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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Busy Day!!

Let me get caught up on the questions of the day...behind as usual!!
Yesterday was "tomorrow I will ___________". Well, my answer would have been go to work, have fun, then workout!  And I did!!!!
Today's question was "What was your last major purchase?"  How major is major?  A house?  A car? Furniture?  Likely for me, personally...and most recent was my Brother Scan and Cut (which I haven't played with yet!!!).

Today was a busy, busy day at the quilt shop!  The time FLEW by!!!!!!!!!!  It was great!  I took some pics of some new fabric:

Some of Little Black Dress 2


Primitive Gatherings Floral Shirtings

Some lovely brights!  The Gerbera Daisies are cute!

It is sooooo hard to leave without one of everything!!!!!!  But I showed my neighbor Deb my kits cupboard last night........I will always remember the look on her face!!!  Hahahahahaha!  (Deb the quilter who buys only what she needs for one-project-at-a-time!). I will not live long enough to make everything I have...already...without adding to it!  So I remind myself of that every work day!

Bed time now and house cleaning tomorrow!  I think our Jare-Bear is coming home this weekend for a couple of I won't clean too deeply!  ;). And of course it's hockey this weekend!  I sure hope I get to visit with Kim on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her daughter will be in Calgary for a game.  :). A great weekend ahead...but work Friday first!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Today at work I got to put out fabric and do some arranging!  Silly me, did not take any pictures!!!!  I will on Wednesday!  Black Dress 2 arrived......LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!  We also got yardage for Piecemaker!  I have a charm pack and will decide soon what I will make with it!  We also got in some Kansas Troubles Favs II jelly rolls and yardage.  It was a busy, yummy day!!!!!!!!!!

Today's question is "How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went?"  Easy, I went after work and spend $53.18. I have to get more groceries tomorrow but that got us through supper and some fruit.

Since I forgot to take photos at the store I'll post this.......true, true, true.

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yesterday's question was "What is the temperature outside?"  An easy question to answer...straight forward.  But I couldn't tell you what it was during the day.  Our outside thermometer reader thingy was submerged during the flood so doesn't work...we haven't replaced it yet.  And I didn't go outside yesterday.....I checked emails, went on the treadmill, did some cleaning, showered then sat.....but I went with Hubby to Calgary to pick up A from the hockey bus and it was cold!!!!!!  -14C!  I had heard it was to drop...significantly!  Well, it did!

This weekend, in our hometown, a girl my oldest kids know, was having a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  She is fighting a rare form of cancer found mostly in young children....and she's in her 20s.  Anyway, besides a silent auction and just donations, they were taking money via an auction for people getting their heads "buzzed". Here are my Dad and our two sons....J didn't raise enough to shave his beard!!!!!  I think this set of three made almost $1000!  Our eldest also had a mustache he couldn't wait to get rid of!! (You can see it in the family Christmas photo in a previous post)

It was a great turnout apparently which raised around $30,000!!!

I'm off to work to fondle fabric....ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yesterday's post was delayed due to hockey.  Our daughter had a game in Banff and we brought one of her teammates with us as well.  Not sure I could live "in" the mountains but they are beautiful to look at close up.  It was a late night so yesterday's question will be answered today.

"What are you looking for from life?"  Wowzers....heavy!  Hahahahahaha Does anyone have a real idea?  I mean, I suppose we get only one shot at it so wasting days/weeks/months/years is something you don't get back.  I want to be a good be remembered as such.  I want to enjoy as best I doesn't interest me as much as some.  I love my home and spending time here.  I guess looking for happiness is key.  Happy with what I do, happy with who I spend my life with, happy with how I treat people...those known to me and those I just come in contact with.  Maybe I'll be lucky to have an influence on someone.  A lady came into the store this week and looked at me and said "I know you."  Well, she didn't really look familiar to me but she asked me questions, the answers were "no" and said "well, you must have a twin". We laughed and I said that they say everyone does.  But she kept staring at me...finally she asked where I moved from and when I told her she said "that's it!!!"  They lived in my hometown 20+ years ago???  Her husband was an RCMP.  So I laughed and said I worked at the Post she didn't think she remembered me from there.  Finally I told her the Treasury Branch and she said that was it!!!!  We laughed but then she said she recognized me by my smile and laugh!!!  I was kind of touched by be remembered after all those years!  So to be remembered (for good things!) would be a good thing to get out of life.

