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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Keep Stitchin'......

 I often check my weather app to see what the day will is not always accurate!  There was NO snow in the forecast until Saturday.  I went to Costco today to stock up on veggies (and chicken pot pie!!)........went in while the weather was overcast and windy.....came out to blowing snow!  My friend Sue was at Costco too so we stopped for lunch there (who can beat a hot dog and pop for $1.50!!??) and were surprised when we came outside!  Yuck!

When I got home and got the groceries put away I thought it was the perfect day to stitch......this is the January block for the Bareroots pattern called Little Stitchies.  I am obviously not going to get it done in January since today is the 31st!  If I would work on it consistently I could have it done!  Just keep stitchin'!

I was excited to get home yesterday after picking up these wire basket drawer organizers!  All of my wool is stored here now and is much better than the stack of plastic bins.  Easy to get to all the colours now so no excuses!!!!!  

The set of plastic drawers that I said were jewellery making supplies, in my last post, were my scrapbook papers!  The drawer unit with my jewellery supplies is shorter and was beside it closest to the you can see, both have been moved.....still in the room though!  LOL (just wanted to keep the facts accurate!  LOLOL)

My friend Kim is coming down for a visit Thursday and then again Friday.....her and her Hubby will be in Calgary and while he is doing work stuff she is coming here!!!!!!!  We might even sew!  She is the queen of Buggy Barn and I have an old kit in my cupboard....she might bring her own fabric and make it along with me..........I need some refreshing on the technique as we are going to be doing a block exchange. I do not want to disappoint the participants if my blocks turn out less than perfect!  I cannot wait for her visit!!!!!!!!!!!  We always have a million things to talk about, have a few good belly laughs and well, I miss her.  :o)  

Monday, January 30, 2017


 I LOVE to be organized.....sometimes it happens and it sticks around for a bit and other times poof here then gone!  LOL  My binders of patterns are nicely organized on my new-to-me bookshelf and I have moved magazines, that I save, onto the bookcase too.  Before they were tucked away and I never ever looked at them again.  IF I don't look at them while they are out in the open (I'll give myself a few months) then they will be gone too.....not all but certain ones taking up valuable real estate!

The stack of plastic containers beside one of the cupboards (with wool projects and embroidery stuff) I have in my "craft room" are full of my wool.  It's not very handy to grab the container on the bottom, and we all know that is usually the one we need, so today I am picking up two wire drawer units I 'won' on a Buy and Sell FB Auction page. They are exactly what I was looking for and I hope they work as well as I have envisioned!

Currently the table in my craft room is cleared of those plop and forget about areas....but I will try hard to keep it tidy!  See the plastic drawer unit beside the making supplies!!!!  Really????  It may have to go one day......The small cupboard is buttons, trims, elastic, velcro, bag handles, vintage hankies, etc, etc.

Cupboards full of scrapbooking stuff (2) and craft supplies (1) of these days I will have to decide what I am going to do with all of that stuff!

Last week I got my January Sew Sampler Box....that pink charm pack is so yummy!  Kona Solids 2017 Color of the year.  I can't wait to try the thread cutter....I do love the one I already have though!  

Now for the war wound photo....these are the needle holes used to put in my radiation seeds.....I counted about 17-18.  I still don't know how many seeds they put in.  I was great for the first two days and then started feeling funky....a bit nauseous, headachy, tired....just not well.  Everyone around me has a cold but I don't think I've caught anything yet.  I did muster up the energy to clean today.........I just want to be back to normal!

My friend/neighbour has conditionally sold her house (the buyers have to sell their house in a town north of Calgary).....I'm excited for her but feel sadness too.  She is looking at buying something in south she won't be far away.  That has got us talking about listing again.....I know the market will pick up so I am thinking we should maybe wait.......right now I don't feel like I have the energy for that.............

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grand baby Cuddles and I'm Done!

This little girl turned one year old on Sunday!  I can remember vividly the day she was born....being in the room was an experience I will never, ever forget!

Isn't her birthday outfit adorable!!!!!

Son1, Jenna and Jude came down for the occasion and it was the best weekend of baby cuddles!  I LOVE those two with all my heart!!!!!!

Yesterday was my brachytherapy so I'm done with operations and anaesthetic and being poked (as far as this left boob is concerned!).  I hope!  I now have a radioactive boob!  HAHAHA!  I was disappointed it didn't glow last night!  LOL!  I was tired, dizzy and had a headache yesterday.  Headache is still lingering, dizziness is much better and besides the fact I was awake since 4 am when Hubby left for work, I don't feel too bad.....nothing a little nap won't cure.  I'm not to do much except light heavy lifting, no long drives, etc for a bit.  I go back in two weeks for a ct scan and I am so looking forward to a nice shower this afternoon!!

My friend Deb always takes care of supper on these hospital days and brought over homemade mulligatawny soup and fresh homemade biscuits.  Hit the spot and was delicious!!!!!!!  Guess what I am having for lunch????? Yummmmmmmmy!  

Hubby usually takes very good care of me but he has a (man) cold and so was under the weather too.  What a pair we were!!!  I hope he gets better the rest of this week at work.

So here is the graphic road map!  I wanted to document it before I (hopefully) wash it off this afternoon.  The red line is the scar from my lumpectomy...they drew the line with a red marker so it's not that bright!  The little dots under the bandage (not marked on) are the entry points for the needles used to place the radiation seeds.  The line above them under my arm is the scar from my lymph node biopsy.  I won't be modelling for Playboy!!!!!  hahahahahahah!!!!!  War wounds....memories.......the past.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Full moon....Craziness!

Wasn't that a huge full moon last week?  I'm not sure what they called this one....I call it everyone-goes-a-little-crazy-and-our-one-dog-likes-to-pee-alot-through-the-night!  LOL!  
I'm glad it's over!   

Not sure if it brought in the spring-like weather with warm temps and nice warm winds that are melting all the snow but I LOVE it!!  Our lake is looking like a lake again with all the water sitting on it and I have been scooping dog doo doo almost every day!  FUN times!!

So my craziness was wanting to sort, purge and organize all of my patterns.  First you have to make a mess!!!!!!

They are now organized in binders.....I was given all the binders and they were all different so the spines are at least a bit prettier....the quilty looking ends are duct tape and the wood is washi tape....I hope that stays on.  Hubby is bringing me a bookcase to house them all in and I can't wait to get that room neat and tidy again!!!!!

Our grand daughter is turning one year old on Sunday!!!!!  She's been terribly sick with a cold and hasn't been to daycare all week.  Daughter1 says she's doing a bit better but is still not herself.  The party may be postponed until next weekend.  Son1, Jenna and little Jude were planning on coming down Grandma got prepared and found a crib!!  The pack and play playpen seems so hard and uncomfortable.....hopefully this will be better for both grand babies.

It's not perfect as it's not brand new but should be good for here.  :o)  It now has a sheet on and a quilt (that was made by my grandmother for Son2....and there's a pink one the same made for Daughter2 I believe)  All ready to go!!

One of our neighbours is a referee in the NHL and tonight he works his 1000th game!  I'm going with Deb to his party tonight.....I will try and stay awake long enough!!!  LOL  I hope he likes the BIG 'card' I made him to go along with a gift some of us went together on.  The newsprint shows the tv guide for tonight with the game he's working and the date. Kind of cheesy but it's the best I could do! LOL!!!

The countdown is on until my 'procedure'.  I can't wait until it's over......I keep thinking of all the things I need to do beforehand!  LOL  Lots of hand stitching ready........I really have NO idea what to expect.  I'm hoping it's nothing too bad and after two weeks when the seeds are all nestled into scar tissue that life can resume as normal.........ish!  hahaha  Time will tell.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Winter is still alive and well all across Alberta.  It's been so cold and we've been getting a bunch of snow.  We are supposed to get a wind this afternoon which will make things so much worse!  When we moved down here we were delighted with the mild winters and the lack of snow...oh it would snow but would melt a few days later (gotta love chinooks!!)....I guess we are reminded this year that winter is still winter!

