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Sunday, June 9, 2013

"See Ya Later" Sunday

Today I will go from a house "full" to just Amy and I.  B has left for High Prairie for a weeks work, Jare Bear leaves for Sask. back to work and Amy's friend Kendra leaves for home.  She was down to celebrate Amy's 18th birthday Friday.  It will be quiet!!!!
Amy and her birthday cake....being a goof!!

 Carrot cake.....very "full" of goodness!  Only trouble is, Amy and I are the only ones who like it in this house!!!!!!

Yesterday B and I went to get some bedding plants and perennials as I had not planted a thing.  
I put a few perennials in the front flower bed and a few in the one flower bed in the back but I need to clear some stuff out of the flower bed on the other side.
Perennials added

Side where things need to be cleared out.  Too much is growing together and there is so much grass in some of the plants you can't tell if its a clump of grass or a plant!!!
Yikes, you can tell we have dogs!!!!  :-[

My three half barrels are planted with annuals too.  I hope they fill in and look okay as I didn't have a plan and just bought "stuff"!!  I also bought a mixed begonia for the front door and another mixed planter for the back patio.  I'm sure I will continue to add here and there.
Thunderstorms are forecast for today.  A lovely day to sew or craft.  Or catch up on some magazine reading!!!!!!  A Sunday to enjoy!!

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