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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Can Hardly Move!!!!

I have been wanting to purge my sewing room....too many projects, too much fabric (yes, there is such a thing), too many books......and I was feeling overwhelmed and claustrophobic while in my room.  So I decided on Saturday that it was THE day!  I worked late Saturday and finished around 4 this afternoon....well, almost finished!  I still have patterns to go through and odds and ends.  A lot of stuff came out of the room although it doesn't look much different!!!!!  I still kept too much.....but if I can be disciplined and not buy (too much!) maybe, just maybe, there will be free space in my cupboard!!!!!!  (WARNING photo heavy post!!)
Bookcase before and after:

My projects cupboard.  The before picture shows projects but keep in mind they are two deep!  In the after pic they are not and most of the fabric yardage I kept is also in the cupboard now replacing the metal shelving:

Now here are after pics of the room cleaned up...a huge job and once I was finished I cut the grass.....

And here is what I took out!  Bins of kits, fabric, fat quarters, books and bags of books and magazines!  Even a couple of garbage bags of scraps!  Now to decide when the sale will be!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Heritage Park

This past weekend was the Heritage Park Quilt Show in Calgary.  My friend Sue, who just got home from England Saturday afternoon....can you say jet lag?????....and I went on Sunday.  It was a nice way to spend the day and catch up.  It was a gorgeous weekend so I'm sure they had a great turnout for this years show.  Sue and I went last year and although we headed straight for the vendors, we did go all over the park and looked at all the quilts.  This year, we headed straight for the vendors, had lunch and looked at the quilts on the way.......Sue was tired and we really didn't want to spend all day walking we didn't!  LOL.

I couldn't go through the vendors booths and not buy anything!  One of the things I bought was some border fabric and pattern to make a Tablerunner.  It was a rainy day here so this afternoon I spent some time in my sewing room and made a couple of tablerunners.
This first one is made with the fabric I bought at the show.  The picture is from my iPad and isn't a good one....the fabric is much greener.
I knew I had other border fabrics around and found this one.....which I like so much better!  It gives the effect that shows on the pattern:

Now to quilt them.......we are to continue to get rain on and off for awhile so I'm hoping I'll have a lot of sewing time!  

Something to ponder:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sunny Saturday!

We've had a gorgeous few days.  This weather is to continue through next week and that's awesome!  I love sunshine!!!  Gives me energy and makes me happy!  I worked hard today to get my chores done.  House was cleaned, I rearranged the livingroom furniture (shhhhh don't tell Hubby!!!!  He hates change and will complain as soon as he sees it!  Tee hee....he'll get over it!), washed the dog bedding, mowed the lawn, hauled clippings away and took recycling.  After that was all done I got to sit and put my feet up...outside!  I enjoyed some iced tea in my new glass from my trip to Chapters.....I didn't have my glasses on when I bought it...I thought it was $10 but turns out it was $18!!!!  Hahahaha!  It's glass, big and I love Ball jars so it's perfect!
I bought a couple of books while at Chapters too and one was about emotional eating....which is what I do!!!!  This little card was gave me a chuckle!
Yep...that's about right!!!!!
Last night two of my neighbors kidnapped me and took me to one of their daughters birthday party.  Christy works full time but also has a little cupcake business so made her own cupcakes!  Since we were feeling kind of old, we stayed at the party just long enough to be fed (yummy bbq'd hamburgers!) and got to take a cupcake home.  It was delicious!

This weekend is the quilt show at Heritage Park in Calgary.  My friend Sue and her husband just got home from England today....she will let me know in the morning whether or not she's up to going to the show.  They sure had a nice day today for it and tomorrow will be just as nice!  There are a lot of vendors at this well as beautiful quilts!  If we don't go, we will have a visit anyway.  

It's way past my bedtime and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  Here are a few flowers blooming in my flowerbed....white and orange/red poppies and the cutest daffodil...they are almost done.  Slowly a lot of other plants are peeking through!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


There are a lot of things I miss about our old place in the country.  One of them are the lilacs.  I didn't have big flowers on my bushes....not sure why....but they still had that lilac smell I love.  I don't know anyone here who has a nice big bush I can take some from, although there are many around.  I have a few twigs that may one day produce nice flowers...but not yet.  So to get the scent (as close as I can to the real thing) I melt my scented wax in my burner from Gold Canyon.  I love how they come with pods so it's easy and quick to change out scents!  Here's mine:
I will just pretend it's a jar full of wonderful purple flowers!!!!

The week is going by rather quickly.  I went to Michaels in Okotoks today for some supplies for a birthday gift for my Dad.  I hope it turns out how I imagine it will.....I'll work on it soon.  His birthday is June 4th.  

I have also been walking the dogs in the evenings....tonight was only my second time but hey, gotta start somewhere right??  Here is Phoebe.....she loves it.  She forgets she's a girl and will lift her leg to pee on something!!!  Goof!!  I put my earbuds in and walk around the lakes.  I do love listening to music while walking!

Well, it's now way past my bedtime and the eye lids are getting heavy.  Thursday tomorrow!!!  Soon it will be the weekend!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Week's Gone By in the Blink of An Eye!!

Yep, again......time flies by when you're having fun!  First I survived Mothers Day...barely.  So glad when it was over.  I keep saying I am going to go away on that something fun....but it never happens.  Maybe one year....but that's all I will say about that subject!