I'm completely biased but I think we have the most adorable grandchildren!!!  This little guy had his half year birthday a couple of days ago! Those eyes!!!!!!!

This sweetie was ready yesterday for her first day at daycare.....she did well after her nap.  Oh it's hard on Grandma but it will be good for her!  LOL!

I think millions of people feel the need to purge and organize when a new year begins.....I am certainly no different and it usually involves my sewing room!  I've started with my patterns which haven't been purged, only added to, since we moved here.  I am still going to end up keeping too many!!!!!  Please stop me from printing off every free pattern that comes my way!!!!!!
They are going into binders this time...using page protectors...and I am hoping this will make them easily accessible and maybe I will use them.  
Next will be my project cupboard.....I will do that slowly...pull one, post for sale then move to the next.  I need to de-clutter that room!  Not sure what I will do with my purged patterns........I have a box full!  Wouldn't be a ton if I recycled the free ones! 

I am still working on my word of the year.  I want to enjoy every day or at least something in every day and be very aware of it and feel the joy it brings.  I want to stop feeling as though I am just existing day by day.  I know a lot of that has to do with not working but I need to enjoy being at home while I can!  Heaven only knows I have enough stuff to keep me busy....stuff I enjoy!  Maybe my word should be "ENJOY"  Hmmmmm....maybe.  Or just "JOY".  I will ponder those and hope to decide on something before 2017 is over!  

........find the JOY in your day......

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome To A New Year

Ahhhh the fresh start of a new year.....2017, what will you hold????  As I reflect on 2016 I can honestly say there were some amazingly wonderful things that happened.  I met and fell in love with two new adorable of whom I saw being born.  I had a lot of hours at the school I worked at and worked with four awesome kids (who I miss!)  It ended a bit shaky with the cancer diagnosis and so that puts life into a different perspective which I hope to work on this new year.  I am still trying to think of a good word for the remind me of what my personal goals are.

This is the back part of the calendar I received in my Sew Sampler box for December from Fat Quarter Shop.  I love this saying for January....isn't it true?????  

I have had the Kim Diehl Christmas book for quite sometime and admired all the projects in it.  One day, before Christmas, I decided I was going to start this snowman wallhanging.....I hand appliquéd the appliqué pieces and of course stitched down the I have to quilt it before adding more embellishments and embroidering the snowmen arms.  I loved working on it and it is made with stuff I already had on hand!!  Here it is waiting for quilting!

I received some great gifts from friends and family this Christmas...again, I was so blessed.  This lovely sleigh is from my friend Kim.....she made it for me at a painting class she did and made her daughter go to the class to make one for their family!  LOL  All my decorations are down and put away but this is still at my front door......I want to enjoy it a bit longer.

This sweet thing, getting into Grandma's drawer, is turning one in just over 2 weeks!!!!!  Really????? It can't be!!!!!!

And this adorable guy, whose hair is NOT that red!!!!, was sick this week....both him and his mommy but both are feeling a bit better today.  I love getting pictures of him.....I'm grateful for his thoughtful Mommy  <3  

Today my neighbour/friend Deb drove me to my Dr appointment in Calgary.  It was an assessment to see if I was a candidate for brachytherapy.....they implant radiation seeds around the area where the cancer was.  I was too young for the previous study I was told about.  :o)  I had a ct scan then an ultrasound where it was determined I was good to go if that is what I wanted to do (it's another study of course).  When I gave the okay I was "tattooed" and pictures were taken and then everything was discussed and gone over before I signed the papers.  Surgery is January 24th.  I have follow up ct scans and meetings with the oncologist and his team.....quite often in the first year.  With it being a study I guess they need to continue gathering information or what's the point!  I am confident it will go well and I can really get on with life soon!!!!

Christmas did not go as planned.  My sister in law fell and fractured her pelvis and elbow and required surgery....long story short, only my Dad came down.  I was super disappointed but things worked out fine.  Our kids and grand babies were here.......we didn't need anymore than that! :o)

So here's to a new year full of good surprises!  I'll be back when I think of my "word"!