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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today we got a bit of good news.  Our daughter and her boyfriend will be able to get back to their townhouse on Wednesday.  Tomorrow one area of town can get back to their homes and all the businesses in town will be able to get back to survey any damage or open up!  Great news!!!!!  We can go and stay with our daughter which will be so much more comfortable than being here in the motel.  The dogs will have a yard to run around free!!!!!!!!  They will be happy....still confused but happy!  Still no news on our area but hopefully, because we are the last area to be allowed to return, they will be able to concentrate on it and gets things good-to-go!  I was looking at pictures on my iPad tonight and saw pictures of inside the house....I miss it.  And I saw a lot of things I didn't haul upstairs and it makes me sad.  It can all be replaced but still.............

Tomorrow we are taking Amy to Edmonton to stay with her brother and girlfriend....she will be thrilled to be away from here and on Thursday she will go to her friends place.  Saturday they are in the Color Me Rad race.  They signed up months ago!!  I'm hoping she can stay there for a bit.....once we get into our house she will be needed back here.  But for now, she can have some fun!  I know Jenna (my sons girlfriend) will keep her's great she's on holidays this week.  Amy will need to "train" and Jenna likes her exercise too!  Perfect!

Fingers crossed the time until we can get home is near.  It will be a happy and a sad day........


It dawned on me yesterday, really hit me, that Friday was to be our daughters...the youngest...grad ceremony and banquet.  The weather would have been absolutely perfect for their outside ceremony and to have family and friends at our home, bbq-ing and enjoying the event for the long weekend.  Wow.  Currently grad has been postponed until August 22nd.  Amy's dress was in a bridal shop downtown High River, but I went in last Wednesday (the day before the flood) to ask the shop owners to please ask the seamstress to return my calls as Amy's dress, purchased there, needed to be hemmed and after leaving several messages, I was not getting an answer back and I needed to get the dress hemmed.  After hearing how swamped their seamstress was I was given a name to another lady in Okotoks.  I called her right from the shop and we were able to go to her house, with the dress and have it measured for hemming!  I consider it a miracle.....her dress is safe and dry in Colleens home in Okotoks rather than destroyed in the flood of the downtown.  Now, in the whole scheme of things, this is a totally, completely minor concern.  But having your town and house destroyed then having your grad postponed (we hope) one of the positives is the dress is safe.  :)

It's still a frustrating situation.  Day by day we are trying not to go insane.  I have a hard time even reading or listening to the progress reports anymore because info reported is either wrong, or it changes, or its vague.  Or it's just frustrating...or idiotic....We have no say, no control whatsoever and as property owners, I'm almost looking forward to getting in and telling any government officials to get off my property!  (And that's not me....I'm usually a nice, kind, considerate person). Our property, our rights and our way of life has been totally violated.  By Mother Nature, the government and even, in some peoples cases,the RCMP.  It's not fair and I find myself in that self pity mode again that I must avoid......because life throws us these damn curve balls and I've survived the ones that have been thrown at me so far.  I can't have this one beat me.  *deep breath*

Here are two media photos taken yesterday.  Looking at them I see our water level has gone down quite a bit in the front.  What I'd give to have my vehicle here instead of in my driveway! I'd love to see if the back is improving.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mail, etc

Today my daughter and I went into Okotoks.  High Riverites were able to pick up their mail there starting this morning.  Shaylan had to go to the bank so we went there first, then I popped into the quilt shop, Rumpled Quiltskins for some template plastic.  They had a ton of donated items for us "refugees".....mostly clothes, but the store was full!!  I didn't need anything but the plastic so it didn't get in my way.  :). We went to Shoppers and looked at magazines.  Then I remembered the back downtown we went.  Nothing exciting was waiting for me there.  I was surprised at how quickly we got the mail!!!  (I'm waiting for a couple of parcels....all quilty stuff!  I'm sure they will be there soon). Then a stop in Walmart.  Hubby only packed a couple of days worth of clothes!!!  We had one of the new frosted chai tea frappes at McDonalds.....YUMMY and refreshing!!!!!!!

