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Monday, June 3, 2013

Almost over

Another great day.  Lunch and wonderful visit with Joanie, a visit at Kim's (got to see her new kitchen!!!  LOVE!) then supper with Karen, Marla and Corinne.  Whew!!!!!
Me and Joanie. :-)

We could have visited for hours!!!!!!!  It was great to see her again and it's been great seeing ALL my friends.  It's really been a wonderful two weeks!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I will be busy and hope to get in to visit with Erica at the store A Few of Your Favorite Things...check her out on Facebook!  I must stay focused and just visit NOT shop!!!!!!!!!  :-$

Then I will go and pick up our new family member......the fluffy one with four legs!!!  ;-). Her little kennel is all ready and I really hope she manages okay.  She will have a long ride home Wednesday!!!!

But tonight I sit and watch decorating shows!!!!  LOL. Back to reality soon and sharing of the remote with my hubby!

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