Sorry for the long post.....but there's more!  Haha. :)

Today's question is: "What is your favorite thing to drink?"  Wow, so much less thought provoking!!! I have a Keurig machine and loved my chai lattes as they reminded me of my friend Erica and working in her store.  But then I bought these last fall!
I bought them at the Bulk Barn and of course they don't have them anymore...but you can bet I will look for them next fall!!!  Soooooooo yummy!!!  I ration them as I only have a few left!  I still like my chai lattes, especially for the memories.  :)

When I took this picture I thought of that old Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other...."  

Hahaha. They do blend nicely!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today's question is "What made today unusual?"  I'm trying to think of anything unusual that happened today...Hubby made supper but that's not too unusual.  :). Work went well and time flew again!  It was fairly busy too so that was nice.  I'm not sure when I work next week.

It's a hockey weekend this weekend...Banff tomorrow night, Calgary Saturday afternoon, then on Sunday we are off to Medicine Hat!  No sewing will be done this weekend.  Curves tomorrow is a must and maybe clean some floors.

Another beautiful sunset tonight

And it was a great mail day!!!  One of my most favorite magazines!!!  I usually want to make every project in it!!

Okay, I'm falling asleep typing!!!!!!  Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The question for today is "Tomorrow will be better because______". Well, today was pretty darn good!!!  I went to "work" at the quilt shop, went to Curves, came home, made supper then Hubby came home!  Tomorrow will be better because I will take my Disappearing pinwheel quilt to work on.  I will be teaching the class at the quilt shop and need the top done so I'll try and work on it between customers.  Today wasn't very busy but things got done!

Hubby is home and his "girls" are happy!  One on top and one by his legs.  Sorry for the grainy cell phone pic.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today I was hoping to sew....but I did a bit of tidying up....more is filing a bunch of patterns and sorting some embroidery floss.
I seemed to want to avoid sewing.  Then off to get groceries.  Fridge is full...then supper is made and then off to do more shopping in Okotoks.  Getting home, putting stuff away, emptying dishwasher, making my lunch for tomorrow.....and still no sewing.  Hubby will be home tomorrow evening.  Oh well.....there will be another day!  

Yesterday I finally washed the 4 Runner.  It was busy at the car wash and the line up was long.

There were likely 4 more vehicles behind the one showing in my rear view mirror!  But the wheels are clean...for now.  I'm sure it won't last long!!

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny!!  I've been good so far but there are a couple of things I might purchase tomorrow.....I'll post pictures on tomorrow's post if I do.

Today's question is "Today I wish I had more___________". Hmmmm, 'motivation' comes to mind...again!!!!  That darn quilt top would have been done!!  Hahaha

Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, I did it.  Went to my coach meeting and had a workout....only the second one of the month.  Bad, bad, bad!!!!!  But I vow to get my three workouts in this week!  This will be a test!!  Fingers crossed as one will be after work on Wednesday!

I have yet to sew.....that is the plan, breakfast, ready, set, sew!  I very much wanted to take my quilt top into the store when I work Wednesday.  It's a class I will be teaching.  I'm hoping!  But I also have to get groceries tomorrow.  I should have tried to fit it in the last few days!  This weekend is hockey, hockey, hockey (really...three games) so there won't be time there.  Boo!

The question for today is:" What is the hardest thing you're dealing with?"  There are several things.....I think my number one struggle is motivation to get to Curves and lose weight following the meal plans.  I struggle with being more productive every day and not procrastinating.  Nothing major and for that I am illnesses or diseases.  No problems with the kids or my relationship with Hubby.  Being a bit overweight is minor.  One day I will find my "mojo" and be successful!  As far as my daily production or lack thereof....I need to make my to-do lists again!

Tonight the sunset was beautiful and this picture from my iPad does not do it justice.  With my eyes, I can see the mountains clearly against the oranges and reds of the sunset but not so much in this picture.  I took a few with my camera but I haven't got them on the computer yet.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another beautiful day.....