Some people will be allowed back into town tomorrow...many will be able to stay, some will have to live elsewhere while repairing their home and some will be devastated that their home is uninhabitable.  I couldn't imagine........we are a long way from getting in.  Our area is still sitting in water although our MLA said she noticed a big difference today....I'm hoping she was talking about our area!! I'm also hopeful their 3-5 week prediction will be half....of three weeks.  I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shaylan and her bf should be able to get home within the week...again, I am hoping we are allowed to stay with them.  It will be a lot more comfortable than this motel room with all these dogs!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring........

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feeling defeated.....

Nothing exciting happened today.  I think I am starting to get cabin fever, I'm starting to feel like I will never see our home, except through pictures, again.  The police reported taking guns from people's homes for whatever reason...and I feel violated.  I feel like I might not want to go back and live in that town again.....but I don't have a choice.  And I'm hoping things just cannot get worse and can only get better!
Tomorrow they are supposed to be announcing a re-entry plan.  Our house is still sitting in water like when we left....and they've been pumping water for three days.
The back of our house (brown on the right).  The water is under the roof of our walkout basement...still.  I'm sure the front doesn't look any different either from when we left Friday morning.
Tomorrow I will be alone with the dogs.  I'd love a break from the dogs.  God, listen to me whine!!!  Sorry!!!!!  Enough!  
Maybe I can start one of the projects I bought yesterday!  That would be FUN!  I'm gonna try!! :-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's "Happy"

Other than the quilt shop visit who cannot be happy with these????

Please excuse the reading glasses....I was texting my son!!  LOL

A Smile Today

Today was a new day.  And it was a great one!!!!!!  No, we weren't allowed back into our town but the announcement today said "days not weeks" so that's encouraging!!!!  But my sweet little friend Morgan was bored and offered to drive me to the quilt shop in Coaldale!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chicken Feed Quilts.  heres their website  You can also find them on Facebook.  Amy stayed behind and didn't go to work with her dad to watch the dogs.  When I walked through the door I was in Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynette Anderson had been there in May with a trunk show and class and Joanne showed me Lynette's method on appliqué.  Awesome!!!!  So I bought quite a few Lynette Anderson things....sure wish I had of been there for the show and class.  But this shop had everything from wool and embroidery to civil war and country to bright and funky!  Flannels too.  Lots of precuts and kits.  Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are some pictures.  I had also bought some notions and a couple of kits but they didn't have pictures on them so they are just brown paper packages. Did I say how much I LOVE this shop??

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day....what day is it???

It was easier keeping track of the days when I was on my "vacation" up north!  Lets see, we evacuated Friday morning and today is Tuesday right?  Day 5?

One of the most frustrating parts for me is the communication.  There's no lack of it....between Facebook and the radio and tv we get enough....but it's what is being said.  A lot of smoke and mirrors....indirect, beat around the bush stuff.  Last night I listened in on the information, Q&A from Danielle Smith, our MLA.  She re-played the recordings from our mayor from Sunday and Monday (so no new news there).  She talked about her pet rescue effort (no new news there), she talked about how hard it's been on the rescuers and volunteers (of course it is!!) and she told us that as of last night, water, sewer, gas and power were functional!!!  Halelujua!!!!!!  The mayor said those needed to be functioning before we could be let back in....but wait!  Now Danielle is telling us streets need to be cleared of water and abandoned vehicles, services need to be restored (grocery and gas stations, hospital, etc).  Really??  Okotoks is 10-15 minutes away!!!!!!!!!  I'm waiting for them to say "the pretty flowers planted around the town office must be re-planted and blooming before any residents are allowed back in!"  Mayor B.....things do NOT have to be picture perfect in order for us to be allowed in to see our homes!!!!!!!!!!!!  And get over the fact there are still about 1000 residents there who refused to evacuate!!!!  Who cares!?!?!?!???!!!  Move on....don't worry about them as they are obviously not worried about themselves!
I did see pictures of huge pumps pumping our lake.  It will take some time but at least it's a start.  Danielle said all houses have been inspected.....but today I see all but those surrounded by water, which would be ours.  They have divers coming in now for those ones.  I'm assuming it meant ours anyway.
No one is wanting to give a time frame as to when we can get back.  I understand that.....people will either get their hopes up or be even more upset and angry if the time passes.  But I can't help but feel the longer the water sits in our homes, the more damage it will do.   And that worries me.
Today I am "home alone" and what I wouldn't do for my sewing machine and a project to work on!!  Or even a vehicle!!  But I have my iPad, some magazines, an embroidery project, 5 dogs (my daughter went back to work today too) and two kittens!  Whew!!!!!!!!!!!  Hoping our room gets cleaned today........I miss my home.  <3

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And we wait......

