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Saturday, June 25, 2016


I was just sitting here, on my lap top, thinking about all the books I have that I would love to read.  Lots of blogs are talking about summer reading lists so it got me thinking.  I used to read Sue Grafton books in the summer while the kids played/swam in the dugout.  I have a few on my bookshelf to read and more to catch up with.  I spend WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on this thing!  I have hand stitching I could be doing, lots of sewing to do (I messed up the quilting on my grandsons quilt to the point I think I have to make a new one.....this one can stay here at Grandma and Grandpas......UGH!), and well, a ton of books to read!  But a lot of my time is wasted on here.....looking at Facebook, looking at Instagram, Pinterest, and reading emails which are mostly from blogs I follow.  Nothing is exciting enough to waste so much of my time on (unless its an email or text message from friends).  Can I do it?  Can I limit my time on here??  I'd have to put it away somewhere....almost hide it!  I need to only allow myself to be on here for a certain amount of time a day.  But what if I miss a text message?  I love text message conversations between friends and family!  I guess I will just have to try and survive!   So, once I am done work next Wednesday, I am going to figure out a schedule and start on Thursday........and find what book I will start first!  Here's to a productive summer!!!!!!

 The first student gift I have received.  What a cute idea!!!  Mom must be super creative or on Pinterest!  LOL  Maybe both!!!

Hubby got home last night and has been taking care of me.  I didn't think I coughed much last night...he said I did.  :(  This has to end one of these head hurts from coughing....argh.  I still have to get through a few more days of work...and I will soon have a grandson to meet!   I want to be healthy!

I can't believe I'm watching football on tv right now (A:  how BORING but B: there is nothing on tv!)  Summer has just arrived and it seems like it should be a fall sport.  At least hockey is over!  Ah summer........  :oD

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Five Months

Well, this little cutie patootie is five months old......already!!!!!!!!!!  Her Mommy took this picture while she was wiggling and scootching herself from her play mat to the couch.  It won't be long before she is crawling!  

Only three more school days with the kiddos, one morning of packing up the classroom and then we are free!!  I am ready....have I said that already?  Several times?  Oops!  

Jenna had a Dr appointment today and nothing has changed.....she wants her little one to hold off for another week......I know he will come when he's ready whether they are or not.  :o)   I do want to be done work so I can leave at a moments notice!  So he can wait for a bit.  ;o)

Hubby is almost done work up north and will be home either tomorrow or Saturday and is off to the new job Tuesday.  It will so nice having him closer....2 hours away as opposed to 7.5!!  

Still have my blasted cough...its a dry one that chokes me when I have a coughing fit!  Grrrrr.  I did sleep a tiny bit better last night (basically sitting up) but I had had four nights of coughing....all....night....long.  I took nighttime cough and cold pill medicine...nothing.  I took nighttime dry cough liquid help.  I had the humidifier right by my bed one night....nope, didn't help.  I sure hope it gets a lot better before Hubby gets here....I don't want to have to sleep on the couch!  LOL!

Got the grass mowed after work today then met my friend Mavis for coffee at Tim Hortons and had a great visit.  We have to do it more often.  Lots of things I have to fit into life more often.........

I think I will go up to my sewing room and see if anything inspires maybe quilting a baby quilt??  Yikes!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chillaxing Saturday!

After waking up coughing my head off at 2:30 this morning, I realized I didn't have any cold medicine.  I had heard about putting Vicks on the bottom on your feet and it will stop the coughing......well, I did and I did not cough again!  Coincidence??  Who cares!  I was able to fall back to sleep!!!!  Today I actually feel almost human...first time all week!  Still coughing but I am prepared now after a trip to the drug store!

Before going to bed last night, I checked my FB....I had a message from my friend Pam (who I will reply to right away!) and another one from an auction I had won on Thursday.  I thought I won it but didn't think I was sent a message by the seller who said she had sent messages that night....weird that it showed up last night but was sent Thursday.....Lonnnnnnnng story short, I had 'won' a hammock with stand!  After a relaxing morning in my pjs until around 10:30, I went into Okotoks to pick up my hammock!  Grabbed a few more things while in town then headed for home to put the hammock was easy peasy!!  

The weather started changing...cloudy and looked like rain might be coming in, so I didn't stay out long.  But I hope to have a lot of time to enjoy it this summer!!

We currently have three families of geese on our lake.  There's a family with five 'babies', a family with four 'toddlers' and a family with two 'teenagers'.  Its funny how they all stick together.....following one another from one shore to the next.  I caught a pic of them all swimming by....toddlers on the left, babies in the middle and teenagers to the right...all with their parents of course.  We also have a lone goose this sad. :o(  He/she was hanging out the top of the pic.

Then there were these noisy creatures!!!!  I was going to let the dogs out to chase them as they were looking way too comfortable in our backyard but then someone walked by on the trail and they flew off.  Damn magpies!

My next door neighbour Maureen shared some of her garden flowers with me.....aren't they pretty??  I also received more roses.  Nothing brightens up the place like fresh flowers!

Our grandson has been growing for 39 weeks this coming Tuesday and Jenna is officially on maternity leave.  All I thought about when I was sick (even now with this cold!) was how she couldn't have him quite yet!!  Oh I can't wait!!!!  I remember not long ago thinking how I was so ready to be a grandmother....even though I didn't think any of our children were planning on becoming parents any time soon....and bam TWO in one year!!!!!  How blessed we are!!!!!!  Its hard to believe it at times and I am so grateful! (now to get that quilt quilted!!!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My View

This is my view today.  Yesterday I didn't stay in bed....I find it hard to do that once I'm up.  I tried to get ready for work this morning.....while making my lunch I realized my stomach cramps meant something and decided I wasn't going to try and spend the day running to the bathroom.  I can't be responsible for spreading germs to the little ones anyway. today will be spent mostly in bed......

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June Glorious June

June means a lot of things, including the first official day of summer, but to me it means the end of the school year and this year, my new grandson arrives (unless he waits until July!)!!!!  I am so ready for both events!  

I am home sick today....last week Hubby was home and it was a crazy week both physically and mentally and I think when I let myself get run down I catch whatever bug is going around school.  So I took a day to recoup and relax and get well.

My next Cotton Crates box arrived.  I love these fat quarters but have to decide if I am going to continue getting them as I haven't done anything with the two previous boxes and I do NOT need to keep adding to my stash!  In fact, I think I will be doing another kit purge and have a sale (or two) again.  I seemed to be starting new projects that aren't tucked away in my cupboard!

Thought I had better get making my new baby some burp cloths.  His quilt isn't quilted yet but he will need these first anyway.  So easy to make!

And of course my blog post wouldn't be complete without a pic of my girl.  She is enjoying my rendition of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" !!  She's so fun and (mostly) smiley!!!  I love her to bits!! 

Off to put my feet up and take some cold medicine.  Its a drab and windy day today........