Hubby's been home and left this morning for north and back to work.  I have vowed, once again, to keep busy, busy, busy when he's gone this time and soon work will be done for the year and I will have two months in which I can head up with him for a couple of weeks at a time.  I'm looking forward to that.  I had Friday off work as it was a PD day and we don't have to attend.  The weather was miserable (drizzle/rain from Thursday to Saturday...the sun finally came out yesterday) so we decided to go for a drive to Blairmore.  Hubby had never been (and we laughed thinking what if his name was 'Blair Moore' and we lived there and he was the mayor!  LOL!!! Doesn't take much to amuse us!!).  The only great thing that I knew about Blairmore was the Stones Throw Cafe.  We stopped in and I had a rhubarb of my faves!....and Blair had a piece of carrot cake.  We drove around, seeing not much, and then headed back for home.

Our dogs love Hubby and Hubby loves the dogs....the chihuahuas especially!  As long as they are comfortable is all that matters.....I think Phoebe was comfortable....not sure about Hubby!!


Friday afternoon Daughter2 wanted to go in and get a new cell phone...hers was quite smashed and not working very well.  Since she's still on my account I had to go too....well, my cell was old, my contract was up and guess who got a new phone too??  iPhone far so good.  Nice to have wifi again....hands free talking in my vehicle will be convenient (that was the major thing wrong with the old cell....I could no longer get wifi so my Bluetooth didn't work either). I contemplated not getting an iPhone but felt like I didn't want the hassle of learning a new phone and all but Son2 have iPhones so I just wanted to keep it simple!  Hubby still has an iPhone 4 not even a 4S so no Siri!!!!  He's quite content and dislikes change so until it stops working he will keep it........I do like my Siri!  She's handy to have!!!!!

Work tomorrow but another short week.  I have already cleaned the house, washed towels and bedding and Hubby stayed a bit later this morning to do yard work so we got that done!  Sewing room, I think we will become reacquainted!  I didn't even have any garbage to empty in there for the weekly garbage pick up!  Sad, sad, sad!!!!!!!!  ðŸ˜‰

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mothers Day...May 10th.  It is a hard time for me.  Mothers Day was never a big deal in our house.  When my kids were younger my Mom and I owned a flower shop so Mothers Day meant crazy busy work!  Mom and I would work together on the Sunday, a short day, and then we would go out to a greenhouse or two and look at and buy bedding plants.  It was a fun tradition.  When we sold the shop, we still tried to continue our tradition....but like many holidays associated with craziness at a flower shop, it was nice not to make a big deal out of it and actually enjoy the day.  When my kids got older, the Highschool graduation was always Mothers Day weekend and in our hometown, after the school ceremonies, the grad committee put on a dance which involved alcohol so Mothers Day usually meant hungover or VERY tired it was still not a very special day for me.  But since my Mom passed away, it's a very hard day to get through.....very.  This will be the fourth Mothers Day and it doesn't get any easier to handle.  Daughter2 will be home tomorrow for a little while before she goes off to play slow pitch baseball.  No one else is around. That's okay....I'll try to stay busy in my sewing room.  Today I cleaned the house top to bottom and did all the yard work and even washed a few windows so I shouldn't have any chores to do (although I will still want to vacuum up dog hair!!  That's a daily chore!). Keeping busy will be the best for me......but if Daughter2 asks "what's for supper?" I may have to snap!!  Hahaha!

Here's a pic of my beautiful mother and I.  I'm just over 3 months old I believe.....and my younger brother may be on the way..or close.  We are a year and nine days apart.  I remember asking mom, when I started having my own kids, whether that was planned....she gave me a "look" and I knew my answer!  lol!  God, I miss her........

To all the mothers who read this blog, Happy Mothers Day!!!  Enjoy your day doing what you love surrounded by people you love!  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Extra Day Off

Whenever I have a long weekend, I always make a big to-do list!  I have great intentions and then one thing leads to another and I don't get as much done as I had hoped.  Oh well, in two weeks I'll have a 4 day weekend.....but Hubby will home so my plans never seem to work out.  Soon it will be summer vacation and I will have all the time in the world!  Hahaha!

My appliquéd quilt (posted a long time ago) used to be on a spare bed but I noticed some of the appliqué pieces were needing some repair so I sat during one of our girls stitching nights and fixed it up.  I love this quilt and didn't want to hide it away so it went on the livingroom wall:

Farm Girl Vintage Sewalong started Friday.  I didn't make the block.  I am wanting to make some 6" blocks for the centers of my barns and it was not one that I wanted.  Does that make me a rebel?  LOLOL!!!!!!!  I doubt's all supposed to be fun so I refuse to stress over doing something I don't need.  I did make a couple of Lori's design boards.  These were very easy although I'm a bit rusty with the glue gun...ouch!

Mine aren't near as cute as hers as I just used scraps from my scrap drawer.  I bought two 20"x30" sheets of the foam core board and cut the one into six 10" x 10" squares like the ones above but I might cut the other one into only two or leave it the size it is.  I just hope I use them!  :-)

We have a small green space across from our house.  After the flood it was where most of the garbage from the people on the street went in big piles and then was hauled away. Needless to say it was looking a bit sad as nothing was done to return it to it's former glory. But this week they started scrapping off the old dirt, grass, etc and today started laying sod.  If they work tomorrow they will be done....if not then Monday for sure.  It will look so much nicer and another reminder will be gone!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!  Here they are earlier in the week unloading the sod:

I'm hoping on sewing tomorrow.....maybe work on that UFO pile.  But who knows what will happen to change that plan!!!  Today I went into Okotoks to grab dog and cat food and also went to Winners.  By the time I came back to High River and got groceries, the day was mostly over!  I did get done the exciting task of vacuuming and washing floors though!  :-P. I hope to stay home all day tomorrow............maybe I'll have something to show for my time spent in my sewing room........maybe I shouldn't say my plans aloud!  :-D