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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Goodbye My Friend

On Friday I received news that my friend Erica was in palliative care and was being kept comfortable.  She fought for a year with cancer...she fought very hard.  I was just texting with her last I was in shock that things had turned so quickly.....but that's the nature of the beast and my friend would never let on how bad things were.  Friday night I had a fire, a drink to her honour and sent her a final text message, knowing she wouldn't see it but it let me say what I needed to say.  Yesterday, after I got the news she passed away, I cried.  

Erica was a GREAT listener.  She helped me through my Mom's battle and when I was having trouble with some friends.  We would talk and talk and talk both when I "worked" at her store helping with displays or even just when I popped in to shop/visit.  We drank a lot of chai lattes together too and we always texted...not daily but we kept in touch.

She had a lot of things she dealt with in her life that were devastating and always stayed calm and steady (in public anyway).  She would say "It is what it is" and I have a small wooden plaque that says that as it always reminded me of her.  

She had an amazing store.....I told her I admired her as she jumped in with two feet to realize her dream, something I never had the nerve to do.  Her store grew and expanded and became a destination for people travelling looking for a great place to shop!  I have MANY items from her store and have also made and sold stuff there.  Here is my prized possession:

This barn painting was destined for her house.  She had posted a picture of one she had for sale but someone else had scooped it up before I got up to visit.  When we were talking about it, she told me she had bought one for her house but she needed to repaint the walls before she could hang I want it and she would order herself another one.  Of course I said YES!!!  She never did get a chance to order another one.....That's the type of person and business woman she was....always making her customers happy.  That's one of the reasons why people loved her and her store!

I had make this wallhanging for her after we had a conversation where I was trying to motivate her to get back to living....she was having a hard time wanting to get off the couch and do anything after she returned from her long stint in Calgary.  She loved her yard and flowers and the river that ran close by and would take a picture of the river in the same place every month.  I challenged her to get up and take a picture of her river....she did it a couple of days later.  I never did get this wallhanging quilted.......which makes me sad but it will be another reminder of my good friend.  I added a crow to the bottom because she loved crows.  

Erica spent her dash well.  I will miss her dearly and going back to my old hometown will be so much different as there will be a huge void that will never be filled.  

Rest in peace my friend.....until we meet again.๐Ÿ‘ผ

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Well here it is...June already!  I really am trying not to think about it...being the end of the school year this month...but it's so very hard not to do a countdown!!!  I am so ready for not having to set an alarm and getting stuff done around this place.  I should start to make a list.

Remember I mentioned health issues in my last post.  Anti inflammatories have helped tremendously but they are done now.  I am going to try just regular Ibuprofen and if it doesn't work I will call the Dr again.  My wrist (left, thank goodness) has been really sore....picking up Molly hurts and she weighs nothing!  I am going for an ultrasound on June 27th and anticipate getting a "shot" then.  I am assuming it means I have arthritis??  I don't know.  My boob issue is pain in my "cancer" boob.  Apparently the scar tissue has decided to do all sorts of weird stuff and now that hurts.  The anti inflammatories have helped that too but maybe it was the pain relief part?  Now it is back to giving me grief.  I see my Brachy therapy Dr in July.  I hope he can give me answers.

Enough whining!  (I'm sure Hubby is about ready to bop me on the head and bury me somewhere!  HAHAHA)  I spent the day planting some perennials in the front flowerbeds and cleaning out the side one.  I think I am going to order/buy new perennials for that area too...get rid of some of the ones I don't like (the ones you can't clean the grass out of or spread like wild fire where you don't want them).  I cleaned out the garden shed too.....the previous owners had left a ton of plastic flowerpots, an old chair cushion, etc so they all went and I reorganized the shelves.

Among other things, I planted a YELLOW peony!  I have never, ever seen a yellow peony plant...that doesn't mean they haven't existed!  lol  I hope it survives and produces flowers in a year or two.  I can't wait!!!!!!!

