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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Sign" Day

Today I made some signs.  I'm gonna say I'm finished crafting.  The trailer is full, I have some pricing to do but I hope we are ready.  Oh, it will be a fun weekend regardless!!!!

Here are a few of my signs:

I hope they sell but they would make nice gifts.  Now to figure out some prices.  I have more of the same in different colors except the quilty one.....I kind of like that one!
I also started on the guest room.  Hubby took down a shelf in there and we have a lot of patching to do.  We did some....there will be a lot of sanding. Tomorrow I will pick up the paint.  It will hopefully, be a very clean, soothing room.  IF I fulfill my vision!  LOL. Oh I need a comforter!!!  (Eventually a quilt of course!). And other things but if I can get it painted, the rug shampooed and a bed in there, we will be fine for company coming next week.  
Curves is going well.  I get measured tomorrow.  I lost 2.2 lbs this past week.  I'm curious about the measurements as I think there will be a bit of a difference there.  Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow!