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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

Warning, this is a photo heavy post!!!!

First off, Happy Fathers Day to my Dad.  He's creative, abit of a hoarder (I'm working on nagging him enough that he might start doing something about that, right Dad??), a caring-about-his-community kind of guy and loves his family.  He's always been a family guy.  He's also doing very well without my mom.  I'm proud of him.
Here's an oldie.  My brother Steven was a cutie back then!!!  hahaha. I'm the one in the red dress on the edge.  Not sure where my brother Craig is.  Christmas in the '60s.

Now for the father of my children.  My Hubby is a wonderful Dad!  He has always been.  He worries about all of our children, even now they are all officially adults...and always has.  He cares for our kids very, very much! He's a great Dad!!!!
Some oldies:
Riding with Jaret (who's sound asleep), on Grandpas cat.

After Amy has done his hair...see the barretts and ponytail on top??

Brandyn sitting with his dad looking zoned out from the hand held video game

Letting Shaylan do his make-up!
He's a FANTASTIC dad!!!! 
Happy Fathers Day to the two most amazing men in my life!!!!!  I love you lots!!!!

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