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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Here we are on the last day of 2015.  New Years Eve usually makes me sad....another year over, passed, gone.  It was a pretty good year.....quite uneventful really, which one appreciates as they get older.  Downsides were losing contact and communication suddenly from a group of friends I had up north and the passing of our old Daisy.  Upsides were continued good health of myself and family, my job, Hubby's job, and the announcement of our coming soon grandbabies.  Because of those two grandbabies, being born in 2016, I think it will be an amazing year!!!!!!!
Of course I have big plans, once again (recurring over the past decade I'm sure) of purging, creating and just making better use of my time.  I do waste a lot of it.  Getting back on the weight loss band wagon is also on the list.  I've fallen off of it since Thanksgiving and a person feels so much better lighter and eating healthier.  It's a win-win.   Working on being more financially responsible is also high on the list (read that as less spending.......I need nothing and waste so much!!).
I always try to think of a word for the year.....I usually don't do much with that word though.  I've had "simplify" and "less".......So this year I'm choosing a word that represents me, in the now....and that is "blessed". I think it's something to remember so one doesn't sweat the small stuff.  I bought a bracelet at my favorite store here in the north......

It will be a good reminder.  I'm blessed because I have a wonderful husband and family.  I'm blessed because I have some great friends.  I'm blessed because I have my health, a roof over my head and food in our cupboards.  I'm blessed because I have three little dogs that love unconditionally.  I'm blessed because I have a wonderful hobby that brings me joy.  I'm blessed because I have a job I love and my husband has a secure job too.   I'm blessed because I truly do not want for anything.  
A picture of some of my blessings.....with two little ones hiding....that we will meet in the new, very soon!

My father is still very active and handy!!  He was telling me about some iPad holders he had made for Christmas gifts.  When I mentioned I would love one too, boom, out to the shop and in he comes with this!  I love it!!!!!  Love the old wood!

I've had some great visits while being here this week.  First a visit with my old and current hairdresser on Monday!  We surprised Joanie and it was fun!!  I popped into my favorite store and had a visit with Erica....a busy woman whom I have to take more time keeping in touch with.  :)  Then a great visit with my good friend Pam on Tuesday!  There is never a shortage of things to talk about even though we keep in touch regularly! I was also able to pop into the flower shop, which has an awesome selection of fabric and visited with my friend Diane...and made a few purchases.  Today I had brunch with one of my brothers, his girlfriend and one of her daughters.  Yesterday I had a quiet day sitting and stitching and I got the stitching done on this winter block.  It needs some pressing but it can wait until we are home.

The week went quickly but I'm looking forward to getting home.  We have a busy weekend ahead (Daughter2 has two home games and Daughter1 is moving to a new place) and work starts back on Monday.  Hubby comes back up on Monday to go to work......I don't envy him the long drive!  But life returning to normal is always comforting.  

Happy 2016 to all my readers!  May you also recognize all of your blessings and feel grateful too.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Eight More Sleeps!

Whoosh......December.....half over......EIGHT MORE SLEEPS UNTIL the BIG DAY!  I'm excited about having the kids home!  Card games, food, noise!  Ahhhhhhh LOVE IT!!!!!  I still have a million things to is just about done.  Cards have not been started but I did buy some last weekend!  I'm just trying to get through this week with 3 & 4 year olds!  Can you say CrAzY?!?!?  Hahaha!  They are feeling the joy of the season and it can't help but rub off on a person. Today is the last day for one of my one little guys.  :-(. He and his family are moving to Ontario......I will not get through the day without tears.  I made him a cozy blanket....full of my hugs:

I hope he likes it............

Speaking of's Pixies new bed......
She can curl right up inside yet still see what is going on in the world!  LOL!

Our first grand baby is due in a month......we are so excited!  I'm sure Daughter1 is ready to be able to reach her toes again!  She had pregnancy photos done a few weeks ago:
Isn't she beautiful???  :-). I cannot wait to meet this little person!

On December 9th we said goodbye to our old dog Daisy......she passed away peacefully in her sleep....she was just over 15 1/2 years old....and was tired and ready.  RIP Daisy....thanks for your loyalty and love.....we will miss you.  :-(

Well, I have to get ready for work....pj day day again so deciding what to wear will be easy!  I'll leave you will a picture of my 2015 mantle.....I now have a tree beside the mantle and this is just a cell phone picture but you can see how simple this one is.......

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Baby On The Way!

It's been a busy month.  Daughter2s baby shower was a success.  Lots of gals here and she received some lovely gifts.  I'm hoping this one was her favorite...  ;-)

Seven weeks to go now....wowzers!  She had pregnancy photos done today and here's the sneak peek!  Courtney, the photographer, is a girl she works with.....great job!!

I haven't done a speck of Christmas decorating yet.  I hope to do some this week before Hubby is home next week.  FB reminded me that three years ago on the 27th I had my tree up!  Oops....a little later this year!  I've barely done any Christmas shopping either!!!!!!  I was thinking the other day that I haven't worked around Christmas for a few years....I think that is why I was more organized...or less organized now!  And you would think working with children I would be in the mood....nope....not yet anyway!
She's no help!  Hahahaha!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Spoke Too Soon But Let's Talk Coffee!

I found this picture on Facebook.  I don't know whose it is...but I loved the saying and the colors and that it talked about coffee! When I was young I loved the SMELL of coffee but could not stand the taste!!!  Now I love both!!!!!  I don't drink a lot of it....most often just one cup in the morning but sometimes I'll have up to three cups a day depending on my work day, if I visit a friend or have one come over.  These cups look Debbie Mumm-ish to me....does she still design fabric??  I was a Debbie-Mumm-aholic when I first started quilting!!!!  I could spot her fabric a mile away and could not wait for anything new to come out!!!!  I loved her books and patterns and collected them as well!  But wait....I meant to tell you how our beautiful fall turned to winter overnight! It's cold right now...and white!  Not a lot of snow yet but what came down mostly stayed!  I knew it was going to happen one is November after all, and this could change too.  I'm not ready...and I say that every year...but I don't want to be cold!  I don't want to shovel snow! AND the snows appearance has not made me feel even slightly Christmas-y!

I spent the weekend at arenas....both days.  One loss and one win....and the win was against her old team in their arena.  ☺️  She plays again this weekend, against her old team, but I may be home preparing for Daughter1's baby shower on Sunday.  I've got some quilting to do!!!! 😉

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Beautiful Fall...So Far!

I'm not doing very well keeping up with my blog.  Some days there's nothing to write about....a lot of days!  My life isn't all....and for that I am thankful, really!

I made a quick stop at Sally Ann the other day and found a couple of treasures!!!!!!  A handmade rug (love it!!!!  The dogs love it too!) and a lamp....$5 each!  Makes the living room even cozier!

Fall has come in nicely.....the other morning there was a tiny bit of ice on the lake....

The geese couldn't get to that corner!  LOL!

But today, while leaving for Calgary, this was our temperature!

Our little Pixie has put on a bit of weight in a relatively short period of time.....she was due for her shots so off to the vets we went.  They took blood to check her thyroid although we didn't think there were other signs that it wasn't functioning right.  She got a nice purple bandage which had to stay on 
for half an hour.....she soaked up all the attention and even pouted a bit!!

Turns out, she just eats too much so we came home with some new food which she can only have 1/4 of a cup per day!  Lord this will be a fun job....not!!!!!! 

I need to start making a Christmas list and get working on it.  There were a ton of Christmas craft sales in the area this weekend but I didn't go to any.  My problem would be buying for me and not for gifts plus, I didn't want to go alone.  I need to find a partner in crime who will go with me!! I should be making my own crafts for gifts...but Daughter2 has hockey games both today and tomorrow and every weekend this month.  I'm feeling like avoiding gift giving this year!  I wish!  I wish it was just about family and food and fun!  But it's starting to getting organized I must!  Seems to come faster every year!!!!

Next weekend is Daughter1's baby shower.  There will be a ton of people here in our house I don't know but she's excited and I can't wait for it to be over!  Hahaha!  Then the weekend after, Daughter2 can move into her new place which means the cats can too!  Woot woot!!!!  Something to look forward too! Hahahaha!  Hubby will be home then too.  :-). 

I think it's time for bed.....I bought a couple of Christmas magazines today...maybe they will help!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

My view this morning is of a calm lake, soft blue, purple sky and a slight fog that is lifting.  The sun is coming up and I think, besides being a bit cool, it will be a beautiful fall day.  I'm off soon the an arena in Calgary to watch Daughter2 play hockey this morning.  Bedding is in the dryer and I hope to stitch on this when I get home:
It's part of a Quilt Patch kit my son bought me for my birthday a few years ago.  Black and grey flannel squares make up the rows and these go top and bottom.  Anyway, black and grey flannel aren't what I should be working on in this house!  The hair!!!!!  Here's the start of the stitching as I was watching the Flames game and flipping to the baseball game the  other night:

I finished my sample quilt on my quilting's hard to see anything on here but it turned out okay....except the row where my bobbin was running out....the tension on the back was bad.

And this guy....forever my "helper"....always wanting cuddles but in a month will be going to live with his "mommy" along with his sister!  Our house will be cat free!!!!!  I'll miss them in some ways but will NOT miss the hair, scratching, meowing, cat!!!!!!!!
Daughter2 is moving out of residence into a basement suite and she's very excited!!!  The place is walking distance to Mount Royal so it's perfect!!!!!  She will stay in Calgary year round as she is able to coach gymnastics full time this spring and summer.  Again, she's very happy!!!!  We are happy for her too.  Our baby is growing up!

