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Monday, September 30, 2013

Refinish...sort of

Not long ago Hubby helped me make a new cutting table out of a folding table, conduit and a piece of wood.  It worked great although lifting the burlap and finding rulers was a bit of a pain...the rulers wouldn't stay upright.  Not a big deal though.  But then my Dad showed me a picture of a cupboard he got at an auction.  I asked him what he was going to do with it and then asked him dimensions!!  It would work perfectly for a cutting table and it had doors and drawers to hold all my tools and rulers!! He brought it down when he came on the birthday present!  I like rustic but this was a little too rustic for my sewing room.  So today I cleaned it and slapped some chalk paint on.  I'm happy, happy, happy with the results!!!!


It's definitely not a high end piece of furniture....just a little less rustic.  :)

Now to get using it and getting my "sew" on!!!!!  


What a crazy, fun-filled weekend!!  Thursday I rushed around putting my fall decorations out and doing my mantle.  Dad arrived late afternoon and we went to an exhibition game to watch our daughter play hockey that night.  Then Friday Dad went shopping in Nanton (he loves his antiques!  you should see the awesome cupboard he brought me...I have to do some cleaning up first then I'll take a pic)and I got groceries and made supper and we waited for our oldest son and his girlfriend to arrive.  Saturday, three of us went to Okotoks to the vintage/antique market in the morning....I got a few treasures I will have to be sure and take photos of....then all of us went to Lethbridge for another hockey game.  Amy got the game winning goal!!!!!  Sunday was breakfast then the car show.  Dad was shocked at how many cars were in the show.  He rushed around as he wanted to head for home early.  Throughout the weekend were the hot air balloon championships so every morning we saw the balloons take off and fly overhead.
Yesterday a wonderful lady Linda, who owns the quilt shop Patchwork Fabrics in Slave Lake, brought quilts and afghans for the people of High River.  She also brought over 30 packages of "stash" for the quilters who lost all of the contents of their quilt rooms.  She called to tell me she arrived.  I was happy to go meet her as it had been awhile since I saw her.  Well, she surprised me with a quilt!!!!!!!!!  She wanted me to have this particular quilt as it was made with scraps of very old fabric......I'd say vintage....likely cut from old clothes, etc....a lady in Slave Lake had donated them and another made the quilt.  She knew I would appreciate the vintage fabrics and would take care of the quilt!!  I LOVE it!!!!  Linda also gave me a gift from herself....a kit for a table runner, wrapped in matching fabric, for backing as well as a package of quilty cards.  How SWEET!!!!!!!!!!  I was very touched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today our carpenter is here to do trim and put in the doors!!!!!  Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

So now the barrage of photos from the weekend!!!!!!!!!

  Original owner....Rod Stewart!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's a good day when.......

My sewing room is on our third level.  When you come from the bedrooms you step down a couple of steps and then either go down stairs to the main level or go straight into my sewing room.  Yesterday I popped into Chinook Fabrics for jumbo ric rac for a project.  Well, I also came out with focal fabric and a pattern for a table runner.  This morning when I came down the hall from our bedroom I went straight into my sewing room and cut out and sewed the table runner together!!  I still have to quilt and trim it but its a good day when you wake up and sew...even before coffee!!!!!!!

I'm skipping my workout today and will go tomorrow and Friday to get my four in this week.  I'm finding my ankles are hurting a bit.  Time to change shoes I think.

It's drab and cold today but it feels as though the wind is blowing the clouds away and maybe we will get some sun.  The hot air balloon races start today!  I'm excited to see them floating around!!!!!!

Our basement blinds are ordered, our interior doors should be arriving soon and our bathroom vanity today!!  Our carpenter, whom we met last night, is starting on Monday.  It's coming together!!!!!!  The bathroom tile was completed yesterday.....yippee!!!!!  It's a good day when there is progress on the renovations!!!

Family is coming down this weekend!!!!  I can't wait!  A house full and lots of things to take in!!!!!!  A good weekend ahead!!!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013


I forgot to post a picture of the beautiful flowers some of my friends from High Prairie sent me for my birthday!!  I was a wonderful surprise and I am sitting here still enjoying their beauty.

Nothing brightens a persons home more than fresh flowers......I love them!!!!!  
Thanks again Gals!!!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Action Packed Few Days

Since my last post life has been busy..a good busy!!!!  Tile is up in our bathroom...grout happens tomorrow.  Trim has been delivered and hopefully doors early this week.  Blair has a carpenter lined up who is available when we are ready.  I painted trim today:

Not my favorite job but it means progress!!!!!!

