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Monday, September 28, 2015

Lots to Post!

Well, September is coming to a close and what a month it's been.  The start of school (work for me), the start of hockey, a few birthdays, hot air balloon races, the official start of autumn just to name a few of the activities.

School has been going well, but man oh man, I've been hit hard with a cold/flu bug.  I haven't missed a day but sure wish I could get feeling 100% and get my energy back.  If my sinuses aren't killing me, I'm achy head to toe.  I know it has to pass but sooner rather than later would be very much appreciated!

Daughter2's hockey has started.  We went to a couple of games out of town during a tournament in Brooks last weekend.....her (new) team lost in the gold medal match.  That morning they beat Edmonton who had been stomping every team they had played.  Wish the game wasn't so would have been a good one to watch!  While we were driving there we came upon this truck.......quilt block!!!!

That same weekend was my birthday and this weekend all my kids came down!  Daughter2 stayed overnight (and slept on a big bed as opposed to her tiny dorm room bed!), Son1 and his girlfriend and Son2 came from St Albert.  Daughter1 came on Sunday for the day.  It was wonderful having everyone together!!!!!!!!  Daughter2 brought me this yummy fruit bouquet for my birthday...of course everyone helped me eat it!

The weekend was busy as there were the hot air balloon races and the car show.  They said there were 1090 registered cars and more unregistered cars there!  I believe it!  It spread out all through the downtown as well as all through George Lane Park which is a large area itself.  My hips are still killing me from all the walking we did!!!!  I didn't take pictures at the car show but here are two of my favorite balloons......they were so cute!
Hope you can see them....the picture quality is not the greatest.

There was a sale at an antique/giftware place in Okotoks that Jenna and I went to on Saturday.  Picked up a few small things.  I didn't spend much because my big purchase last week was my new toy.  It's an older Juki sewing machine and a HQ frame.....not sure what to call it as it sure isn't a 
long-arm machine!  A short arm?  LOL. I've set it up but haven't used it yet.....I spent the day cleaning and washing bedding after work.  I'll use it for smaller projects (I have a pile!) after I get the hang of it!!!

Last week was our stitching get together at Sues and her cutie dog Daisy loved the quilt I was stitching the binding onto......she made herself very comfortable!

Yesterday while we were all relaxing I was mentioning to Jenna about how dirty my windows were and I was going to get Hubby to help as I don't like walking along the roof to clean the outsides and my arms are too short to clean them all from inside.  Next thing I know she is wanting to wash my windows!  How could I say no??????  I've been admiring them ever since!!!!! 

They are coming down again for Thanksgiving and I can't wait!!!  Loved playing cards and having some laughs with my kiddos!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here We Go!!

Getting ready to start the first full week of work.  Last week was short because of Labor Day Monday.  The rest of the week went well and I caught a cold...of course!  The children I work with are great.  Seems like my job will be relatively easy this year...fingers crossed!!! (I sure hope I didn't just jinx myself!!!!)

I did a very small bit of sewing last week.  A teeny 4.5" of many.  My friend Kim bought me this kit and I LOVE the fabrics!!  I have everything cut to stitch more!

Fall is coming fast and furious!  The leaves are changing, the nights are cooler and we have geese!  
Lots and lots of geese on the lake behind the house!!!  They are here honking usually late afternoon then are gone in the evening........likely filling up their bellys in a field somewhere!

I had plans of sewing again today but then Daughter2 showed up.  I did manage to whip together this little pillow for Halloween....I bought the stenciled burlap off of eBay in 2010!!!!  This literally took me 15 minutes to make!
Why do I procrastinate???????

Daughter1 sent a picture of her and her belly at 22 weeks!  Both little girls are growing!

I'm hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight!  Our little Pixie has had diarrhea the last two nights.....she sleeps with us and needs help getting on and off the bed!  (too much information???) So I didn't sleep well!  (Neither did she!!). Fingers crossed she's better...she seems better but did yesterday too.

Early to bed tonight!!!! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soggy Saturday

Well, it rained All-Day!  I had a leisurely morning and then headed up to the quilt shop to have coffee with Mavis.  Of course I can never leave empty handed.....came home with some flannel for burp cloths.  Thought I may as well get started!!  With what I bought, I made seven....I could have made more if I used the white I bought for the back but this way they are double sided.
I think they will be handy little things!

Coming to bed tonight I flicked the light switch on at the end of the garage and saw this:
See the white stuff on the windshield????  Argh!!!!!!!!  Not yet..please!!!!!!!  I'll be scared to look out in the morning.  I am hoping it will be gone by then!!!!!  I think it will be another good sewing day!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Chilly and Wet...Must Be a Long Weekend!

Well here it is September already!  I've been to work a few days this week but the kids start next Tuesday.  I think I'm ready!!!!  I can't wait really!

I haven't been doing much for sewing but am working on binding the three quilts I got back from Kim.  Here's one done:

The house is quiet right now.  Hubby is up north working and before he left we moved Daughter2 last weekend.  She is in a week early as she is taking an accelerated course this week....she has so much stuff but her place in residence is much nicer than last year:

I took this little one for a walk the other day and she did really well!  When I heard her huffing and puffing too much I would carry her for a bit.  It's raining and COLD here now...and is to last most of the we likely won't get out much.

And this one hasn't left me alone!!!!  He's a pain in the butt especially when I'm sleeping!  Lol!  

No plans for the long weekend but it's most definitely sewing weather....I hope I can accomplish something!!!!!!!