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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mail, etc

Today my daughter and I went into Okotoks.  High Riverites were able to pick up their mail there starting this morning.  Shaylan had to go to the bank so we went there first, then I popped into the quilt shop, Rumpled Quiltskins for some template plastic.  They had a ton of donated items for us "refugees".....mostly clothes, but the store was full!!  I didn't need anything but the plastic so it didn't get in my way.  :). We went to Shoppers and looked at magazines.  Then I remembered the back downtown we went.  Nothing exciting was waiting for me there.  I was surprised at how quickly we got the mail!!!  (I'm waiting for a couple of parcels....all quilty stuff!  I'm sure they will be there soon). Then a stop in Walmart.  Hubby only packed a couple of days worth of clothes!!!  We had one of the new frosted chai tea frappes at McDonalds.....YUMMY and refreshing!!!!!!!

Some people will be allowed back into town tomorrow...many will be able to stay, some will have to live elsewhere while repairing their home and some will be devastated that their home is uninhabitable.  I couldn't imagine........we are a long way from getting in.  Our area is still sitting in water although our MLA said she noticed a big difference today....I'm hoping she was talking about our area!! I'm also hopeful their 3-5 week prediction will be half....of three weeks.  I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shaylan and her bf should be able to get home within the week...again, I am hoping we are allowed to stay with them.  It will be a lot more comfortable than this motel room with all these dogs!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring........

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