Another day of waiting and not too many answers.  We went to the mayors update at Nanton this afternoon and it was a typical politicians speech.  Told us they are working on the main lift station and are waiting for a motor but electronically it's fine (cheers).  RCMP have gone into 1500 homes....looking for people, pets, etc...their mandate.....6000-7000 more to go!  They have rescued 1800 pets! (cheers) They are building a "retaining wall/berm" so they can start pumping the lake that has formed in our area out. (Cheers) But when you think about it, it's frustrating as Calgarians (most of them) are able to return to their homes...even business as usual downtown next week!!!!  Some in Calgary won't have power....our mayor said power, water and sewer MUST all be functional before anyone goes back AND I doubt the RCMP in Calgary had to go through each and every home/building before those citizens were allowed back so where's their mandate???????  (Yes, they are taking locksmiths with them to get into the homes......hopefully they can pick the locks and get in so they don't have to break in...REALLY????????  Why aren't they preparing the huge hoses they will use to pump the water out so they are ready to go when the wall is done?(they are sitting on a truck on the hwy).  It's really is!
I don't know when these photos were taken.  Enlarging the first one, looking at the top right and seeing our brown house to the left of the white house with the red car in front.  That was similar to when we left as is the second picture which shows our house bottom right with my white 4 Runner and my daughters white car in the driveway.  I wonder when the pictures were taken........I wish they would say.  I'm at the point, at this very moment, of wanting to bulldoze down the place, let it wash away and move.........I know that feeling will pass.  But after this thing with the mayor (puff up the positive, refuse to answer questions) knowing that not only will we have to deal with the clean up but all the rest of it, makes me feel exhausted, deflated and sad.  Maybe winning the lottery would solve it all!  Pay it off and walk away!  LOL!!  I don't buy tickets so that's a little tough....I mean I guess I should buy a couple...only takes one to win!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Where do I start????????????????????  This has been one of the most surreal experiences I've ever , well, experienced!  It's INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

When we looked for houses last summer, we made sure we bought in an area NOT in the flood zone! Well, I think the flood zone has to be expanded although they say this has never happened before....anywhere.  Three times worse than the worst flood in Alberta's history!

From 2-4a.m we watched the water rise incredibly fast.  We had time to get "important" stuff out of our, business and personal papers, etc....and for that I am extremely thankful.  We heard the door pushed open and the water rushing in.  Windows smashed and the basement filled with water in under a minute.  We continued watching the water rise from front and back.  It was horrible.  The transformer blew around 4 am.  We had no power, couldn't flush toilets.....morning came and we saw firsthand the devastation!
This is the stairwell going to the basement.  There are several steps to a landing then a few steps more to the basement.  The water had come up on the next step before we had left.  Needless to say, our basement is toast!

The side yard....there are cement stairs going down there.  The roof you see is under which we have or had our patio table and chairs.

Across the street.  Our trailer that holds our stuff for the Vintage with Flair sale we were going to go to.

Our front "yard" before we left.  There was no grass for the dogs to do their "business" on!  
I really hope it hasn't got higher.  I pray it hasn't gone to our main floor.  There was about 6" of water in our garage when we left too.  What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never ever been through anything like this.  I hope I never ever have to experience anything like it again.  I feel for the people who couldn't take or move important irreplaceable items.  We will have a lot to replace but it's only 'stuff' right???  We can now put in the kind of windows WE want.  We can get different furniture and get rid of the carpet in Amy's bedroom.  It's all good(???).  Have to look at the positive right????????
We are staying at a motel in Claresholm.  The dogs and kittens are with us.  

They are doing fine!!!!!  Dogs too!  As long as they are with us they are fine!!!!!

