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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Storms, Stitching, Shopping and Friends

Seems to be storm season around here.  Last Friday we were coming home from Olds and this was much darker in person.  There were severe thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado watch!  Thankfully, we only got wind and rain at our place...whew!

I have been lucky enough to visit a few friends this last week...which meant some shopping....and I had done some online shopping beforehand too!  This arrived in the mail on Friday and thankfully our post office is open Saturday mornings so I went in to pick it up....

Hubby has been worried about a couple of trees close to our garage and house that had a bit of a lean to them....and with this being storm season he wanted to get them down before they came down on their own.  A few years ago this man cut his knee open while chain sawing.....without the proper safety attire and here he is...shorts and running shoes! 😳  Everything worked out okay this time.

A picture of one of my happy places....I don't seem to go out there when the solar lights are on though.  πŸ˜‚ Maybe this weekend. πŸ˜ƒπŸ”₯

On Sunday my friend Pam arrived from our old home town for a visit!  It was WONDERFUL!!!!  We talked and shopped and talked while shopping and stitched and talked while stitching and she has me hooked on English paper piecing hexagons!!!!!  

I used a charm pack and some 2" hexie papers I bought. Now I am stitching them into rows and might appliquΓ© them onto a bit piece of wool or????

I'd LOVE to do something like this one day.....this picture and project is in an issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.....I'll have to find it in my collection!

A(nother) mug I bought from Peaceful Patch Quilt Shoppe in Blackfalds when Pam and I went there on Monday......a great shop!

And here's Ms Molly!  It's a good thing Pam is a cat lover as Molly was all over her...and in her bags and climbing up her legs!  She's relaxing on my swing chair....before the thunderclouds rolled in.  So far only rumblings and a grey rain yet!  Oh spoke too soon!  I think we are getting a sprinkle.

So tomorrow I have a hair appointment and I will get some groceries.  I think all the kids and grandkids will be here for the weekend and will start arriving on Friday....yahooooooo!  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sewing Day, Calgary and Some Stitching

A couple of gals I work with, along with their daughters and the wife of a teacher at our school, are all stitchers.  The wife arranges sewing days at their church hall and I went on Wednesday....after a day shopping at a sale at a shop I hadn't been to yet.  Beaver Creek Mercantile.  I went with Diane (a co-worker) and at first I really wasn't finding much....I was trying to be good but......then I walked around again and again! are some of the gals sewing, chatting, was a great day!

The sunset on the way home....I took this while stopped at a stop sign.  πŸ‘

I did finish this at sewing and gave it to my friend Sue yesterday while in Calgary.  It was her birthday in June.....the colors are a bit nicer than this picture.  (I think anyway):

I also made her one of these pincushions: 

The pattern is free from Farmhouse Wool and Cotton Club on Facebook.

I am sitting outside stitching on another wool project enjoying the sun/heat.  We have severe thunderstorm watches for our area and there was even talk of a tornado!  I am sure hoping they are wrong.....and about the hail too.  πŸ˜©  We certainly do not need either!  It was likely this time last year we got the tennis ball sized hail.......maybe we won't be staying here long if this is typical weather for this area..................

Almost too hot on the deck....time to find some shade!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Enjoying Those Lazy Days of Summer

Oh summer time!!!  I love the lazy days......not sure what I would do if I had a job outside the would kill me to have to go to work when the weather is warm and sunny.  I love having time to enjoy natures beauty....these flowers were just out in our bushes.  I picked them yesterday and they are still nice this morning!

On Saturday Hubby and I took our granddaughter to our grandsons birthday party.  He turned 2 yesterday.  It was a bit crazy and chaotic....lots of kids there...most were older.....but it was fun!!  Here are our two precious grand babies.....growing up way too fast but getting to be so much fun!

Jude went running down the sidewalk waving goodbye at us as we drove down his street.  I wanted to get out and stay!!!!  It was soooooooo cute!!!  I think they are coming down in a couple of weeks for a nice visit.  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

And so this little monkey stayed overnight another night at Gammy and Papa's!  She was so good at the party! Here she is trying on some shoes a little too big for her yet!  LOL   

We drove her home to Calgary yesterday, stopped in Cochrane for lunch and then came home and took garbage to the dump.  It was such a nice day....I couldn't waste it by being inside so sat out and read and stitched.....ahhhhhh.  Again, those lazy days of summer. (and not getting anything done!)