Best get moving.....Go Titans Go!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


For those of you with big quilting machines, my tiny sewing machine will seem....well, tiny!  But I actually played with it yesterday.  I vowed not to let it take up space in the downstairs family room collecting dust.  Pinning was tedious but trying to thread the machine and get the tension correct almost caused me to find a hammer!!!!!!  Eventually I got going and I think (hope!) me and this machine will become friends!  The only solid fabric that I had and was willing to use for my practice piece was white......I'm using yellow thread on top and a teal green on the bottom.  I do know I need some better lighting but will put Hubby on that task when he's home next week!!! Here's a peek at some of my playing:

It's fun but wonder how fun it will be when I actually have to quilt a real item!  I'm hoping it will keep on being fun!  I have quite a few small projects to start on.  I'll finish working on my practice piece and then move onto the real deal!  At least they are only my projects!!!!!!

The election happened tonight....all I can say is I'm glad it's over and as to the comment!

Friday, October 16, 2015

October Means Thanksgiving

Here it is, the middle of October!  A lot of the trees are bare because we had crazy winds Thanksgiving weekend.  I have yard work to do....including raking up leaves!  Speaking of Thanksgiving weekend, we had a house full!  Even my dad came down from up north!  Sunday we had our big meal and I had invited my friend Sue, her husband and her parents.  We had a nice visit.  We also had a TON of leftovers!!!!!!!!  I over ate but enjoyed every bite so it was worth it!

Sunday morning I got the morning off from breakfast making and we went up to Smittys for breakfast.  When leaving, our boys bought a surprise from the machine by the till.....they "won" fake stick on mustaches!!!!!.....goofs!!

Sunday was also the day of the Canadian Pickers Auction at near-by Saskatoon Farm.....Hmmmmm I wonder what Dads real reason for coming down was???  I had asked him to get me a tin toy truck for using when decorating, especially for Christmas and he delivered!
I think it's perfect!!

I haven't been sewing at all lately except for some binding finishes.  Here are three (forgive me if I've already posted the wildlife one!)

I plan on enjoying my weekend.....I have no where to go and Amy doesn't have games in Calgary so she's off with the team.  I'm hoping to play on the 'toy' I bought a couple of weeks ago....but every time I say that, it never happens!!!!!

But I had best get to sleep before I fall asleep sitting up!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

High Maintenance!

I think I start every blog post with a comment about how fast time flies.....where did the month go or wow the week flew by!!  This past week was no exception!  Hubby is only at work for a week stint this time...he worked extra days last time and stayed a bit longer here at home.  He is home tomorrow night already!  That's most definitely NOT a bad thing!!!  I had plans on playing with my new toy (quilting machine), cleaning out the flowerbeds, and none of that got done.  I did get my hair and nails done!  Tee hee!  Important stuff you know!  I went with the one odd colored nail this time:

Wild and crazy for me I tell ya!!!  Hahahaha!

I did a tiny bit of the borders on the first grand-baby quilt.  Not quilted but I did get fabric in for an easy second one.

Yesterday was busy but great!!!!!  I got to visit with this great pal!!!!!!  It was a quick one but I got a hug and we had a laugh (it's a turkey not a goose!!!!  Hahahahaha!) it's always great!

Then I drove Daughter2 to her out of town hockey game and she stayed overnight here at home.  She left after supper tonight for her place and the noise!  She said a few of her roommates are noisy and messy and just the whole apartment building is noisy.  I'm sure she relishes the peace and quiet here and the tv channels and cat cuddles!  She did her homework in relative quietness.

Work tomorrow and it's picture day....whoop whoop...NOT!  A short week (we have Friday off and then next Monday for Thanksgiving so next week will be a short one too!) and all our kids should be back home here for the weekend!  Even my Dad mentioned coming down and we've invited my friend Sue, her Hubby and her parents over for supper Sunday!  What's four more people???  I can't wait!

Well, best hit the hay!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lots to Post!

Well, September is coming to a close and what a month it's been.  The start of school (work for me), the start of hockey, a few birthdays, hot air balloon races, the official start of autumn just to name a few of the activities.

School has been going well, but man oh man, I've been hit hard with a cold/flu bug.  I haven't missed a day but sure wish I could get feeling 100% and get my energy back.  If my sinuses aren't killing me, I'm achy head to toe.  I know it has to pass but sooner rather than later would be very much appreciated!

Daughter2's hockey has started.  We went to a couple of games out of town during a tournament in Brooks last weekend.....her (new) team lost in the gold medal match.  That morning they beat Edmonton who had been stomping every team they had played.  Wish the game wasn't so would have been a good one to watch!  While we were driving there we came upon this truck.......quilt block!!!!