Hope we can return soon and start the clean up. will take a long time!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Room

I have started painting the guest room.  I hope to get the second coat on shortly....I hope that will be enough to cover the lovely lime green!  Here are my before pictures:

I'm using "Natural Wicker" from Benjamin Moore.  This morning I did a little more patching in the spot where some shelves were glued onto the wall.  I could still see some spots after the first coat.  Won't slow me down too much.

Morgan and I are hoping to start unloading and setting up our booth later on this afternoon once Blair gets home from work.  Canmore, Turner Valley and High River are flooding!!!  Where we live, we are fine.  Apparently we don't flood here.  We are a long way from the river.  I've seen a video on FB and I soooo feel for the people affected in whatever community they are in.  I am wondering if this will affect the sale....not sure what the Priddis area is like for flooding.  I guess we wait and see.

Off to get the painting clothes on!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Sign" Day

Today I made some signs.  I'm gonna say I'm finished crafting.  The trailer is full, I have some pricing to do but I hope we are ready.  Oh, it will be a fun weekend regardless!!!!

Here are a few of my signs:

I hope they sell but they would make nice gifts.  Now to figure out some prices.  I have more of the same in different colors except the quilty one.....I kind of like that one!
I also started on the guest room.  Hubby took down a shelf in there and we have a lot of patching to do.  We did some....there will be a lot of sanding. Tomorrow I will pick up the paint.  It will hopefully, be a very clean, soothing room.  IF I fulfill my vision!  LOL. Oh I need a comforter!!!  (Eventually a quilt of course!). And other things but if I can get it painted, the rug shampooed and a bed in there, we will be fine for company coming next week.  
Curves is going well.  I get measured tomorrow.  I lost 2.2 lbs this past week.  I'm curious about the measurements as I think there will be a bit of a difference there.  Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, Monday.....

Well, a day of running around.  Curves this morning and the Home Depot with Hubby....I picked up more stuff for crafts (sign day tomorrow), then to Michaels...for more stuff for crafts and other things(!!!), then we popped into Sleep Country.  The mattress set we bought when we moved here just uptown at the furniture store just wasn't doing much for Hubby's back.  Well, our new mattress set will arrive next week as well as the new headboard and bed frame for our guest room.  Our old (but not that old) mattress set will go in there.  BUT, I have to get through this week of crafting, spend Friday and Saturday at the sale, maybe take in some rodeo here Sunday and then paint the guest room Monday/Tuesday so it's ready for the new bed Wednesday, decorate it, clean the house and be ready for guests Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amy's grad is Friday so we will have a house full of guests....and I can't wait!!!! BUT, if I can get signs done tomorrow that will be it for my crafting, and that's only Tuesday.  Maybe I can do some patching on Wednesday....even a bit of priming the patching and get my paint so I'm ready.  I should paint Sunday........

Here are all the hanging things I have made:
I hope they sell.  Again, they look better in person!!!

My friend Kim is starting a long arm business.  I wish she was closer although she has done two of my quilts and I will be posting pictures, one of these days, as soon as I get the bindings on.  Here's her business card:
I know she will do very well!!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go Kimberly!!!!!!!!!  :-)

Well, another busy day hit the hay!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Fathers Day....

This morning, Blair and I went for breakfast at Cora's.  We got caught up on the past week while he was gone up north.  When we got home, Blair got to relax on the couch with another little girl who missed him:
Our chihuahua Pixie...she couldn't snuggle close enough!!!!!!
Then supper with the girls and a bf to Red Lobster.  Here Hubby is on the phone with our oldest Brandyn:

My meal.....seafood overload!!!  I didn't finish it:
I needed some beef!!!!!!  Now we are all stuffed!  Curves tomorrow...thank goodness!!!!!!!

Fathers Day

Warning, this is a photo heavy post!!!!

First off, Happy Fathers Day to my Dad.  He's creative, abit of a hoarder (I'm working on nagging him enough that he might start doing something about that, right Dad??), a caring-about-his-community kind of guy and loves his family.  He's always been a family guy.  He's also doing very well without my mom.  I'm proud of him.
Here's an oldie.  My brother Steven was a cutie back then!!!  hahaha. I'm the one in the red dress on the edge.  Not sure where my brother Craig is.  Christmas in the '60s.

Now for the father of my children.  My Hubby is a wonderful Dad!  He has always been.  He worries about all of our children, even now they are all officially adults...and always has.  He cares for our kids very, very much! He's a great Dad!!!!
Some oldies:
Riding with Jaret (who's sound asleep), on Grandpas cat.

After Amy has done his hair...see the barretts and ponytail on top??

Brandyn sitting with his dad looking zoned out from the hand held video game

Letting Shaylan do his make-up!
He's a FANTASTIC dad!!!! 
Happy Fathers Day to the two most amazing men in my life!!!!!  I love you lots!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sure Felt Like a Sunday

Well, it felt like a Sunday today.  I didn't leave the house and attempted more crafting.  Mostly I just did more with my tart tin holders.  Here's an example of what they will be like now:
They now have a little jute bow and each will have a card.  Some cards are nicer than others but I hope they will appeal to the masses!  LOL
I am also working on the hangings....between the hockey game, Pinterest and emails I'm slowing getting the quilt pieces stitched on.  
My hubby is on his way home from High Prairie and should be arriving in about an hour and a half.  It will be later but I'm sure he will love sleeping in his own bed.  ;-). I'll be getting him to help me with an idea for a booth divider in the next couple of days! 
Boooooo Boston just scored in OT.  Better luck next game Chicago!

Sunshine on my shoulder........

Isn't it amazing what sunshine and blue skies does to a persons energy level?!?  I'm enjoying the sunshine and blue skies right now:
This was taken from our bedroom window.

If I didn't have to craft today I would have gone to the Lethbridge quilt show.  Not only do I have to craft, I cannot be tempted to buy anything from the vendors and I am weak!!!!!! so I know that would happen!!!!!!!!!!!  Next year!!!!!!  I will map out the shows, sew so much stuff up in the meantime and use that as an opportunity to replenish my stash!
The Millarville Farmers Market starts today too for the season.  There's lots of time to go there too!  I think Okotoks has a parade many things I could be enjoying!  That's okay.....if I wasn't such a procrastinator I would be enjoying these things!!!!!!!!  My own fault!!!

Off to soak up some vitamin D!!!!!!  :-D. Oh and get crafting!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Crafty Friday

Friday....already!!!!!  Where did the week go???  Hubby should be home tomorrow and I just started crafting today!!!!!!  Oh well, better late than never right?????
I did think about going to the Handicrafters Guild meeting this morning but by the time I talked to my Dad on the phone, took the dogs out and chatted with a lady walking by who lives close by, it was too late.  I did meet the lady as I was coming out of Curves (Maureen) and she said they have a wind up next week then meet again in September.  I will be sure to start going then if I am able.  So after Curves I thought I'd better get moving....craft-wise.  These were my first creation.  I likely got the idea from Pinterest.  I made 10 of each size:
Then I have some shapes that were cut out of old vintage quilts.  These are my creations so far.  I have another one almost done:

I think they look better in person.  I can make a few more of these and other things similar.

We had a short thunderstorm here this afternoon and a nice rain.  We could use more rain but we can't change the weather so We get what we get.  My friends/family up north are being bombarded with rain so I will not complain!!!!!!

More crafting is on the agenda for tomorrow.  We will see what I can up with then!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Still no crafting!

So I still haven't done any crafting for the sale NEXT weekend!!!!!!!!!  :-O. I'm hoping, other than Curves, I will not go anywhere tomorrow!  All levels of the house have been cleaned.  I even cleaned the main floor windows tonight.  No distractions (ha!!), no excuses!!!!!!!!!

This is something I could soooo make....but it won't happen in this short of time.  I would of had to scope out some old trim, tin, etc.  But I will certainly think about it for some other time:
It has knobs to hang things, tin bit with magnets, hooks, clothes pins.  I love it!!!!!  I got it on sale (half price!) from Finishing Touches in Okotoks.  If I could make some I would make my money back and more!!

Supper tonight was grilled pork chops with portobello mushrooms and zucchini.  The mushroom was awesome!
 They were topped with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and pine nuts then baked.  Yum!

