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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baby Cuddles and A Flat

It's been a week since Lyla made her arrival in our world and she's growing and changing already!  Grandpa will meet her on Tuesday but he's been getting lots of pictures!!  I've been lucky to get lots of cuddles!!!!!  This face!!!
She was making the cutest (and not so cute...but really still cute!) faces while she slept.  I even caught a couple of smiles.  In this next picture she is wearing a sweater MY grandmother (so Lyla's great great grandma) made for her mommy.  I saved a few in various sizes.  :-)

Bright eyed for Grandma!!!!! 

Thursday was a not so fun day for Lyla cuddles and a FLAT TIRE!  Ugh!  Here I am, stranded at Walmart!  I couldn't call my usual Knight in shining armor as he was up north working so roadside assistance....which had expired!  They sent someone anyway and after an hour(!!!....he was having Jack problems, etc) and $80+GST later I was off!

The culprit.......something Hubby uses often.  I'm going to assume it didn't come from my driveway........

Son#1 and Jenna came down this weekend to see their new niece!  Jenna is pregnant with our second grandchild and couldn't wait to get cuddles!!!!  She will be a wonderful mom too.  

Auntie Jenna

Uncle B

We went to see Daughter1 after watching Daughter2 play hockey then we went for supper at Pie Cloud.  We were watching a cooking show that showed chicken and waffles so we found a place that had it on the menu.  Well, I've never had them so that's what I ordered!  Came with syrup and hot sauce...I only used the syrup.  Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside chicken and fluffy waffles!  Glad I tried them!

Dessert was a sweet addiction pie and it was sweet but soooooo yummy!!!!!  We all came home and fell asleep!!  An early bedtime for all of us!  They left this morning and are home safe and sound.  It was great to see them!!!!!!!!!!  Hubby is home tomorrow night so it will be a great week!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My New Love

My beautiful first grandchild has arrived.  She finally came into this world on January 22 at 7:38 am. She was 7 lbs 3oz and 19 1/2" long.  Her name is Lyla Eliabeth Sudar (Elizabeth is my middle name as well) It was love at first sight for me and her parents! In fact  I think those were the first words my daughter said "I love her!" as she was laid on her chest.  I was there for the delivery and was given the honor of cutting the cord (after squeamish Daddy declined). It was an amazing and awesome experience that words truly cannot describe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really didn't think I could feel as much love for another baby as much as I felt for my own.....but I was wrong.  Being a grandparent is going to be FUN!!!!!  And to think we will be blessed with another one at the end of June!!!  I am in dreamland!!!!!!

Her first photo taken moments after she was born:

Finally able to hold her!! (Don't judge the lack of makeup. Teehee. 😆 It was a long night!):

Daughter2 has a dog named Gordon whom I babysat while she was in pre-labor and labor.  He gets along great with our dogs so it really was no problem.  Yesterday they stopped in before heading for home.  I think Gordon loves this new addition.....Daughter2 says he's all concerned when Lyla makes even makes a noise!
Here is when Mom came to pick him up....he's not really sad!  Lyla had kisses!!

I have had so many congratulation wishes from friends and family (except my one cousin whom I still haven't heard from..... hurts me deeply). My friend Kim even sent ME flowers!!!!!!  I truly am blessed in so many ways.  My life is not perfect but I don't think there is anything I would change.  I know I am so lucky.

More pictures:

One day I will catch up on my you get older I think it takes longer!!!!  But who was all sooooooo worth it!!!!  Now to finish quilt 2 for baby Lyla!

Friday, January 8, 2016


A full week of work....the week after Christmas vacation and messed up schedules and over!  I think it was a tough week not only for staff but for the kids too!  I'm sure next week will be better and my energy level will increase!  It's been cold here especially today!  Foggy, frosty and -22C right now, which for down here in southern Alberta is chilly!  It isn't supposed to stay, which is typical, thank goodness!  I walked to work this morning and I managed okay but got a ride from a co-worker after work.  I'm surprised this little monkey went outside!

Oh yes, and yesterday we got a ton of snow!  The driveway was shoveled 4 times.  I did our neighbors too as I don't think they are home and nothing says "no one is here!" like an uncleared driveway after a good dump of snow!  Hubby is home again on Monday so he will likely get the quad out and clear the street unless it's melted by then!  Hahaha! (We are to get to above 0 by Tuesday!)

I was trying to motivate myself to get something, anything, done in my sewing room this afternoon.  I went up, turned the fireplace on, had a coffee and there I sat.  Cleaned out my sewing machine and changed the needle, and sat some more.  Nothing accomplished!  I can't find my quilting/sewing mo-jo!!!!!!

I hung up my new calendar the other day:


No hockey this weekend so I need to get something grandbaby yet either!!!!!!!  It will arrive when it's ready!  I can't wait!  

Okay, I will end this boring post!  Maybe I will have something exciting to show you soon!