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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Room

I have started painting the guest room.  I hope to get the second coat on shortly....I hope that will be enough to cover the lovely lime green!  Here are my before pictures:

I'm using "Natural Wicker" from Benjamin Moore.  This morning I did a little more patching in the spot where some shelves were glued onto the wall.  I could still see some spots after the first coat.  Won't slow me down too much.

Morgan and I are hoping to start unloading and setting up our booth later on this afternoon once Blair gets home from work.  Canmore, Turner Valley and High River are flooding!!!  Where we live, we are fine.  Apparently we don't flood here.  We are a long way from the river.  I've seen a video on FB and I soooo feel for the people affected in whatever community they are in.  I am wondering if this will affect the sale....not sure what the Priddis area is like for flooding.  I guess we wait and see.

Off to get the painting clothes on!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Oh this is kind of funny!! "Where we live, we are fine. Apparently we don't flood here."!!!!! Well now.......! hahaha