Some blogs I follow have certain things they report on or do certain days of the week.  I might about do that as well but I'll have to think about that one!  :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fabric Softener

I bought those dryer balls from Norwex and had run out of fabric softener so I used them....they did their static..but my towels weren't soft.  I bought fabric softener the other day and I missed the smell of my Snuggle!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  I know I can use those balls if I run out of Snuggle again....but they won't be the same!  :-D

Wednesdays News

My Wednesday wasn't that exciting....are any of my days exciting??  Hahaha!  Basement cleaned, calls made, fax for Hubby, laundry.  Then I went up town to look for a book at the bookstore....which is also a giftware store and a coffee shop.  It's nice!  I didn't find my book but did get a few things for the guest room I have yet to paint.  I couldn't decide on a paint color because I didn't have a vision!  I do now!  So after Pixie Hollow (the book/giftware store/coffee shop) I went to Vespucci's.  Vespucci's is an antique store on one side and a consignment clothing shop on the other.  I went to look at the antique side to see if I could find things for my vision of the guest room.  As I walked up to the door, there was a sign saying the clothes were 40% off!!!!  So I came out with a few clothing items but no antiques.  Nothing caught my eye!
Not a great picture but here are my purchases.  The pink is a jacket with a lia Sophia necklace (also on sale), the skirt above it kind of reminds me of quilting, a top, an "athletic wear" jacket and a cardigan.  All the things in that store are very clean.....not a stinky store like some secondhand places are!  I like it!!
Home to cut the grass and water plants then supper.  Feet up time!!!!  I'll watch hockey for awhile until I'm bored!!!!!  :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Tuesdays are the days I meet with my Curves coach Cora Lee.  She's such a nice gal!!  Anyway, I get weighed every week and weighed and measured once a month.  Since I missed those two weeks I will do the measuring next week.  I gained a pound since last weigh in...and I'm happy with that!!!!!  I was gone two exercise, no meal planning....I lunched and had supper with friends and went on retreat!!!!  You saw the retreat food!!!!  I'll take that we'll deserved pound!!  Next week will show better results I'm sure!  Tonight's supper was orange beef stir fry with brown rice.
Those orange things are peppers...not oranges!  It was very tasty but a bit spicy!  It called for sir racha sauce....I had to google it so I knew which section in the grocery store to look for it!!!!!!  No doubt it was the cause for the 'heat'.  Hubby would have loved it! Curves I parked up facing the front license plate says "LUV2QLT". Three ladies were finished their circuit and were at the front and I heard the word "quilter" and when I walked up to them they asked if it was me!  They had seen the license plate!  Anyway, of course I said "yes" and one of the ladies asked if I was in a guild....'no, not in High River' so she told me about theirs!!!  They meet Friday mornings at the senior centre at 9:30.  They have 28-35 members!!!!!  They are a handicrafter group so not just quilting.  They just had a trunk show from "a guy from Calgary" and some of them had just gone to a retreat!!!!!  I'm excited but I forgot to ask what they do at the meetings!!!!  Do they 'craft' or just chat?!?  Maybe she will be at Curves again on Thursday!  Oh and they have a quilt show at the end of August/beginning of September during Harvest Days (I think is what she called it).  Our chance meeting made me happy!!!  Now to find out where the senior centre is!!  My neighbor will tell me!

Tomorrow I do not do Curves so I hope the weather is okay for a walk with the dogs.  I do have to create something for the sale in Priddis in two weeks!!!!!!!!!  I'm freaking out but Procrastinator is my middle name!!!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back on the Wagon!

A busy store, Michaels and Costco before noon.  Local quilt shop stop then to Curves. Gonna get back on track!!!!!!!!!  Have to get back on track!!!! Doing that circuit and sweating buckets feels so good!  It's a great program and I'm going to make it work for me.  After Curves I went grocery shopping, came home and put everything away and started supper.  Finally got the feet up and might just stay here for a bit!!!

On my way back from groceries I stopped for the mail.  A little package was waiting for me!!!!
I had preordered this book at the Red Deer quilt show.  I LOVE it and I LOVE every project in the book!!!!!!!  I love good mail days!!!!! purchases from Chinook Fabrics: