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Friday, March 28, 2014


Today is the only full day I have with the house completely to myself (not counting the dogs and cats!). Yesterday I sent these two off to Hawaii!!!!!!!

Lucky ducks as this was our can see the snowflakes in their pic.

Winter just can't seem to go away and allow spring to burst forth!!!!!

Next week I am going with three quilty friends from up north to Spokane....the weather shows +14C some of the days...with some rain thrown in there!  I don't care...I'll take those temperatures!  We will have fun shopping at quilt shops, etc and have some good laughs and a great visit!  We aren't bringing our sewing machines this time so I will be sure to pack some handwork including my wool pincushion.  I have the shapes fused the fun stuff starts!

When I get back I will print this off and post it somewhere so I can follow simple!

So my big plans with the day to myself?????  Cleaning and laundry (we got the dryer fixed yesterday!!!!!!!). Then I might do a bit of shopping.....but I'd better get moving!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, Monday.......

Well, that darn white stuff is still coming down....very lightly but it's there. like a lion out like a lamb?  Fingers crossed!!!!!

First installment of Mondays Mug Memories!!  In Millarville, from June - Fall, there is a Farmers Market.  Hubby and I often frequent it just for something to do on a Saturday as it's not very far from us.  The drive, especially in the fall, is gorgeous too!  There are a few vendors with pottery and this mug caught my eye one day.  I love the shape, the handle and the color...and I love pottery!!  So it came home with me....a reminder of the great Farmers Markets in Millarville.

I made a quick sewing project yesterday with fabric I had bought at the store on Friday....these crazy cats caught my eye and I immediately thought "pillowcase"!  My neighbor came for coffee and I am going to make another one for her son as I do have some cats left over.

I forgot how fun and easy they are to make....using French seams.  Now if I had a serger they would be even easier!! ( I'm still debating getting one from the store.....anyone with input as to whether or not a serger is useful for a non-garment sewer?)

Son2 has just left to go back up north.  He called and said he was beside 'Mantracker' at the Co-op gas station.  LOL He didn't realize it until he left and got into his truck with a 'Mantracker' license 
plate.  I've had a few Mantracker sightings since moving here.  Kinda cool!!

Laundry and errands today....exciting!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining down on all the white stuff which was pretty much gone last week!!!!!!!!  Here's hoping it doesn't hang around for long!

Work Friday and Saturday went was busy and I was busy enough that the time flew by!!  I don't work again until next Friday and Saturday so here's hoping my week is filled with sewing!!!!!

Son 2 arrived here on's our couch used for furry cuddles.....including our son!  That beard!!!!!  He sure can grow a thick one!

The animals (see Mia the cat by our little Pixie in his arms?....there is also a dog down at his feet not in the picture!) sure love him....and he loves them.....before long he needs an allergy pill.  What is strange is our kids grew up with animals...lots of them....and the boys have developed allergies to them now.  

My kids have always complained about how many mugs/cups I have.  Besides having a few sets of matching ones, I have a cupboard full of memories!  This mug was given to me by my former sister-in-law (whom I still consider family).  I think of her every time I use it.

 So kids, that's why I have so many!!!!!!!!  How can one part with such great memories of good friends?!?  Hmmmmm, maybe I can post a mug on say, Mondays, and it can be my Mondays Mug Memories or something!  Stay tuned!!  :P

Did I show you my good mail from the other day?  Maybe I did.....but here they are, from The Fat Quarter Shop:

LOVE Art to Heart books and this is Part Two of Table Please....yes, I have Part One.  And Lori her blog (you should see her cute sewing room!!!) and I love her books....this is book #2 for her.  I love all those fun colors!  Just what a person needs when you are hoping for spring but are still dealing with winter.

My dogs were up at 6:30 this morning....miraculously no one else heard them barking so I let them out.  They are blissfully snoring and I couldn't go back to sleep!  Wish I was a might be an early night tonight!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fun Weekend!

Well, another weekend has come and gone and ours was busy!!  Friday night we went and met our son and "daughter-in-law" to pick up our grand-dog Lela.  They were going snowboarding in Banff so we met them at a gas station that was on the way.  Here's the little fur ball!  

I also had a course at the shop for the Innova Longarm machines Friday as well.

