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Monday, June 30, 2014


Happy Monday!  Wish the sun would shine.....I work today so it won't matter.

I finished stitching block #3 on my snowman stitchery quilt.  Here is it put together as the first row.

I'm almost done block #4.  
Canada Day tomorrow and it will be our first time here in High River.  Last year we watched fireworks from our room at the Lazy J motel in Claresholm.  There are activities during the day at the recently opened George Lane Park but the fireworks will be at Emerson Lake just next to our lake so we should be able to watch them from our backyard!!!  Wouldn't it be nice to sit in this with a fire watching the fireworks????

Not sure we have the room in our backyard but I think it's cool!!!!!!!!
Two of my quilty pals from up north are coming down this week on their way to Montana!  Then on the weekend another couple, friends of ours, from HP will be here.  Let the summer begin!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

No Mug Monday

I think I'm running out of mugs with any kind of story to tell.  I could likely dig in the back of the cupboards but I'm thinking I might move on......I'll think of a different theme for future posts.

This past week was usual cleaning routine and some sewing.....before work Thursday and Friday.  Here are two finishes for me.  A queen sized Wicked Easy top:
A Crazy Eight's a small one and an old kit I'd had around for awhile:

Work was CRAZY busy for me....both days I was putting out new stock and on Friday we put out a ton of new Christmas fabric!!!!!!!!  I think Lucie realized she had....a lot!  So I rearranged the "Christmas/Fall/ Red Dot room a bit and got the fabric out and cut panels....lots of panels!  Shannon had to cut more on Saturday:

Friday night was the anniversary of the flood and my crazy neighbors planned a block party!  It was a blast as usual!!!!  The live band, Haggis, was even better than the band last year.  The weather held off....there was a lot of lightening to the north.....and it was so fun!!!!!!  Here are a few pictures including one of the sunset (ignore the power lines!  LOL). Now onto a new week!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Monsoon June....I guess that's what June is called down here.  I can see why!!  Friday is the one year anniversary of our big flood and with the rain comes panic!  Areas south of us (on a different river system) are having flooding or warnings but so far we are good.  Only one area of High River is on flood watch but it's an area of town that is to be returned to a natural state for just this one should have been allowed to build there without measures taken to protect them from the river.  Anyway we are fine.  It is nice weather for ducks!!  These little dots on the water are a mommy duck and her 9 babies!  So cute watching them bob and dunk.

I finished block #2 of the wool BOM.  I will pick up block 3 tomorrow at work.

Last night I was invited to my friend Sues beautiful home for our bi-weekly stitching club.  We've decided to stop meeting for the summer, at the cold church room, but Sue and I decided to keep going when we can.  Needless to say there was not much stitching going on!!!  We did a lot of chatting, she had made a yummy chocolate cake and these two friendly pals kept me company too!

That comfie chair is in Sues sewing room....ahhhhh cozy and surrounded by quilty goodness!  Felt like I'd died and gone to Heaven!  Wish I could fit a chair in my room........

I do hope to spend time in my sewing room's the perfect weather for it!  I also need to do some tomorrow and Friday and then our street party Friday night....the weather is supposed to cooperate!  Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Four Legged Cuties

Before I get to Monday Mug Memories I want to show you these pics of our three dogs.  They love to wrap themselves up in blankets and every dog bed has one.  But these were taken on my daughters bed, infact she compiled these ones.

I could have stayed in bed this morning wrapped in my blankets too!!!  But I have my cleaning to do!  This weekend ALL FOUR of the kids were around!!!!!!!  Our son B and his girlfriend came down from St Albert with our "grand dog" Lela and her new haircut!  But while we were out at the Millarville Market on Saturday our other son,J,surprised us!! He was rained out at work in Saskatchewan.  It was sooooooo awesome having everyone here!!!!!  I was a bit teary eyed when they left yesterday.  **sigh**

So onto the mug.  I bought this one online one year...I got all my pals a quilty-type mug and this is the one I got for me.  It's too small for my morning coffee but I use it for tea.  The mug says it all!!!

I'm making progress on the second block of my wool BOM.  I am going to go to my friend Sues tomorrow for stitching as the group is taking a break over the summer.  If I am finished that one I will bring my snowman stitchery!  I do enjoy sitting and stitching!!!!  

Best get my chores done....lots of laundry added to the cleaning!!!!!  But "it's all good"!!!!!!  :-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Kind of....and anxious.  Must be the full moon Friday the 13th coming up!!  I should be happy, happy, happy because I got all my chores done yesterday and have today to play!  But this "gloomy state of mind" and anxiety is making me flit all over the place accomplishing nothing.  I finally plugged in my Brother Scan and Cut machine...I bought after Christmas.  All I can say is that I should have gone to the free class the quilt shop was offering.  Grrrrr.  The You Tube videos make it look so easy!!!!  I have walked away from it for now.....I was contemplating looking for a hammer!!!!!

