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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Traveling home yesterday went well.  I did leave with a headache and arrived home with the same headache.  Traffic was light.  Weather was good.  The kittens travelled fairly well.  Seemed like the drive relaxed Jax....Mia was a bit more high strung but she did sleep.  I did hit rush hour traffic in Calgary. :-/. Slow or stopped.  Ugh!!!!!!!!!!

The kittens are adjusting really well to their new fur-ever home.  They're so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a picture Amy took.  They are in her room so that the dogs can be slowly introduced.

They love to cuddle!!!!!

I spent the day cleaning......hubby and the kid was in control of the house while I was gone and well, the place wasn't too messy but the dust!!!!!!!!  And the toilets!!!!  :-|  So it's all good now.  :-).  

Our baby turns 18 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A limo bus is booked (by her and her sister!)and a bunch of them are going to Calgary.  Lord help me!  In a couple of weeks it is her grad.  Crazy!!!!!!!  Her plans for after school?  Going to Spain to work as an au pair for the school year!!!!!!  She's excited!!!!  I'm excited for her!!!!!!!  We will be empty nesters for the strange will that be???????????  No kids at home, no hockey to go to.......strange!

I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow....already!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!!