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Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break!!!!

Spring break has officially started and I really feel the need for some relaxation!!!  I had some around-the-house plans but then my sister in law text me Wednesday and they are coming down for a visit.  She has never been here and my brother had only popped in one time while doing some lessons for his pilots license.  They haven't met their great niece yet either so we are looking forward to their visit.  I have caught a cold that has the potential to turn nasty (a person can always tell right?) but I hope I am wrong about that!  Daughter2 has a hockey tournament outside of Edmonton next weekend so I need to be healthy!  The purging will likely have to wait until summer holidays as we don't get another break now before then.

Weird, weird weather late yesterday afternoon......I heard thunder and saw dark clouds to the west.  They seemed to be going south and east and it looked as though they were missing us.  Then I heard thunder again and it started hailing! Then more thunder and snow....strange with a capital 'S'!  We have white on the ground but it's to be +6 today so it won't stick around long.  We do need the moisture!

I haven't stitched on the 4 blocks I had prepared while Hubby was home last week for the Lori Holt Bloom quilt and now another one was out on Monday.  Maybe next week that is something I can accomplish!

Baby Lyla is growing like a weed and will smile at Grandma!!!!  My daughter took a 2 Month photo and you can sure tell she's filled out in a month.  Not the most flattering I'll post a couple more. ;-)

Auntie J getting some snuggles!

Grandpa babysat while Mommy and I went to have our nails done.

Daughter2 and the Titans fought hard but lost to the Fort Saskatchewan Flury this past weekend.  They won Saturday which made Easter supper plans change as they had to play Sunday afternoon.  It was a good game but they lost in the end.

And I'll end this post with a picture of my little Leprechaun.  I had the hat to wear to school and hadn't put it thing I know I am called around the corner to see this!
Oh this man makes me laugh!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hello to my blog peeps!  Do I have any left!!  Not doing a very good job of keeping you up to date!  As per usual, when I don't post regularly, when I do it's loaded with pictures!  Here we go!!

Now, because some of my followers are quilters, I will start off with my current project progress.  I have been in a sewing/quilting funk....I had lost my mojo!!  I'm not sure it's found its way completely back but I have started on Lori Holts' Bloom blocks.  They are on week 8....I just finished week 4.  This picture is very non-professional...gotta love my thread covered design wall....and you can't see the yummy Prairie fabric line by corey yoder of Little Miss Shabby.  I'm hoping the layer cake I have will be enough for the blocks....each block is to have a scrappy border around it but I am going to wait until the end to see if I have enough fabric or if I will just buy yardage for that.  I am hand stitching the appliqué down which is the part I like the most!

I am also thinking of doing the Splendid Sampler blocks that Pat Sloan is doing but I'm behind there too and I do have several other projects to get done!  Including a baby boy quilt for this fella behind this baby bump!!
22 Weeks along in this picture!  Oh I can't tell you how blessed I am feeling this year!!!!!!!  He is due to make his arrival the end of June!  

Before I bombard you will a million pictures of the grand baby who is here already, I have to talk about the weather.  We really have yet to have much of a winter....we did have snow but haven't for quite some time.  The official first day of spring is still over a week away but it has felt like spring for a long time!  A couple of days ago we had really strong winds but it was warm......the ice on the lake is melting rapidly!  Two geese were here yesterday walking on the ice but theres enough water for them now.
This was taken a week or so ago.  Its been a great winter for walking to work!!

Daughter2's team won their playoff round against Lethbridge and are South Division Champions!!!  They head up to Fort Saskatchewan today for the start of a best of 5 series.  Ft Sask will be tough to beat but I know the Titans will sure try!!!!  Go Titans Go!!!!!!  I am not word "dogs" but will be ready with the tunes for next weekend!  And we are having an early Easter so all the kids will be here!!!!  (can't wait to see the baby bump in person!!)  Titans will have a good cheering section! we go with grand baby pics!
Very awkward 1 month old pic!!  LOL  She's on the quilt I made her though!  She is now 7 weeks old....good gravy!

Grandpa got spit upon...first of many I'm sure!!!  LOL!!

Look I'm standing already!!!  (not really...can you see Daddy's arm on the left?)

Aunty love!! (with Mommy close by but only for the picture)

My Diva picture!!!!

Ms Morgan came by to meet Miss Lyla!

Can you see a sleeping position pattern here?  hahaha!

Grandma reading her a story....which she doesn't seem to be enjoying!!  You WILL love my stories one day....and just because I was reading about the Pout Pout Fish doesn't mean you have to act it out!  hahahahahahahahaha!  

Oh I love that little munchkin!  I will be putting on a lot of miles this summer when the other grand baby arrives!  I hope Son1 and Jenna don't mind the intrusions!  (and I wonder if I will have to fight her mom for the spare bed??  LOLOL!!  I will sleep on the couch if I have to!)

So there is my life in a nutshell.......spring break is coming up so another week off in two weeks.  I am really ready again...we have been bombarded with therapists coming for assessments and the kids have spring fever I am sure!  Gotta love those munchkins though!!!!

Happy Spring!