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Friday, June 14, 2013

Crafty Friday

Friday....already!!!!!  Where did the week go???  Hubby should be home tomorrow and I just started crafting today!!!!!!  Oh well, better late than never right?????
I did think about going to the Handicrafters Guild meeting this morning but by the time I talked to my Dad on the phone, took the dogs out and chatted with a lady walking by who lives close by, it was too late.  I did meet the lady as I was coming out of Curves (Maureen) and she said they have a wind up next week then meet again in September.  I will be sure to start going then if I am able.  So after Curves I thought I'd better get moving....craft-wise.  These were my first creation.  I likely got the idea from Pinterest.  I made 10 of each size:
Then I have some shapes that were cut out of old vintage quilts.  These are my creations so far.  I have another one almost done:

I think they look better in person.  I can make a few more of these and other things similar.

We had a short thunderstorm here this afternoon and a nice rain.  We could use more rain but we can't change the weather so We get what we get.  My friends/family up north are being bombarded with rain so I will not complain!!!!!!

More crafting is on the agenda for tomorrow.  We will see what I can up with then!

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