is hosting Christmas for the family.....having my two brothers and their families here would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do get my Dad coming so I'm very happy about that!  Being together is becoming much more important than gifts for me.  (And if you told me when I was young I would have 4 kids I'd tell you you were insane!!!!!  But I couldn't imagine life without them all!)

10.  Cleaning I don't mind doing but I'm not much of a cook.  I CAN cook but it's not my most favorite thing to do.  I've always dreamed of being the perfect 'Suzie Homemaker' but it's never happened!!!!  Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

So how boring were these "little known facts"????  It's hard!!!!  I'm sure I'll think of more interesting 'facts' once I post this!!!!!!!
I thought of something.....I was born in Sarnia, Ontario but lived in Forest/Camlachie until age 7 when my family moved "out west" to Hines Creek, AB. We lived there for a year before moving to High Prairie.  My Dad was a beekeeper as was his dad.  All of my relatives on both of my parents side live in Ontario.....the ones who are left.  My kids at one point had two sets of grandparents, three sets of great grandparents and one great great grandma.  All but their grandpa, my dad, are gone.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Done!!!

Yesterday I finished the binding on the Plenty of Fish Facebook Mystery has NOTHING to do with the dating site!  It was a lot of pieces.....I do love it.....and now it's on our bed!!!!! (I haven't got the label on yet Peggy....)

I made it to the gym today and got the basement cleaned.  Exciting eh??  Hahaha. Hubby had to pop into Okotoks so I went for the ride.....and had an egg nog latte from Starbucks......YUMMO!!!!  
Another exciting day planned for tomorrow (treadmill and main floor cleaning...maybe some laundry for extra fun!!). I have a bunch of table runners and small mats that need quilting.  I might make that my fun for tomorrow!!  :-)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Good Day!!

Today is a good day!!!!!  I'm feeling good...a bit of a runny nose but nothing I can't handle!  I have some energy.....enough to walk/jog on the treadmill this morning!!!!!  Felt GREAT!!!!  Hubby and A got it put together last night.  She did the initiation run last night so I know it would handle my pace!!!!  Got the upper level cleaned (includes two full baths so I'm happy to get that done!!) and I'm showered and ready to do some sewing.....nothing exciting......letters on hockey jerseys!  But the binding is almost done on my POF quilt and it will be finished today as well.

We are getting our forecasted snow.  I'm happy to be inside where it's warm.  :)
  There's no spotting the mountains today.

My vintage chalkboard and latest scribbles.  

Today would have been my brother in laws 50th birthday.  I hope you are partying like a rock star in Heaven Wade!!!!!  Cheers!!!.....we miss you.  <3

Monday, November 18, 2013

Better....then worse

Well, I felt great this weekend.  A bit sniffly but more energy!  I think I overdid it.......yesterday working the time/penalty box and freezing might have been my set back.  Today my eyes are watering, my nose is running even more and I feel drained!  So my to-do list will wait for a day and I will have another sit and relax day.  I really hope I'm better tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

On the weekend, when I had some energy, I hemmed the curtains for the basement........

One thing off the list.  Then I made the binding for my POF Mystery quilt......and I found the fish Kim quilted into the border!!!!!  So cute!!!!!

I was going to get the binding on today.......not sure that will happen.  I also can't decide whether to do it all by machine or by machine/hand.  It was a lot of work and I haven't mastered the all machine application yet!!  But it's a big one so that means a lot of hand stitching!!  We will see how I feel when I get at it.  😊

Off to get the quilt and my Kleenex.......**sigh**

Friday, November 15, 2013


Well I caught it.....a cold.  It's knocked me down and out.  I had to go uptown today and it was a quick trip that pooped me now I am sitting with a quilt, a hot drink (a hot caramel apple drink for my Keurig....yummy!!!!), Kleenex, throat lozenges and a couple of magazines. It's quiet.....everyone else is at work.  I don't even have the tv on.......peaceful....ahhhhhh!

I'm also sitting here thinking about Christmas and I will make my list soon.  Sing along with me..."It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr!!!!!!"  Can't wait to have the whole family here.......but I have a ton of things to do before that day and once I get some energy back, that to-do list is getting done!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"What's Up" Wednesday!

Again it seems so long since my last post.  You can tell there isn't much happening around here and that is a good thing considering the past few months!!

Yesterday and today have been nice warm days and the snow we have is disappearing although I heard today at the grocery store that we are to get more this weekend.  I guess it is that time of the year!  Monday the fall decorations came down and were put away and yesterday was cleaning day!!  I will slowly get winter decorations out but I am enjoying the uncluttered look right now.....maybe decorations will be minimal this year.  I should go through my stuff and purge.  Many people in High River lost all of their Christmas decorations in the flood.

I had some great deliveries/mail today!!  First off my UPS guy, who doesn't even ring the doorbell anymore because he knows the dogs see him and start barking, brought me this:

Then we stopped for the mail and these lovelies were there waiting for me:

I love all the projects in both books....and that's just at a glance.  I will enjoy them in detail after supper!

This morning I made chocolate chip cookies (at a daughters request) and I used the recipe on the back of the chips bag and I wish I had of used my usual recipe.  They taste okay........

Our son got the call for work today.  He has to be up in Fort McMurray tomorrow so he decided to go to our other sons place in St Albert today.  He took his dog and his brother will babysit her while he's working.  I get frustrated with this son and the mess he makes when he's here...but I sure hate it when he leaves.  I'll even miss his little fur ball dog....she's a cutie. I'm thinking it might be Christmas before we see him again.  :-(

No gym this week......feel like I needed to get house stuff done....and haven't been in the mood.  Our treadmill is to arrive tomorrow sometime.  I hope I have the motivation to use that!!!!  Time will tell!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Another day of not doing much.  I am really lacking energy.  I've been taking my vitamin D for a few weeks now......hopefully it's the time change......time will tell....and I hope it gets better.  I've got things to do!!

