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Thursday, July 31, 2014

In The Summertime......🎶

Ahhhhh it's been a gorgeous July!!!!!  Today is the end of the month...already.  :(. It's easy to complain about the heat and humidity until you stop and think about what lies ahead.......the dreaded "W" word!  Shoveling snow, warming up the car and bundling up are not my idea of fun!  Hot flashes and 30+ degree weather aren't enjoyable either but I'll take it over snow!  Hahahaha!  Yesterday I was enjoying the day, again in the backyard.  We are fortunate to have a large covered area so we don't sit directly in the suns rays!  Here's what I worked on yesterday:

Iced tea (gotta love Teavana!) and my Live Simply background.  I finally got the letters stitched down.  I'm hoping the rest goes quicker.
My neighbor Deb has got me out walking every day.....I've put on over 10,000 steps all week.  I think I can feel a difference.  I hope we continue even once she starts back to work.

Daughter2 moved back home yesterday......with her dog Gordon. *sigh*. Our dogs are adjusting....he's so full of energy!!!!  Thank goodness it's the summer time.

Well, I'm off to my hair appointment with Miss Morgan.  Cannot wait for my scalp massage!!!!!!!!!!  THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Chilling!

Sitting in the backyard on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Ahhhhhh, it's nice and quiet in the neighborhood.  Lovely!

I haven't blogged for awhile.  I've been busy!  Hubby and I were up north and did the siding on the house....I spent the Sunday he left cleaning the inside of the house.  Monday and Tuesday were my visiting days!  The long drive home Wednesday got me arriving in time to see some of the Snowbirds performance...from our back yard!  I bet it was an amazing show even closer up!  Wednesday night we had a crazy thunderstorm with wicked winds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thursday I got caught up on the mundane household tasks like laundry, groceries etc.  I continued with that on Friday and then our son arrived as he was rained out in Sask!  He really was hoping for a day off as he bought an old '51 Dodge Coronet.

Him, Hubby and A are out for a cruise now!  I should be thinking about supper! Chinese it is!!

Yesterday I had a visit with two little girls who came to my day home when I had one up north...they were 2 & 4 years old back then and now they are going into grade 3&5!  Gosh!!!!  They are growing up so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ella, the oldest, was at a gymnastics camp in Okotoks for the week so I got to see some of her performances. Mischa was in a swim camp in Calgary.  I love these two kids and miss them a lot! I also had a great visit with their mom!

In HP I visited my favorite store (a couple of times!) and had a good visit with Erica the owner and a friend.  She just got in chalk paints and I bought a few (!!) samples to play with.  I sure wish I had of been there for one of her courses!  Maybe one day! 

When I was up north I visited with some friends.....I do have a couple of great ones!  When I saw this I thought of all my good friends!

It's taken me all day to write this!!!!!  Geez!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Facelift

No not for me although I could use some nipping and tucking!  Hahaha!  For the little house.  We are done what siding we are going to do.  We left two sides of the back porch.  Someday it will have to be torn down (although it's still functional).  I think that was Hubby's excuse anyway.  But the rest is done and it looks so very much better.  We got the backside done (I forgot to take before and after pics so there is one of during) yesterday, cut more branches and mowed the lawn.


Side of the fenced back yard:

Back (which was the worst...the original part of the house likely still had the original siding...we sided over all the old stuff back there):

Soffits and facia (sp?) will be next and a couple new doors and the outside would be done.  Oh and a few new windows someday.  But for now, this is a vast improvement!!!!!  Maybe someone will buy it!

Hubby left this morning for home.  He initially was only staying until last Tuesday!!!  I still have some cleaning to do inside the house but will be able to get more visits in for a day or two.  Friday was a great visiting day!!!!  I had nice long visits with Erica (Happy Anniversary today!!!), Pam, Marla, Judy, Corinne and Karen!!!!  It's drab here this morning and we had a good rain last night.  Perfect day for cleaning once I find the motivation!!  I will feel better once it's done so I just have to get at it!

Hope everyone has a much more exciting day planned!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm a Gardener, Sider....Landlord

So, Hubby and I are up north as my renter moved out the end of June.  We came to check things out at the house and had some work to do.  Our renter wasn't a gardener or a house cleaner but I keep telling myself things could have been so very much worse....I've heard stories!