We ordered furniture yesterday from the store uptown.  In 2 - 21/2 weeks we should have furniture 
down there......and it should almost be back to normal!!!!!!!!!  I'm so thankful and grateful.  

Friday was my 50th.  And I feel great about it!!!!!!!  I was totally spoiled!!!  My girls bought out Bath and Body Works...I got lotion, candles, scrub, body spray...and they got me a Fossil watch with lots of bling!!!

Our youngest son called and went to The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw and bought me something quilty! He said all the ladies in the shop said he was "the best son ever!"  I won't see his gift until he's done work..maybe a week or so.  My husband REALLY spoiled me!!!!  He said "you only turn 50 once!" and got me more bling. (Please excuse the 50 year old wrinkly hand!!!!)

We ran into Calgary to look at furniture and popped into Pier 1...I will be going back when it's time to decorate!!!  But this mug kept catching my eye and making me laugh so I bought it!!!

The night of my birthday our street had a block party.  What a blast!!!  We even had a live band and they were good!!!!!

Last night we were invited to the neighbors for supper and had awesome bbq'd steak.  I miss having a BBQ and hopefully we can get one one of these days. 

We were given these t-shirts to wear and it was a great celebration of survival.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And it continues......

Things are moving right along with the renos....what will I write about when it's all said and done??  Hahaha. Vinyl plank flooring is complete.  Bathroom floors and tile walls are being started tomorrow...prep work was done today.  Trim and inside doors were ordered today...trim was delivered.  It's primed but I have to paint it...and the doors when they get here.  :-(. Hubby got the name and called a fellow who is able to do the trimming and door hanging next week!!  Our vanity was shipped....I'm not sure how long it will take to get here....hopefully soon!  I'll order furniture this week....likely tomorrow.  It's moving right along.....

I started or restarted an old project today.  It was a rainy, cold day.  I did go to the gym, came home then went to the lumber store with Hubby for the trim.  Then to Okotoks.  When I came home I thought it was perfect weather for stitching...and chili!  This project is a bit hard to continue as I used to take it to the hospital when my Mom was in palliative care.  But I will finish it....hopefully for this Christmas!!

There is a button set for this that are really cool...and expensive.  So it will get finished!!!!  I hope the weather is nicer tomorrow! I need to get stuff done!!!  :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, the vinyl plank flooring isn't quite done.  It's so close!!!!  I think they ran out of glue.  I don't know when the tile guys are coming for the bathroom yet.  Hopefully soon.  Then trim.

We looked at some furniture today.  These are a possibility but in chocolate brown...ignore hubby pretending to sleep!!!  hahaha

If we want it we have to decide will take 2-3 weeks to come in.  I'm hoping we will need it sooner!  Fingers crossed!!!!  But I will be patient.  :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Friends

A little while ago, we were invited out for supper by two great people from our home town.  Willi was a school teacher at our elementary school and Chris was the postmaster....and my boss for almost 8 years!  Wonderful, kind people.  They have been to Amy's hockey games in Calgary when she played last year.  They live in Calgary now, close to their daughters and their families.  Anyway, they wanted to treat us out for supper to celebrate surviving the flood!!  ;)  After messaging on Facebook back and forth we finally found a day that worked for us all....and today was the day.  I've written about the Longview Steakhouse before.....amazing food, great owners.  That is where Willi and Chris took us for supper.  It was, conversation...awesome!!!!!  Then, I was surprised with a delicious dessert, complete with a birthday candle and our table and the one next to us singing Happy Birthday!!!  It's not quite my birthday but it's coming fast!

It was a very nice evening........thank you Chris and very, very much!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was another busy day.  The window guys came and finished trimming the windows on the inside so they are done.  Yippee!  Nice to have even more light, security and no muddy, broken things to look at!!

The floors should be done next week and that will cut down on the dust...I hope.  It is harvest season here and the dust was flying all around from that.  Might not be a rush to dust the house top to bottom!!

My friend Sandy came for a visit yesterday from Red Deer.  We met in college and played on the college badminton team together.  She was my maid of honor at our wedding.  We had a super great visit!!!  Now it's my turn to go see her in Red Deer!!

Blair came home last night so we were off to Okotoks for breakfast, then to Millarville for the market and to Home Depot for a couple of lights for the basement.  Now it's time to cook supper and the cabbage rolls are already's a Ukrainian meal here tonight!!!  Yummo!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today our house was very noisy!!  The windows guys were back to put the door in and add the outside trim to the windows:

The plumber was here banging and drilling putting in the new furnace and the flooring guys were here to start the flooring on the stairs:

While they were all working hard, I was up in my sewing room finishing some UFOs.  I quilted the small little top from a free pattern on POF Mystery quilt.:

Then I sewed the blocks together and finished the top I started at the retreat in June.:

Everyone around here had a productive day!!  Hubby might be home tomorrow night and tomorrow I get a visit from a girlfriend from college....and my maid of honor!  I can't wait to catch up!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We got our windows replaced today.  They still have two days of work left trimming them out, etc. Here is our new big window....I love how it opens up on top.

Tomorrow I will go and get a door knob and lock for the's not in yet.

 Because I got all my chores done yesterday I rewarded myself with sewing today.  I finished my POF Mystery quilt top!!!!!!!!!  I didn't plan it out very well, decided to use the blocks made for the border so I had to get more of the border fabrics I had picked up at Chinook Fabrics last week.

I think it turned out alright though.  I'm glad it's done!

Our floor guys are supposed to be here tomorrow to start on the stairwell then they will be back on Monday afternoon to get the rest of the basement done next week.  It's coming....I need to order the vanity tomorrow too.  I think I should make a list!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Finish

Well, it's late....I wanted to get the binding finished on "my favorite" quilt that I posted a few days ago.  Here it is:

I still love it.....I know it's the fabrics.  A Moda line called Lario.  I can't think of the name of the pattern but it was a free one from Moda Bakeshop.  A person really never has to buy another quilting book or magazine because there is so much online.  My husband says that about cookbooks too!  But I will never stop buying them.  I love the feel of turning pages.

I got new filters for the shop vac and did a first vacuuming in the basement.  I worked out this afternoon at the gym and I'm thinking later on in the day might work better for me.  I go meet my 
coach Shannon tomorrow morning so I will work out in the morning tomorrow then come home and clean.  Haven't heard from the window guys so I will call them in the morning too.

I ran to Okotoks this morning and stopped at Starbucks for my first Pumpkin chai latte!!!!!  They are soooooo good!!!!!!  And I wonder why I'm not losing weight!?!?!?!  I'll have to tell myself that I can 
have only one a week and must workout AND take the dogs for a long walk on the days I do!!!  But 
that was one of two "happy"s today!  The first one was a call from my Great Aunt Leone in 
Ontario!!!!  It was sooooo great to hear from her!  She was wanting to know how we were making out after the flood.  She is the only child left from my grandpas moms dad.  She is going to be 89 I believe she said!  She looks amazing and still drives.  She will be like her mother, my great grandma, who lived to be 104!  I promised to write her letters as she isn't on the computer.  

It was a beautiful day.  ❤❤

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing Sunday

Today was a productive day.  Supper in the crock pot by 10:30 am, painters arrived and rushed through the paint job and were done just after 2 pm....not thrilled with the paint job.  Thinking we need crown molding to cover the mess between the wall and ceiling!!!! And I sewed two bindings on two quilts.  I'm hand stitching the back so only got one completely done today.  Hubby bought me these clips for Christmas and I used them for the first time today...I LOVE them!!!!!


They hold well and are just very handy!!

So yep, my appliqué quilt is completely finished.  Quilted by my friend Kim.  My first hand appliqué border but it won't be my last!!!  I enjoyed this one.  Made 100% from stash fabrics and it hardly made a dent!!!


I love this quilt!!!!  I think it's one of the favorite ones I've ever made.  Once I finish my other binding I will get the borders on my POF Mystery Quilt. 

I was using the shop vac to vacuum up massive amounts of drywall dust tonight and didn't realize, until there was a cloud, that the bag was ripped!!  Needless to say there is drywall dust everywhere including the main floor!  I'll grab another bag on my way to the gym tomorrow and vacuum when I get back.  After it settles I'll clean the rest of the dust!  Renovations.......ugh!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Feels Like Sunday

Today sure felt like Sunday....likely because of the weather.  I did go get a few magazines today.

I LOVE Quilt Sampler!!!!  I dream of the quilt shop I'd love to have.  That is one magazine that I have kept all that I've ever bought and go back and flip through them time and again.  Ahhhh to dream.

I had both of our girls here for supper...of course one lives with us!  LOL. I made a Curves meal of salmon with roasted tomatoes and couscous.  I've never had couscous and it sure didn't look that appetizing but it was quite good with the meal.

There is salmon under that parsley and tomatoes!  LOL.
 Our youngest made banana bread today....yummmmmy! 

So we had tea and banana bread after supper!  Tomorrow I plan on sewing since that didn't happen today.  Fingers crossed!!  Our painters are supposed to come and finish's hoping!!

Drizzle fra-zizzle!

Okay....I made up fra-zizzle....or maybe I'm a rapper!  LOL. Anyway, it's a dreary, drizzly poured this morning and we had thunder and lightening.....ugh.  It was and tomorrow.  Perfect tea drinking day!!!!  I received my new gadget in the mail tea maker, also just a kettle.  So far I LOVE it!  Loose tea goes in the basket, set type of tea, how strong or weak you want it, the water boils to the correct temperature, basket lowers and steeps for the length of time it's supposed to for the tea and strength chosen, then basket rises back up and boom, perfect cup of tea!!!!

Hubby had to go north again and left this morning.  His "girls" are going to miss him!!

LOL. Amy and I will too!!  He is hoping, fingers crossed, that this is his last trip there.  If not, the next one will be short and the last.  I do love control of the remote and sewing all day if I want to but he is nice to have around.  :-)

I have to run to Okotoks and then I do hope to sew today.  I haven't done a thing the last couple of days.  And with this drizzle it's the perfect day to sew!!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Days

Today was the first day back to school for the kids here in High River as well as other towns across Alberta...well, most of the kids here went back to school.  There is still a school closed because of damage from the flood so they are trying to get modular classrooms set up.  Anyway, it dawned on me that this year was the first one in either 19 or 20 years I did not have someone going back to school!  It was weird!!!  Now our eldest daughter is starting make-up school tomorrow in Calgary.  I guess that kind of counts.  :).

Today I went back to Curves and vowed I would get back on track with the workouts and the meal planning.  After exercising I went to Chinook Fabrics and bought binding for my favorite quilt posted yesterday and border fabric for the POF Mystery quilt.  I then came home, took recycling, figured out my meal plan for the week and went grocery shopping.  Washed my vehicle then came home.  I should have kept going and kept sewing but I did no sewing today.  Tomorrow is another day and after working out and cleaning up the house a bit, I will keep sewing.  I'm hoping to get borders on and the binding done.  Fingers crossed!  Our youngest will be home tomorrow but not likely until in the evening and Hubby may also be home but later on as well.  So I will have sewing time!!!!

No painters and no plumber showed up today.  :(. But I did find out our windows will be arriving next week and may be installed Wednesday/Thursday!!!  So that was good news!!!!!!!  Having those in will make things seem another step closer to normal.

All in all, today was a beautiful day.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labour Day

Another quiet day in a quiet house.  And I spent the day sewing once more.  What I can do on my POF mystery quilt is done.....I need to find border fabric.

Warning...this is quilt pic heavy!!  My daughter got home from up north today and brought me three quilts I had there with my friend Marla, the long arm quilter.  Two are complete...binding and all.  My favorite one needs binding and my local quilt shop, Chinook Fabrics, has some yardage in the line I used.

Here's my favorite:

This one isn't my favorite.  Made for possibly my nephew for a very belated grad gift.  My nephew is a hunter.

Then my Halloween quilt.  It's cute and I love those pumpkins on the green fabric!

Marla did a great job with the quilting as usual.  :). 

Tomorrow I go back to Curves....FOR SURE!  I'm not looking forward to it but oh's a MUST!  I will also take recycling, get groceries and buy fabric for borders and binding!!  Fun day!!!  Our daughter should be home Wednesday so I will do some cleaning in the morning.  Hopefully Hubby gets his work done up north and can come home too.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday!

Today was a gorgeous day!!!  Warm, a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky!  I spent some time with the dogs in the back yard cleaning the remaining "flood mud" off the patio furniture.  Hey, it survived the flood of deserves some TLC!!  :-). We sat back there enjoying the afternoon.  I had a nice chat with our neighbor too.  But that was after I sewed in the morning.

The blocks of my POF Mystery quilt are done.  Ready to sew together.  My design wall wasn't big enough though...there is a row of stars on the bottom missing and the set in triangles along the outside.  Maybe tomorrow I will sew it together and decide on a border!