Saturday I did some sewing since it was National Quilting Day.  I did get three more rows on a baby
boy quilt and will work on that today (now I'll finish it tomorrow as I need more fabric for the
borders) and the little girl one I'm doing (that top is done....I'll take a picture when it's been quilted) I
work tomorrow and will find out how the big sale went on Saturday.

Sunday B and J arrived for the night.  It was great having them here.  A had a game with a women's team she is affiliated with, in Calgary, so we all went off to that.  (They lost in a shoot out).  My refreshing Jugo Juice drink:

Yesterday was a lazy day!!  Here's some sibling love....our oldest and our youngest hanging out on the couch!

The girls and myself are getting colds.  They are panicking because they leave for Hawaii next week and do not want to be sick!!

I think my class went well on Thursday night.  Boy that was a long day!!  I'll have to not book work on the same day as a class!!!!!!!!  I was pooped when I got home!!! :)

I'll leave you with a little spring:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ready...I Hope!

I worked on getting prepared for tomorrow nights class.  I sure hope I'm ready!!!!!  Handouts printed off and in individual folders.  Samples done for the steps we will do in tomorrow's class.  I tried out the three ways for the appliqué, typed up and printed some instructions.  I feel more ready than I did this morning!  I work tomorrow and will likely run up and grab some supper and head back to the shop to wait.  :)

Tonight I made boil them in cola then roast in the oven.  My neighbor is bbqing.....we don't have a BBQ yet.  Good thing as we would have been replacing it this year and it wouldn't have been covered by insurance or Disaster Relief.  We didn't bring our old one when we moved knowing we have a gas hook up here...but we couldn't decide on one or find a good price on one so we hadn't bought one by June.  A good thing!!  Anyway, back to tonight's supper....because I need a picture on my post!  Here is my plate....not a professional plating job but my picture for this post.. :)

I'm stuffed!!!!!!

They are still working on the "lake" and have moved a bunch of dirt into a pile at the one end.  They are still hauling the road they made.....I'm sure it will be gone by the weekend.  Can't wait for the fence to be gone, the paths cleaned off and the walking bridges back in place.  Then it will be dog walking time again!!!!!!!

I Wonder......

Good Morning!!!  It's been awhile again.  I don't feel as though I can do a post without at least one picture so this morning I took a few pictures of what was once our beautiful "lake" behind the house and I wonder....if it will ever be beautiful again?  Tervita (don't get me started about what a waste of taxpayers money they are!!!!!) have been cleaning (?? I'm assuming that's what they were hired to do) our lake since November and they are panicking now because things are melting (rapidly) and they have a lot of dirt/mud to remove.  They've made messes on the banks, the paths, the sidewalks, the street and I wonder if I will love what I see when I look out our back windows ever again or how long it will take to become beautiful again.

 This was a fall picture taken before the flood.

Here's what It looks like this morning:

A lot of dirt....the picture really doesn't show the mess.  I sure hope that maybe in 2015 it gets back to beautiful.

Work is going well and on Thursday night I am teaching my first wool pincushion.  I'm very nervous about it but I think it will be fun.  (Fingers crossed!!!!!). I've been working very hard at the store and of course think I need a raise!!!  Who doesn't??  Hahaha!! I'm hoping once the ladies I am working with are done their store/class samples that they will have more time to help with the store front and customers.  Every day that I work there are bolts of fabric waiting to be put out and that seems to be my job.  Oh well.....I will either enjoy it or find something else to do on the job front.    

A is done hockey for the season.....but she's okay with that because her and her sister are going to Hawaii with my Dad (their grandpa!) at the end of the month. They are excited!!!!!!!!  But S is still waiting for her passport and if it's not here today I will get her to call to see if it's been sent out.  She's a bit stressed about it!

This weekend we get to babysit our grand-dog and then B and J are staying overnight Sunday so we are happy about that!!!!!!  

