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Sunday, June 30, 2013


It dawned on me yesterday, really hit me, that Friday was to be our daughters...the youngest...grad ceremony and banquet.  The weather would have been absolutely perfect for their outside ceremony and to have family and friends at our home, bbq-ing and enjoying the event for the long weekend.  Wow.  Currently grad has been postponed until August 22nd.  Amy's dress was in a bridal shop downtown High River, but I went in last Wednesday (the day before the flood) to ask the shop owners to please ask the seamstress to return my calls as Amy's dress, purchased there, needed to be hemmed and after leaving several messages, I was not getting an answer back and I needed to get the dress hemmed.  After hearing how swamped their seamstress was I was given a name to another lady in Okotoks.  I called her right from the shop and we were able to go to her house, with the dress and have it measured for hemming!  I consider it a miracle.....her dress is safe and dry in Colleens home in Okotoks rather than destroyed in the flood of the downtown.  Now, in the whole scheme of things, this is a totally, completely minor concern.  But having your town and house destroyed then having your grad postponed (we hope) one of the positives is the dress is safe.  :)

It's still a frustrating situation.  Day by day we are trying not to go insane.  I have a hard time even reading or listening to the progress reports anymore because info reported is either wrong, or it changes, or its vague.  Or it's just frustrating...or idiotic....We have no say, no control whatsoever and as property owners, I'm almost looking forward to getting in and telling any government officials to get off my property!  (And that's not me....I'm usually a nice, kind, considerate person). Our property, our rights and our way of life has been totally violated.  By Mother Nature, the government and even, in some peoples cases,the RCMP.  It's not fair and I find myself in that self pity mode again that I must avoid......because life throws us these damn curve balls and I've survived the ones that have been thrown at me so far.  I can't have this one beat me.  *deep breath*

Here are two media photos taken yesterday.  Looking at them I see our water level has gone down quite a bit in the front.  What I'd give to have my vehicle here instead of in my driveway! I'd love to see if the back is improving.

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