I am sitting outside away from my lilac bush but can still smell that Heavenly scent.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE lilacs!!!  Today is was buzzing and this girl has got herself some pollen!  Look at those sexy yellow legs!!  

This little girl (I can never get a good picture of her....she is either asleep or ready to pounce on my face!!) is 10 weeks old!  Where did that time go....we've had her a month??  I must get her into a vet for shots and see about getting her spayed.  She loves it outside!  I need a cat-io for her although I doubt she would be happy with that....she likes to roam.  Not far...yet.  ๐Ÿ™„

And last week I got new pics of this little girl:

Eyes are opening and here she is with her Momma.  Oh man, can I handle two kittens??????  Molly is getting to be such a brat!  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ธ I moved two plants today....why try and fight it??

I received this in the mail last week....I LOVE KIM DIEHL and I want to make EVERYTHING in this book!!!!!!!!!  I did start a baby quilt (not from this book) and had to get some fabric for a border and the backing....I have no excuses not to finish it now.....the main body is done....easy peasy one!  I'll take a picture when the top is done.

Here's hoping the month flies by, but not too fast, and goes very smoothly!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May Long....

Life has been good since my last post.  Other than some health things (nothing serious! Sore wrist, sore boob....all are being dealt with) things have been smooth sailing!

Molly is growing up and is a pretty good kitten.  She does get into a bit of mischief...what kitten doesn't?  I have tried to kitten-proof the place as much as possible (tin foil in the plants, putting things up where she can't get them, etc).  Here are some Molly pics....she is playing/sleeping with the dogs and her favourite napping place is on my chest tucked up under my chin!  But the other night I saw a head peeking out from under the dog blanket on the back of the chair in front of the window...she had crawled under and tucked herself in for a snooze!

Now crazy me has my eye on another one......Hubby will KILL me but he gets over it and this one was only born May 17th so she won't be coming here for awhile.

The calico I have I crazy to have two here???????  YEP, likely!!!!

Okay, so backing up to Mother's Day weekend.  I usually wallow in self pity and miss my Mom like crazy but this weekend I got to see both grand babies and their parents!!  Son2 was also here....only missing Daughter2  ๐Ÿ˜ž  Once again feeling so very very blessed!

The weather was fantastic and we even took the kids down to the river and just had a great time.

Last Friday I had my final course at the college and looked closer at the trophy case and found a picture from my first year there:

Yep the shortest, of course!!  hahahahahahaha!  Gosh time FLIES!!!!

Friday my Lyla and her Mommy came and slept over.  When they left the next morning I got ready and headed to St Albert where I got in some Jude cuddles:

Then I was off the Spruce Grove where I met up with my Dad to surprise this girl:

My cousin Wanda from Ontario.  She was out visiting her nephew (my second cousin) as he and his fiancรฉ had twins 10 months ago (more baby cuddles for me!!!!!).  Wanda knew my Dad was coming for a visit but didn't know I was coming and I was sneaky and was texting her earlier making out like I was at home.  She had no idea!!!!  LOVED IT!  We had a great visit!!!!  Not near long enough but I am thankful for the time we did have.  

School is still in session....we are all counting down!  I think 5 more weeks with the kids and another few days of cleaning up and stuff.  I am looking forward to the summer and I hope LOTS of grandkid visits!!!  

