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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesdays News

My Wednesday wasn't that exciting....are any of my days exciting??  Hahaha!  Basement cleaned, calls made, fax for Hubby, laundry.  Then I went up town to look for a book at the bookstore....which is also a giftware store and a coffee shop.  It's nice!  I didn't find my book but did get a few things for the guest room I have yet to paint.  I couldn't decide on a paint color because I didn't have a vision!  I do now!  So after Pixie Hollow (the book/giftware store/coffee shop) I went to Vespucci's.  Vespucci's is an antique store on one side and a consignment clothing shop on the other.  I went to look at the antique side to see if I could find things for my vision of the guest room.  As I walked up to the door, there was a sign saying the clothes were 40% off!!!!  So I came out with a few clothing items but no antiques.  Nothing caught my eye!
Not a great picture but here are my purchases.  The pink is a jacket with a lia Sophia necklace (also on sale), the skirt above it kind of reminds me of quilting, a top, an "athletic wear" jacket and a cardigan.  All the things in that store are very clean.....not a stinky store like some secondhand places are!  I like it!!
Home to cut the grass and water plants then supper.  Feet up time!!!!  I'll watch hockey for awhile until I'm bored!!!!!  :-)

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