That same weekend was my birthday and this weekend all my kids came down!  Daughter2 stayed overnight (and slept on a big bed as opposed to her tiny dorm room bed!), Son1 and his girlfriend and Son2 came from St Albert.  Daughter1 came on Sunday for the day.  It was wonderful having everyone together!!!!!!!!  Daughter2 brought me this yummy fruit bouquet for my birthday...of course everyone helped me eat it!

The weekend was busy as there were the hot air balloon races and the car show.  They said there were 1090 registered cars and more unregistered cars there!  I believe it!  It spread out all through the downtown as well as all through George Lane Park which is a large area itself.  My hips are still killing me from all the walking we did!!!!  I didn't take pictures at the car show but here are two of my favorite balloons......they were so cute!
Hope you can see them....the picture quality is not the greatest.

There was a sale at an antique/giftware place in Okotoks that Jenna and I went to on Saturday.  Picked up a few small things.  I didn't spend much because my big purchase last week was my new toy.  It's an older Juki sewing machine and a HQ frame.....not sure what to call it as it sure isn't a 
long-arm machine!  A short arm?  LOL. I've set it up but haven't used it yet.....I spent the day cleaning and washing bedding after work.  I'll use it for smaller projects (I have a pile!) after I get the hang of it!!!

Last week was our stitching get together at Sues and her cutie dog Daisy loved the quilt I was stitching the binding onto......she made herself very comfortable!

Yesterday while we were all relaxing I was mentioning to Jenna about how dirty my windows were and I was going to get Hubby to help as I don't like walking along the roof to clean the outsides and my arms are too short to clean them all from inside.  Next thing I know she is wanting to wash my windows!  How could I say no??????  I've been admiring them ever since!!!!! 

They are coming down again for Thanksgiving and I can't wait!!!  Loved playing cards and having some laughs with my kiddos!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here We Go!!

Getting ready to start the first full week of work.  Last week was short because of Labor Day Monday.  The rest of the week went well and I caught a cold...of course!  The children I work with are great.  Seems like my job will be relatively easy this year...fingers crossed!!! (I sure hope I didn't just jinx myself!!!!)

I did a very small bit of sewing last week.  A teeny 4.5" of many.  My friend Kim bought me this kit and I LOVE the fabrics!!  I have everything cut to stitch more!

Fall is coming fast and furious!  The leaves are changing, the nights are cooler and we have geese!  
Lots and lots of geese on the lake behind the house!!!  They are here honking usually late afternoon then are gone in the evening........likely filling up their bellys in a field somewhere!

I had plans of sewing again today but then Daughter2 showed up.  I did manage to whip together this little pillow for Halloween....I bought the stenciled burlap off of eBay in 2010!!!!  This literally took me 15 minutes to make!
Why do I procrastinate???????

Daughter1 sent a picture of her and her belly at 22 weeks!  Both little girls are growing!

I'm hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight!  Our little Pixie has had diarrhea the last two nights.....she sleeps with us and needs help getting on and off the bed!  (too much information???) So I didn't sleep well!  (Neither did she!!). Fingers crossed she's better...she seems better but did yesterday too.

Early to bed tonight!!!! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soggy Saturday

Well, it rained All-Day!  I had a leisurely morning and then headed up to the quilt shop to have coffee with Mavis.  Of course I can never leave empty handed.....came home with some flannel for burp cloths.  Thought I may as well get started!!  With what I bought, I made seven....I could have made more if I used the white I bought for the back but this way they are double sided.
I think they will be handy little things!

Coming to bed tonight I flicked the light switch on at the end of the garage and saw this:
See the white stuff on the windshield????  Argh!!!!!!!!  Not yet..please!!!!!!!  I'll be scared to look out in the morning.  I am hoping it will be gone by then!!!!!  I think it will be another good sewing day!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Chilly and Wet...Must Be a Long Weekend!

Well here it is September already!  I've been to work a few days this week but the kids start next Tuesday.  I think I'm ready!!!!  I can't wait really!

I haven't been doing much for sewing but am working on binding the three quilts I got back from Kim.  Here's one done:

The house is quiet right now.  Hubby is up north working and before he left we moved Daughter2 last weekend.  She is in a week early as she is taking an accelerated course this week....she has so much stuff but her place in residence is much nicer than last year:

I took this little one for a walk the other day and she did really well!  When I heard her huffing and puffing too much I would carry her for a bit.  It's raining and COLD here now...and is to last most of the we likely won't get out much.

And this one hasn't left me alone!!!!  He's a pain in the butt especially when I'm sleeping!  Lol!  

No plans for the long weekend but it's most definitely sewing weather....I hope I can accomplish something!!!!!!!