Best get on with my day...the dog hair won't jump off the furniture and get cleaned up all on it's own. Plus I have some class prep to do (much more fun!!!!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Perfectionist I Am Not...when it comes to quilting

I follow a lot of blogs and was reading one this morning that expressed exactly how I felt about quilting.  Since starting work at the quilt shop I have met many quilters....some of whom are perfectionists and expect nothing but perfection or darn close from their work.  I am NOT like that at all.  My concern is that I will begin to feel as though my projects will not be 'worthy' of showing or sharing with others.  I think that is why I have not yet really researched and joined a guild. I'm feeling like most of the quilters in the area really look at others projects as closely as they would look at their own....and maybe raise an eyebrow or two.  That is not what quilting is for me.  If someone shows me something, the colors and pattern catch my eye.  I never look at star points, for example, to see if they've been cut off or whether the borders are on perfectly.  Many times until the creator of the quilt has pointed something out, I can honestly say I hadn't noticed.  Quilting is my creative release, my joy, my "happy".  Done is better than perfect.  If I'm enjoying it then that's enough for me.

Here is the link to the blog with the post I mentioned.  I hope it's the way you feel about any creative projects you do. (I hope the link works)

My Name is Jane and I'm an Addict!!!!!

Warning.....this post is long and picture heavy!!!!!

My name is Jane and I'm an addict.  I was going to say "fabricoholic" but that's only one addiction!!!!  As I was tidying up my sewing and craft rooms today I realized, once again, I have a problem.  Not a new revelation, I'm not shocked by this feeling but I am bearing my soul to you here....with photo proof!

To begin, I have too much fabric and quilt related goodies....mostly kits!  I'm VERY addicted to kits! Let's start with yardage, which was my first addiction when I started quilting.  The following picture is a fraction of the stash I have had at one time.....many, many meters were purged before we moved.
On the rare occasion I will actually use something on these shelves but when you use kits there is no need for yardage except for backings.
Then I got addicted to fat quarters (now cut down substantially because of the move).  There are fat quarters in the bins at the bottom of the above picture as well as in the bottom drawer of the next picture.....and that isn't pulled out all the way.  

In that drawer there are also pre-cuts, my next addiction.  In the wardrobe cupboard are kits....lots and lots of kits.  They are organized....table runners, wallhangings, lap quilts, etc., etc but there are more kits in there that I will likely ever be able to complete.  Even if I sewed all day every day....for forever!!!!!!!!!  My dream is to one day have all my stash....kits, yardage and anything else fabric, to fit solely into that cupboard.  HA!!!!!
Onto the next addiction.  Scrapbooking supplies....stamps, paper, embellishments, etc., etc!!!  Do I scrapbook??  No, but I have made a few cards and done some crafty things.  The first Cupboard is stamps...and only stamps.  The second one are embellishments, etc as well as in the boxes on top of the two said cupboards.(which you can't see from these pictures)

This drawer unit has paper and card stock.

The next addiction is wool and embroidery.  This cupboard is full of those supplies...and more kits! (Wool)

When we lived up north I had a room in our basement that was my craft room.  Before my quilting addiction I did like to dabble in different crafts.  Now it's mostly wood stuff...but I went from a room to a cupboard

These next pictures show more quilty stuff.....trims, buttons, shelving full of patterns and some crafty books and magazines, as well as my shelving unit full of quilt books.


  I love to collect supplies....and I do have time to make things although I'm not as productive as I would like to be.  The problem with all my addictions is that the supplies never go bad and there is always something new.  Like these goodies I brought home from work yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!  (The Houses book I've been tempted to order online but have resisted...but when it's right there, within fondling range, it's hard to resist.  The layer cake is adorable and there was only one.)

My name is Jane and I am an addict.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sewing Again

I had a nice productive sewing day yesterday.  I should have been cleaning but one of our daughters teammates is staying with us while she is doing her practicum in Okotoks (she's going to be an EMT). Anyway, it's a long drive, at midnight, to her home in the north side of Calgary so she's crashing here.  I didn't want to be making loud vacuuming noises, etc (good excuse!!!).  I had bought some fabric on Thursday and wanted to sew it up.  These are all table toppers so nothing big.  Next up will be finishing the Wicked Easy quilt I started up north.

I'm not sure I like the striped fabric in that last one.  I might make another one as I think I have extra fabric.  I also have a Tablerunner cut out.  Now to quilt them.  I think the pattern just calls for a flip and turn.  I can do that!  No binding!!!  Woot woot!  

It was nice to just sew........we ordered pizza to be delivered for supper!  I might continue while I can weekend!  And it's COLD here this morning!!!!  -34C!!!!!!  What's up with that????  It's not supposed to get that cold here!!!!!  A weird, weird winter....everywhere!