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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clean -up

We were able to go into our house Thursday.  After helping a friends family with their clean-up (and getting 8" of mud out of their basement) then going to other neighborhoods and seeing the mud and mess they had (piles of mud in the yards taken from basements as well as debris) I was expecting the absolute worst in our own basement.  Blair went down first.......he said we were so lucky!!!!  And he was absolutely right!!!!  Maybe an inch of slop on the of course all the "stuff" was toast but there was no thick mud on the floor or yard....just some slop.

Our "crew" arrived Friday morning.  Joan Batycki, two of her friends Deb and Peter, Carla, Maddie, Morgan Nesom, Jesse Perry, McKenzie Kenk (Maddies boyfriend),Jiselle, an electrician from Tarpon where Carla works, Shaylan and her boyfriend Justin.  Later on Greg Nesom came for a bit with "Bob" (I think that's what his name was!).  And they worked and got our basement cleaned out and gutted and the debris hauled away!!!!!!  Amazing!!!!!!!!  And I have (had) stuff.....a lot of stuff!!!!!!  Just my cookbooks alone would have filled a large gravel truck.....okay an exaggeration but I had a ton of cookbooks!  I salvaged a few things....and some quilts.  But the rest is gone......and that's's stuff.  I can replace what I want but I am hoping it will feel "cleansing" to not have so much "stuff".

Yesterday we (well mostly I) had a bit of a slack day.  I cleared the main floor of stuff we rescued from the was strewn all over, as well as Amy's clothes, so now the space is livable.  Once the garage is better and drier some things might be moved out there but for now it's just fine.  Our plumber came yesterday and we may get our hot water tank and boiler next Tuesday or Wednesday!!!!  Hot water again!!!!!!!!  We have power, sewer, gas and TV!!  So we stayed here last night after showering at Shaylan's.  I was awake at 5:30 but had a pretty good sleep.  Hopefully it just gets better...............

The rest of the house seems completely untouched but it is quite humid.  Windows open and fans are going on the main and upper floors and heaters and fans are going in the basement.  Blair put plywood on the window and door so we are enclosed.

So many people are still working on gutting their places.  Blair has done a lot of panel inspections so people can get power.  The neighborhoods look like war zones.  So much debris in piles all over.  But one day it will all look like new again.  Fingers crossed its before the snow flies!

Our lake is getting much lower every day.  In the next day or two I think it will get back to the normal level.  I wonder if they will put the spray on again.........

Today is a sunny calm day.  I can see "my" mountains again!!  We had rain yesterday which washed some mud away but people were hauling stuff out and I'm sure the rain did not make it fun.  Not that it's fun anyway.  Today we are ripping some lower drywall off the garage walls.  The heater is going in there so it's baking will be dry in no time!

Today I will grab a few groceries.   I told Shaylan I would make stir fry for supper.  And I need coffee creamer!!!!!  LOL. I will post some pictures will be a busy day.

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