I am happy when I look at the new book from Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks of The Quilt Patch!!!!  I LOVE their kind of appliqué and I am crazy about snowmen!!  This book is awesome!

I cannot wait to make a project (or 10!!) out of here.....I know, wishful thinking but I love all the patterns!

I am also happy and proud of our daughter for purchasing her first new car!!!  Way to go S!!!!

(No bows were harmed in the purchase of this vehicle!  Hahaha!!)

And I do feel happy when I look at my newly decorated mantle with a Canada flag made by my BFF Kim!!

I always forget about it until July 1st so this year I vowed to enjoy it for at least until the end of July if not all summer long!!

Many things surrounding me making me happy!!!!!!!!  Now to get something cutting out the second wool BOM!  Off I go!  

Thanks for listening!!!!!!!  :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Monday

Monday  I was choosing a mug this morning and realized I'm almost running out of exciting ones.  The one I chose isn't great but it will do.  I "won" a pair of them at my daughters hockey teams silent auction last year.  A nice Starbucks mug with images from Calgary.  I like the size and weight of it.

Today is house cleaning day and the sun is currently out but it seems the forecast for the week is quite unsettled.  We need to wash windows badly so we will have to do that at the next opportunity.  The weekend was beautiful here but who wants to waste it on window washing????
On the sewing front, I'd like to get Block 3 of my snowman stitchery quilt done at the very least.  If I can stay off the iPad in the evenings the stitching could be finished quick lickety-split!!  The piecing takes no time at all.  
Best get started doing the work so I can have time to play!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Busy Few Days

Work this week has been fairly busy.  Thursday, not so much as far as customers but I kept busy cutting some BOM fabrics.  Friday was busy with customers but today...well, we had a group of 40+ ladies come for a shop hop!!!!  They flew through the store in about 45 minutes as they were late getting to the shop and had to get to their next location.  Then the rest of the day was pretty busy too! We had Michelle in (from to do a Longarm class on the Innovas.  So it was a hopping place.

I quilted some smaller projects the other day.  Not the greatest but my pile is smaller.  I think I need to try a small baby quilt on the Longarm at work!

 Hubby put up a new-to-me light fixture in my sewing room.  My old one, a cute chandelier, only had one lightbulb and didn't really give me good light.  Well, now I have lots of lightbulbs and he put in the new LED the free light fixture (from an old hotel in downtown Calgary) cost over $140 in lightbulbs!!!!
Look at it glow!

It is our baby's 19th birthday today.  While going through some pictures I came across a copy of one I thought was gone forever!  It was one I had framed and when the frame came out from the basement after the flood I was devastated!!  It's a favorite of my kids...casual, happy, fun.  I was so happy to 
find another one!!!!  Woot woot!!!!!!!!  I'd love to do another one now that they are older.....won't be an easy task!
Nothing fancy, only taken by me but I love these guys!!!!!!  Yep, that little one is now 19!  Good thing Hubby and I aren't getting older!!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust!

Another weekend has come and gone.  It was a short one for me because I had to work on Saturday.  Because of the road construction, other activities in town and the weather (we had an afternoon thunderstorm!) we weren't very busy with customers but Shannon and I were busy moving quilts around the store and we think we have the place looking even better!  I also rearranged some patterns so the pattern wall will be different and hopefully will bring people back over to it.  I work next Saturday as well...we have a big group coming for a shop hop and we are their first stop!!

Before I forget (again) I will do Mondays Mug Memory.  I forgot to make my coffee in a mug that I haven't talked about so took a picture of a tea cup and saucer.  I do not use this's in my china cabinet.  It is an oldie......from what I was told by my mother, it was my great great grandmothers and is passed down to the oldest daughter in the family.  I didn't get this one until we moved here....Mom always said I couldn't have it until I had a china cabinet!  LOL. I don't think I would call it beautiful....gaudy maybe....but it's the history behind it.  I've told S that it will be hers one day so if anything happens to me, the tradition can continue.

Yesterday Hubby, S and I went to Black Diamond to the greenhouse.  I picked up a few perennials for the back flowerbeds....I was waiting for things to come back but not much did.  On our way home we stopped at the cutest diner for ice cream!!  I didn't get a picture of the stools at the counter...darn....but we will have to go and have lunch there one day!

Like father like daughter:

It's a beautiful looking day out there....I was up by 6:30 and folded a load of laundry, put another in the washing machine and put some recycling out.  I must clean today as the dust is crazy in is the cat/dog hair, etc.  We did all the yard work yesterday so that's done for a day or two!  I am going to try and get some finished tops quilted this week.  My vehicle will be in the auto body shop for the week so I will be stranded.....nice!!!!!!!!!!