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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Tuesdays are the days I meet with my Curves coach Cora Lee.  She's such a nice gal!!  Anyway, I get weighed every week and weighed and measured once a month.  Since I missed those two weeks I will do the measuring next week.  I gained a pound since last weigh in...and I'm happy with that!!!!!  I was gone two exercise, no meal planning....I lunched and had supper with friends and went on retreat!!!!  You saw the retreat food!!!!  I'll take that we'll deserved pound!!  Next week will show better results I'm sure!  Tonight's supper was orange beef stir fry with brown rice.
Those orange things are peppers...not oranges!  It was very tasty but a bit spicy!  It called for sir racha sauce....I had to google it so I knew which section in the grocery store to look for it!!!!!!  No doubt it was the cause for the 'heat'.  Hubby would have loved it! Curves I parked up facing the front license plate says "LUV2QLT". Three ladies were finished their circuit and were at the front and I heard the word "quilter" and when I walked up to them they asked if it was me!  They had seen the license plate!  Anyway, of course I said "yes" and one of the ladies asked if I was in a guild....'no, not in High River' so she told me about theirs!!!  They meet Friday mornings at the senior centre at 9:30.  They have 28-35 members!!!!!  They are a handicrafter group so not just quilting.  They just had a trunk show from "a guy from Calgary" and some of them had just gone to a retreat!!!!!  I'm excited but I forgot to ask what they do at the meetings!!!!  Do they 'craft' or just chat?!?  Maybe she will be at Curves again on Thursday!  Oh and they have a quilt show at the end of August/beginning of September during Harvest Days (I think is what she called it).  Our chance meeting made me happy!!!  Now to find out where the senior centre is!!  My neighbor will tell me!

Tomorrow I do not do Curves so I hope the weather is okay for a walk with the dogs.  I do have to create something for the sale in Priddis in two weeks!!!!!!!!!  I'm freaking out but Procrastinator is my middle name!!!!!!

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Kathy said...

That's wonderful news! Quilters are such an awesome group of people.. Glad to hear the kittens are doing well, your little Jax is so adorable!