My Sunday has been very nice.  Deb and I went for a long 4.5 mile walk although we could have worn our skates and skated here and there.  Deb actually fell today, luckily she didn't hurt herself!  We have to find those traction things for our shoes.  We saw a couple of runners with them....if they can run on that ice with them, we could walk!

I washed bedding and laundry today so we all have nice clean sheets to sleep in tonight...ahhhh!  One of life's luxuries!  Hahaha!  I didn't really do much more.  I didn't sew, which was my original plan, but hopefully I will get at that tomorrow.

I'm signing up to do a Skinny Pincushion Swap.  Here's the link:

I think it will be fun...simple design so no stress!!!  It's been years since I've been in a swap.  Sometimes they work...sometimes they don't.  Fingers crossed this is a good one!

The dogs had fun outside this afternoon...even our tiny Pixie!
  She had a big nap afterwards!  

Today's question is :"My current favorite website is______________________."
A tough one.  I love a lot of the blogs I follow.  I love Pinterest...who doesn't??  Facebook frustrates me.  Are they considered websites?  There a lot of websites with a ton of quilting patterns, etc for free.  The Missouri Star Quilt Co has fantastic video tutorials!!  There are a ton of good websites out there!

Well the noise has begun....A is home from a hockey weekend away!!!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


So it's really been awhile since my last post....whoops!  My question/photo of the day is way behind too....I'll try to do the questions as best as I can.
10. What made you smile today?  Well, I had an appointment with Ms Morgan which always makes my day....besides a haircut and color we always have a nice visit!  Then Hubby, A, a teammate and I were off to St Albert.  We checked in and went for a nice supper then a stop into Chapters for a latte, some new quilty magazines.  All of which made me smile!
11.  What's your favorite accessory?  Hmmmmm as many necklaces and other jewelry I have, I don't wear much.  My wedding ring(s)?  My great grandmothers family ring?  Scarves?  I don't know!!!  Love them all.
12.  What is making you mad?  On this day I was finally un-decorating from Christmas and likely not having enough hours in the day or energy to deal with the mess it left!  Hahaha
13.  What did you have for dinner today?  I think Amy made tacos that night...or did Shaylan make apricot chicken?  Yes, I think it was the chicken...yummmm.
14.  What did you get done?  On this day...not much.  I had the flu!!!!!  I did manage to get the binding sewn on this sample for the store but that's about it!
  It's a little Patchability pattern.
15.  Who last called you on the phone?  I would say Hubby.  He left for up north and called when he arrived.
16.  Who are you in love with?  My Hubby of course!!!!!!  And my kids!  <3.          
17.  What are you grateful for?  I truly have so much to be thankful for.  I've mentioned my Hubby and kids before...our health and love.  I'm grateful for my neighbors.  I'm grateful for the ability to keep food in the fridge, clothes on our backs, a house to call home.  I'm grateful for my little part time job and the fact it was the result of a hobby and passion I love.  It all sounds a bit corny but it's all true.  :)
18.  The best part of today was______________________?   The great visits with my neighbor gals!!!!  First off coffee here and a great visit!!!  Then because it was such a beautiful day, sangria on my neighbor Debs deck!!!!  We should have started about an hour or so earlier though!  The start:

And then 10 minutes later...when the sun went a bit farther over and behind a cloud:

Oh we laughed....then moved inside!  Deb and I wore capris!  January 18th!  It was comfortable when the sun was beating down! Hahaha. The wind has picked up so who knows what it will blow in.  

I might try the photos next month!  Hahaha. I'm too far behind with those!  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A bit behind!

I went to blog last night and forgot all about it!  Man, this having a job thing is tiring!!!!!
Let's get this question thing out of the way first.....yesterday's question was "what is the last"good" thing you ate?"  I'd have to say Christmas supper.  I love turkey, stuffing and all that stuff.  Jenna's cabbage rolls and those rolled crepe things I can't spell the name of!  Yummmmmmm.  Today's question, keeping with the food theme is "what is your current favorite snack?"  I have too many, as the scale would attest to!  I love ripple chips and onion dip.  I love licorice.  Anything chocolate (of course) and even grapes.  One favorite.....I don't have just one.