Then we decided to re-side the house.  I know eh?  Just a simple job!?!?  Hahaha!!!!!!  It has desperately needed it for awhile.  You can see the old stuff in the pics we went with simple, white, inexpensive vinyl.  This is an old house that we are wanting to sell.  We want to make it look nicer but not spend a fortune.  The siding we could do ourselves because Hubby knows how and I can help.  So here are a couple of pics...the before picture shows the siding off.  The white is styrofoam, the black is tar paper.


Don't get me wrong...there is SO VERY MUCH MORE to do to this house both inside and out.  Soffits are the next big job and inside, new floors (and leveled out floors), drywall, etc, etc.....but baby steps for now.  I'm not sure I want to rent it out yet....I'd like to slowly fix more things and see what happens.  We will see.

So I haven't done much visiting yet and it's almost the end of the week.  I have two engagements tomorrow. (Tee hee!). I might make a whole day of it!  I will likely stay until sometime next week as I have some cleaning to do at the house and more visiting too!  May as well while I am all the way up here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Long Trip North

Before I write about where we are and why we are here I want to show you my July Itty Bitty Banner.  I will get one a month from Primitive Gatherings.  It's a little 6" x 7" wool banner for the little stand.  Of course the July kit I was sent was very Americana.  I wanted to make it Canadian so exchanged some colors with my own.  Here is my finished banner:

It was really fun to do.  I brought this next project to work on while I am here.  I tried to do it on the trip up but couldn't see well enough in the back seat.....not loving stitch wool onto burlap but I'll plug along.  I also brought two of the little quilts that hang in the middle for each month although Julys was once again very Americana so I brought August.  I need to get my Dad to build the barnwood frame this will go in:

So up we came to our old home town.  My Dad was with us for a few days down south so we brought him home.  We also have a rental house here and our renter moved out the end of June.  There are a couple of things we need to do at the house.  When we checked it yesterday our first task will be the yard....our renter wasn't a gardener and her dog did some digging.  It's to be a hot one today but Hubby has time to help me so we will get it done!!!!  Lots of weeds to pull and cut and Round-Up (my friend again!!), holes to fill, grass to mow.  This little house is tired and needs some loving....we just don't know how much we want to do.....yet.  
We also came up to pick up a new truck which I will get to drive this week!  We brought Hubby's work truck up because he has a small job to do for someone else as well as work at the rental house so wanted his tools.  Here's my view while crammed in the back seat....I did get a lot of magazines read!

Maybe I will sweat a few pounds off today!  We are having a BBQ tonight with my brother and my SIL....not sure but I hope my other brother makes it after work.  Should be fun.....I miss bbqing!  

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Well, summer has arrived here and the weather has been beautiful!  Today is cloudy though but it's not raining and I'm kind of enjoying the break from the heat....for a day!!!!!  The Calgary Stampede is in full swing and it's seems like High Riverites are all there!  It was quiet in the 'hood yesterday....ahhhhhh!

Last week I had rearranged my work schedule because I was led to believe two of my quilty friends from up north were coming to stay overnight Thursday while on their way to Montana.  When they couldn't come Thursday I also took Saturday off because I didn't want to miss out on a visit but they ended up not stopping............anyway, I thought I'd better accomplish something yesterday since I took the day off work.  Blair was working on the stone in the front under the steps that was falling off (it's hard to find good people to do work around here!!!!) and he had the steps off from the house.....they were in dire need of painting both because the stain that was on there was very worn, it was an awful color and it was slippery when wet or cold.  Off to Home Depot and I started painting.  Well, I picked a light grey color.....and don't ask me why!!!!!....and after putting it on I really did NOT like it so back we go for a chocolate brown!!!!  LOVE!!!!!!!

It was a one step process (2 coats) and it has texture so shouldn't be slippery anymore!  Keeping busy helped me feel less upset about my "friends" non-visit and let me cross something off the to-do list!

I worked Monday last week and was able to finish this store sample.  The large animal blocks are from a panel and the rest are blocks or strips sewn together.  Not my thing but it sure is an easy quilt to whip up!

I also had a good mail day one day last week and received these from the Fat Quarter Shop!!  So many projects!!!!!!!

I work tomorrow and Tuesday then I'm off for awhile as Dad is coming here and then we are taking him home and I'm staying for a bit.  In a week or so we should know what direction life is taking us...........