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Sooooooooooo I went in to Red Deer to have supper with my Dad, who was there for a few days for something work related.  I had asked him earlier if he minded going to LOOK at the kittens and he said okay.  So after supper we found the place where these kittens I have lived in a trailer in a trailer park as a kid growing up and then after we were married.  I have not one thing against anyone living in the "Parks" but the place we went to gave the trailer park their reputation.  The people were super nice, a mom and her two daughters and a granddaughter living there with 2 Momma cats and 9 kittens.....the smell almost knocked you over when we entered the home (once we got through the broken gate and garbage ALL over the yard and deck.  Mom, the one I was communicating with, greeted us in a housecoat (before 7 pm) and the granddaughter wearing a Pull-up who was long past the potty training age.  ANYWAY, they said they were having trouble with litter box training but it was likely because the 2 mommas and 9 babies had to use ONE cat box....I smiled and thought "YA THINK????"  The one daughter, who seemed to be more in charge of the kittens said she looked it up and kittens could go at 6 weeks so I could take her home today!  A) I did not bring a kennel with me, B) I had not broke it to Hubby that I was going to be bringing home a cat and C) I had pictures of swerving around on the QE II highway with a freaking out cat attached to my face!!  But I had to rescue her from that place....full of love but also full of filth.  :(  It was all I could do to not take another home with me too but I have lived through the chaos of two kittens at the same time and didn't want to revisit that experience...yet!  So Molly (I had already named her from the picture on FB) sat on the back of Dad's neck while I popped into Walmart to get kitten food, a small litter box and some toys.  
After dropping Dad off at his hotel, this little girl snuggled my hand for awhile then laid on my lap and slept the whole way home.  Once home, I brought her in, plopped her on Hubby's lap, explained the situation and well, we now have a kitten.  She rules the roost here....hisses and spits at the dogs (but is getting much better).  Don't be fooled as this cat does not sleep all the time as these pictures might suggest.  Today I found a squirt bottle.......and she's already got a couple of squirts while she was playing with the plants!  She will get more when she scratches the furniture too!  LOL  But she's doing really well!!!!!!!  

I re-did the letters on this wallhanging.....I couldn't erase them so added them to a piece of wool and appliquรฉd the wool on to it.  I have also added a bird to the bottom right corner's all ready for quilting!

We had a day off yesterday so I took a trip to High River.  I really miss that place.....I visited with Sue and we went to the quilt shop and then for lunch.  I popped into the Sally Ann to look for treasures then off to visit our old neighbours Ted and Maureen.  It made me really miss the house and the neighbourhood........after that I was off to Calgary to see my former neighbour Deb and her daughter Christy and her new daughter Lilly.  Deb made us a yummy pizza for supper.  I arrived home at 9:45 was a great day.  Too short of visits but maybe this summer I can go for longer and/or they can come here.  

Laundry today and the house is gross but that might be tomorrows job.  I have a few things I want to do including another assignment due next week.  Grrrr, I think I will respectfully decline these courses next year......

Off to embrace the day and enjoy the sunshine!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Stitching, Sunshine and Sweethearts!

We survived the first week back after spring break.  It went rather quickly but it was a busy one and the weather was amazing!!!  The snow has melted so fast and today we are getting a nice rain so I would imagine things will really start to green up now.  Yippee!!!!!

The other night our Pixie dog was barking while looking out the window.  We thought she was barking at her reflection until we looked out and saw this!  This deer was helping themselves to the seed in the bird feeder!  It actually went up on it's hind legs to take a bite.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Our veggie garden is fenced in, with high deer fencing so I shouldn't have a problem when my garden is planted and growing.  

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!!!!!!  I got up and washed bedding and towels and put a couple of loads of laundry away from a few days before (lol), had my coffee and breakfast and went out and cleaned my front flowerbeds...and did more putzing.  When I was done, I got out my stitching and sat on the front deck.  It got a bit too hot there so retreated to the back yard and it was perfect.

I got the stitching done on this although I think I will try and redo the's too small.  It's what I traced from the pattern but the picture of the finished quilt shows it much bigger.  I'm hoping I can erase the pencil marks and that there aren't holes left behind.....we will see.  Then to quilt it.

While stitching I was also checking Facebook and look what I found.........I am going to see this cutie and her 8 brothers and sisters on Monday.  My Dad is in Red Deer for some meetings and I am going to go have supper with him Monday so we will pop over to see these guys.  ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—  I am looking for a calico but this diluted calico is cute too.  They aren't ready for their furever homes yet....2-3 more weeks.  I haven't told Hubby but he knows I am wanting to get another kitty!  hahahaha

And these two......๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Great Spring Break So Far!