I'm kind of failing at my photos too.  Yesterday was to be a pic of my lunch....well, I didn't check the photo until in the evening and so never thought about taking a picture of my chefs salad I made and brought from home.  Today was to be a picture of my shoes.....maybe tomorrow!

Work today was fun...we decided on some classes to do and will be working on the class schedule soon.  I have a Valentines Patchability to make for a store sample and maybe a monthly "club".  Next week I will work on photos and some Facebook updates for the store.

Nails done after work today, hair tomorrow morning.  Then we are off to Ft Saskatchewan.  I didn't sleep well last night and am falling asleep while writing this!!!!!!!!!  More another day!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today was my first day of work at Chinook Fabrics here in High was fun!!  The day flew by!!  They/we are still getting the place in order and it will take awhile but it will come.  Now to get some classes organized and get people in there!!  There are a ton of layer cakes in the store so I showed them the picture of the blocks I just made and that may be a class....I just have to finish the quilt!!

Today's question is " Can people change?"  I believe they can.....IF they want to.  I think if you are strong mentally, anything is possible.  But the desire has to be there.

The photo of the day is of my phone.  I took it of my cell phone with my iPad and it's not very clear but here it is!

Exciting eh?  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I came home to supper being prepared by Hubby...ahhhhhh and I wanted nothing more than to put my feet up all evening but Deb and I walked around the lakes.  My new App "mapmywalk" is pretty cool.  It's two miles around the lakes and it tells you how many calories burned.  I currently have over 9500 steps on my pedometer.  I will go to Curves tomorrow after work even though I haven't got organized with the meal plan yet!  Didn't have much time to eat today but managed to not faint!  I'm sure I ate enough!  Mavis and I hope to get a lot accomplished tomorrow, especially setting up the classroom!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Well, today the holidays are officially over.  I heard the kids at school playing at recess.  Back to work for the teachers on my street too. And back to Curves for me!!!!  It felt good to sweat!

I've missed yesterday with the question and the picture.  Yesterday's question was "What was the last major accomplishment you had?"  Yikes!  I don't really know!  An accomplishment....hmmmm.  Quilting-wise it could be the hand appliqu├ęd project I made or the finish of the POF Mystery Quilt.  Other then that I'm not sure.  These questions are hard!!!!!  I have 360 to go?!?!

Yesterday's picture was "a cup you drank from today".

Today's question was "What possession could you not live without?"  Hmmmmmm. iPad, sewing many things I could think of!!!!

The picture was of someone who inspires me.......inspires me.......I really couldn't think of anyone today.   

I did do some sewing today......I got the big blocks done for the quilt I started last week.

I still need to finalize the order but they were fun and easy!!!  I have to make smaller pinwheel blocks for a border but it will have to wait.......I go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!  I'll have lots to report I'm sure!

Amy was chosen for the south all-star team in her league and plays in Ft Saskatchewan on Saturday!!!!  We are soooo proud of her!  A rookie and an all-star!  Awesome!!!!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today's questions is "what is your best memory of last year?"  I've read this question and focused on the best...and I have a few!  It's hard to remember anything before the flood.  So here are a few of my best memories......the rodeo parade (BF..before flood) in May.  It was awesome....lots of marching bands great floats and we got to watch it with the Perry's.  Great visit with Carey and Diane....every visit with them last year was great!  Then the day Morgan took me to the quilt shop in Coaldale while we were evacuated.  Man, that was just what I needed!!!!! Next was the fireworks we watched outside our motel room in Claresholm for July 1st.  It was a bit of "bright" after almost two weeks of 'captivity'!!  LoL.  Then clean-up and having the amazing crew we had!!!!!!  No words could express the gratitude!  During the whole clean-up process, for days, complete strangers coming and offering food and water.  Made our hearts so full of thanks.  We got to know our neighbors better and the Block Party (on my birthday) was a great memory too!!  Amy's grad was another 'best' memory.  She looked beautiful and the whole family was here.  A proud moment...and our last Highschool graduate!  Chris and Willi taking us to the Longview Steakhouse to celebrate surviving the flood.  Another fantastic visit (as always)!  I'm sure I'm forgetting many many "best" memories............

My photo was to be "something that stresses me out"....hahaha. I should have taken a picture of the ref at Amy's game tonight!  Or if the house was a mess I could have taken a picture of that.  But I have no stress pictures!