Yesterday I started and today I finished another wool candle mat....a good thing to do when you don't have any energy.

Today I started another one.  They were kits I had...the one started today is the last kit but I have a couple of other patterns I'd like to make too....and I have enough wool that I don't need a kit.  I enjoy the handwork while watching tv.

Today our shutters were installed on the basement windows.  I think I will like them.  I took the curtains down (they need to be hemmed) and will put them back up just for the look.  They "warm" up the windows.  

There is still so much to do down there!  My deadline is the end of November because then the Christmas decorations come out...once I buy a new tree.  I'm going to miss my skinny tree........maybe one day I will replace it.
Treadmill should arrive next week.....I need it!  I do have my Curves workout but the treadmill lets my mind wonder and think and straighten things out!  I might have to fight Amy for it but we will work out a schedule!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On Saturday before we went to bed we were to turn the clocks back an hour.  "Fall back".  I'm still trying to adjust to gaining that hour!  I don't know what time I was awake this morning.....before the sun.  I'm trying to stay up until my 'normal' bedtime.....I'm fading fast!!  Lol. I'm also getting a cold.....I hope it doesn't hit much harder....this is enough!!!!!  Hubby is worse.  We are taking it easy at home when we can.

Today after the gym I showered and went uptown to's so nice having a drugstore open in town again!!!  Afterwards I stopped into the quilt store to say hello to Mavis and Lucie.  Lucie had to leave and it got a bit busy so I helped a couple of customers find stuff!  What fun!!!  I had a coffee and a nice visit....And came home with a couple of patterns!  An addiction I tell ya!!!!

This evening I did get a wool project done....a small candle mat.

So fun!  It was a laser cut kit I bought in Fernie (I think) on our Montana trip.  

I think tomorrow will be cleaning's my day off from the gym.  Gotta do something!  Shutters are to be installed on the windows downstairs on Thursday.  I hope they will look alright!  I have to hem the curtains so can take them off tomorrow and get them out of the way.  Always something to do....and of course there's still painting!!!!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Not Much....

I see it's been a week since posting and nothing much has been happening to report.  Snow, Halloween (still a ton of candy leftover!!!), hockey (our daughters team continues their winning streak), supper last night at Longview Steakhouse to celebrate Hubby's birthday (today) and our neighbor Maureen's birthday (tomorrow). I made her a couple of dishcloths and appliquéd a tea towel.

When it's her husbands birthday in July I'm not sure what I can make him!!  LOL!  One day they might get quilts but he's very tall so it would have to be a long one!  Anyway, we had a very nice visit last night.  The food out there......melt in your mouth steak!  Unbelievable!!!!!!  I have changed my Curves coach meetings to Monday might be interesting!!!  Oh's the start 
of a new week!!!  
Our oldest daughter goes for her orientation at her new job at Mac....a makeup store.  She's excited!!!!  I hope she is working full time's a job for the holiday season for now.  Unfortunately she has to drive to Calgary but she has good winter tires on her car and is a cautious driver. But Mom will still worry!!!!!
Our lake is getting lower and lower.......I'm thinking our side will be drained in the next day or two.  Then the clean up.  I guess the residents who have lived here for awhile are saying they were told the lake was much deeper than it actually is.  I hope they can make it deeper and maybe it will stay even year when it gets water again.  
Well, off to start my day!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The white stuff

Sunday we had the arrival of a pretty significant amount of the white stuff.  The wind blew quite hard and it was a wet, icy kind of snow.  These pictures were taken early yesterday morning.  The day turned into a nice sunny day but it was still cold....-6C was the high.  Some has melted but it's still white out there.  We are to get plus temperatures the rest of the week so it should be gone by Halloween.

I'm not ready for winter.....mentally for sure!  
Today I MUST hit the gym.....once a week is not good enough and I need my routine back.  I still have some painting to do....4 doors/trim/casings and the trim coming up the stairs.  I ran out of paint but got some yesterday so no excuses now!  Blair's desk is to be delivered today to I will have some organizing to do.  I know one day I will look back and think "that wasn't so bad" but right now I feel it's never ending!  I do have to do some sewing today.  Amy's hockey team is having a pub night and she is donating one of my small quilts to the silent auction but the one I am donating needs binding.....and done before she leaves for practice tonight!  So after the gym that's what I will be working on!  I don't like to do bindings but it will feel nice to sit at the sewing machine!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The end of the week...what?!?!?

Well it's Friday.  Many items have been crossed off the to-do list except the big one...painting.  I am getting supplies gathered and will start tomorrow! lol. I was going to start this afternoon but Hubby came home and I had mentioned wanting to go in to Ikea so he is willing to be my chauffeur.  He needs to find a gun repair place and thinks he knows where one is at.  All his guns were in his gun the the water.  :-(. Anyway, I'm excited to hit Ikea.....I hope I find things I need.  ;o)

The other day I received my most favorite quilt I love almost every project published in this one.

One day.....I'll add to my to-do list!  I love wool and I love combining it with cotton in projects although I haven't done any yet.  Tee hee.  Soon!

Yesterday was shopping and a Costco run.  While up north last weekend some quilty friends told me about a snack food they found at Costco...I think they called it "crack"!!  I found it and bought a couple of bags.......YUMMO!!!!!!!  Not what I needed....another junk food I love!

After snacking on half the bag I knew supper had to be relatively healthy and S requested stir fry so stir fry it was.

Love how easy it is to make and it's a family favorite!!!!!

Well I'm off to Ikea!!!!!!!!!  Woot woot!!