Ahhhhhh this week has been wonderful so far.  Started off with our we are "cheer-sing" (is that even a word??) with our beverages of choice.  I'm not much of a wine drinker but this is Moscato...bubbly and sweet.  Now to work on finishing the bottle before it goes flat!  LOL  That might take awhile!!!  Hubby brought home supper so I didn't have to big fuss made...just the way we like it! 

We got snow Monday and Tuesday but yesterday was GORGEOUS!!!!  Blue skies, sunshine and warmth!  Oh what simple things make a persons heart happy!!  Backing up to Tuesday, I cleaned the house and decided to re-arrange the living room furniture.  I don't have many options in this tiny space but change is always nice.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ  I pulled up the blinds so we had a clear view of the trees and sun when it came out yesterday.

I had bought birdseed on the weekend for the two bird feeders we have....I know, I should have been doing it all winter long but I feel sorry the birds now that this snow won't go away.  I am sitting in the sunroom this morning and there are finally a couple of little birds going to the one in the second picture.  I hope they both get used soon.

I have left organizing the stuff for the accountant for forever and got that done yesterday only to discover we haven't been getting Visa statements for most of the time we have been here. (BAD book keeper I am!!!)  Blair will have to call for those and then I think it's done.  

Today is another beautiful sunshiny day!  What I love most about having time off is not waking up to an alarm and having long leisurely mornings in my pjs just putzing around.  I am going to pop into Olds today to the bank and then visit the gals sewing at the church.  Maybe I could bring some hand stitching.........I made Crack Chicken in the Instant Pot yesterday and it was pretty yummy!  Ribs tonight! Another reason I love being home...meal planning and having the energy to want to cook!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Thirty Years Ago, Some Sewing and an Assignment

Today is the 30th anniversary of marriage between these two.....yep Hubby and I!!  LOL  Wow, three decades have past full of ups and downs, births and deaths, trials and tribulations.  But we are still together and going strong!  As you move through the phases of life with your partner, being able to adapt and change together is so important.  From newlyweds, to parents, to empty nesters, to grandparents and everything in between.  What a ride!!!  But I hope we can continue to grow old together and endure whatever life has in store for us for the next 30 years!  

Just over a week ago a terrible tragedy occurred.  As hockey parents the realization hit that it could have happened to us many times over.  It breaks my heart to think of everyone involved in this tragedy and how they now have to continue living life...with or without their family members.  Husbands, fathers, sons, a daughter.......even those survivors whose lives have changed forever, both emotionally and physically.  I pray for them all.  #Humboldtstrong

Last weekend I actually spent some time in my sewing area.  The foot pedal on my machine stopped hindsight I guess I knew something was going to happen as I remembered it not working here and there.  So I made this using the stop/start button!  I have yet to stitch down the rick rack and appliquรฉs....I'll use my other machine for that.  Maybe at a sewing day this week.  This was a kit out of my cupboard from The Quilt Patch.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yesterday I spent the beautiful sunny day finishing an assignment I had due today.....procrastination is my middle name!!!!!!!!!!  The next one is due May 9th....lets see how close to that deadline I can get to!  LOLOLOL  

We have this week off for spring break!  It couldn't have come soon enough....most everyone I know has had their spring break already....attached either before or after the Easter weekend.  Today we are to get 10 - 15 cm of snow.  It is coming before yesterday I was out in my t-shirt on the deck transplanting some houseplants.  I can tell you, 30 years ago today in Calgary was t-shirt weather!  I really, really, really want spring to come.....and the fear of flooding (in my mind) to be over.  Today will be spent getting stuff ready for an accountant we need to find.  Again, procrastination!!!!!!  ARGH!