My neighbor and I went into Okotoks to Rumpled Quiltskins.  They had a sale on today...20% off if paying with cash or debit.  Well, I didn't need anything.  I went with her because she was looking for something for her grand baby arriving in April...a girl!  Anyway, I picked up a couple of small things and then I saw this!

I cannot wait to play with this!!!!!!  They are having a class on Tuesday for those of us who bought one....a how-to session.  Then once a month they will have a "club" and we meet to learn more and share things we have done.
I've been continuing with my sewing and will post a picture tomorrow of the blocks I have done.  We have another hockey game to go to first.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Today's question is "Are you content?"  My answer, in one word would be "yes!"  I have a fantastic husband, great kids and those material things like a beautiful home, etc. As I sit here in my sewing room surrounded by my passion I am very content!!!! Have I found my life's purpose yet?  Nope, I don't think so.  One day I will find it.  :-). But for now, I am content.

My photo today was of something I collect......because quilting is my hobby and, well, obsession, I collect quilting "stuff"....books, patterns, kits and fabric!  Here is a picture of a portion of my 'collection'. The one thing about fabric, etc is that is that it never goes bad.....but there's always something new and pretty and yummy........

I didn't want to overload this post with photos...which I certainly could have, with all things quilty!! I started a new project today but with fabric I already had...and I can finish it with fabric I already have so it's a good start to using up my stuff and having "less"!

It's from the Missouri Quilt Co.  They have fantastic videos that make these projects looks so easy!  I'm having fun sewing today!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year!

Even though today is the second (already) I am going to combine two days into one.....and hopefully this doesn't happen often.
When I started this blog it was more or less to let people I know and family what was going on in my life.  I didn't want to do that on Facebook.  I laugh at my 10 of whom is me!....but I know of some people who read my blog but haven't signed up to be one of my official followers.  My life is not exciting so there are days, and often times a week, that will go by without a post.  I was searching Smash Book ideas on Pinterest and came across a blog on which were for each month, with a question a day and therefore 365 questions.  They were intended for scrapbooking or journaling but that's kind of what my blog is to online journal (although I still have a hand written journal with less entries but where I really vent if I need to, or express sadness, etc).  So I thought it would be fun to answer a question every day for 365 days as a way to post to my blog daily.  Of course I will continue to add "my life" to the blog and really hope I have a ton of quilty and crafty things to share throughout 2014.
January 1sts question was "What is my number one goal this year?"......I have so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess my answer would be to purge....which not only includes material things but also anything that makes me sad, frustrated or disappointed.  I like to be an organized person by nature and too many material things sometimes hinders that goal.  I've also let relationships with friends and even family members bring me down, frustrate and disappoint me so I will work on letting those go or improving them, depending on the effort of the people involved.  I need to stop beating myself up over those who don't want to return the effort.  Which kind of leads into todays question:  "What am I most grateful for?"  Of course number one are my husband and kids.....and our good health!  I don't know what I would do without each of them in my life!  When you move to a strange town it's amazing how much you lean on each other because that's all you have!  I'm grateful for our home and for it being sturdy and strong and cozy and warm and our pets who make us laugh and cuddle.  I'm grateful for my many hobbies which lead to meeting new people and giving me a creative outlet.  I'm grateful for still having my Dad.  I'm grateful for the friends new and old and family that will text, FB message or email me if they haven't heard from me in awhile or the one that emails almost daily. ;)  I'm grateful for those people who meet us at Amy's hockey games to cheer her on.  I'm grateful for our neighbors who are becoming good friends.  It seems as though I have a lot to be grateful for....and I do.
Now to make this post even longer I also found in my search, a list for a 30 Day Photo Challenge.  Yesterday was "Anything, Whatever I Want" so I took this I'm using my cell phone for the most part.....maybe one day I'll take the online photography course I bought last year!!

Now this poinsettia isn't pink....more yellow centers with red..see I need my camera.  But I love it's 
beauty and I know it won't look as beautiful for long.

Today's photo is "Something That Makes Me Smile" many things!!!!!!!  I guess I'll repost this picture from Christmas:

My family. <3

This post has gone on long enough!!!!!!  Until tomorrow.........