I am sitting here this morning looking at my long "wishful thinking" list and wondering what I will actually accomplish this summer.  My friend Pam is coming for a visit and arrives Sunday night and I know she won't care if my windows are washed or my furniture is shampooed.  I can't wait for her visit!  I'm sure we will put on some miles visiting a few quilt shops and thrift stores around the area!!!  Yippee! A partner in crime!!!!!!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Year Has Passed

Last year today we left our beautiful home in a wonderful neighbourhood in High River to move here.....back to the bush!  We have done a lot of work out here but there is still a lot to do.....some of which is on my long Wishful Thinking List for the summer!  There are many good things about this move and there are some things I miss about where we were before.

Good Things:
-  Hubby can come home every night.  He leaves early in the morning and doesn't get home really early in the evening as he has a 45 minute commute each way but I think he loves the fact he is home with us (me and his 4 legged family!) sleeping in his own bed every night of the week.  

-  We LOVE being back in the country.  We can sit outside and not have the dogs bark at everyone who walks by and we don't have to see or have a conversation with everyone either.  πŸ˜œ (not that we are anti-social people....but sometimes a person needs quiet time...but outside....alone.)  I am sitting on our deck right now and there is no one around me.  Maybe a deer....then the dogs will bark.

-  Smaller house means less housework!  πŸ‘

-  Financially a smaller mortgage payment and less property taxes.

- we do have nice 'neighbours' who are close but not too close and we don't look into their backyards.

- The dogs are happier!

-  I am okay with getting my kitten here and she loves it outside....she would never be able to go outside in High River.

- a job at a school I love with staff I love.

Things I Miss:

-  friends (although I am making new ones....they just aren't as close by to pop in for coffee or go for a walk with)  and our stitching nights.

-  Our old neighbourhood filled with amazing people!

- Amenities in High River and Okotoks

- Our spacious home.

Oh but it's ALL good!  Our kids like it here better....more to do when they visit and to be able to have a fire and sit around outside and visit....more comfortably.  The grandkids will make good memories here too.  

Speaking of grandkids, this one was all ready to go dancing at her other grandparents' lake community on Canada Day weekend!  (candy in her mouth from the parade earlier in the day!!)  I guess she wasn't as shy this year and had a great time!!

We go to our grandsons 2nd birthday party on Saturday!  We are bringing the granddaughter too.  Should be fun!!

Sunday I was sitting out here on the deck and heard rumbling to the north.  Black clouds there, blue skies to the south.  Within minutes we had clouds too and then this happened:

DAMN hail!!!!!  The garden looks a bit worse for wear and a few of my flowers are a bit beat up but I was able to get the planters undercover to safety.  Then later on, after we shovelled (yep there was that much!!!!) and it was all basically gone, the rain came and went and I captured this: 

I LOVE rainbows and miss seeing them off the front veranda at our place in High Prairie.  We had the perfect view there.

Look at this sign I bought for the bathroom!!  Prosthetic limbs!!!!  HAHAHAHA πŸ˜†

Yesterday morning when I was having my coffee, I looked out and saw this little guy enjoying the bird seed.  We have both squirrels and chipmunks here.  πŸΏ

Hubby has been making me walk....and I am grateful.....but this "incline" is at the halfway point and the first time we did it I almost died....really I'm sure I did!  I thought my heart was going to vacate my chest cavity!!!!  It doesn't look like much until you are doing it.

You could almost roll down the decline!  That would be fun except for the gravel......

I am TRYING to watch what I eat but of course when I was starving yesterday I bought mini Wunderbars and mini Caramilks......damn it!  Along with the walking and all the fruit and vegetables we bought when we got groceries I have no excuse.  I want to feel and look better so here's to will power!!🍻

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer Vay-Cay Is Here!!!

Thursday was our last day at school......they treated the staff to a great Chinese food lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the classroom.  I will miss the people I work with and seeing them everyday.

I did some rearranging in the yard last weekend and moved my red chairs from the back of the house to the front.  I may paint this old metal shed one day .... or not....but I had to get my flag out.

And fit in that egg's sooooo comfortable!!!  

Someone else thinks it's pretty comfortable she is laughing because I asked her to move!  HAHAHA

I asked for an updated picture after my last she is.....yikes!!!  So cute and I will be so dead when I bring her home!  I haven't committed just yet but I will have to soon.  My girls think I should for sure....of course they would!  They don't have to live with their father!!!

Last week Wednesday I had to go and get an ultrasound done on my very sore wrist....going on three months now.  I did and had to get a steroid here's the bruise from the freezing and shot.  πŸ˜œ I know it doesn't look like much but dang that shot hurt...and he'd squirt some in then move the needle and squirt some more....about 5 or 6 times! I'm not sure it helped.......😞

First day of summer vacation I made a list....I've already thought of a few more things to add!  At this rate I won't have any fun this summer!!!!!  Yesterday, when I wrote the list, it was a beautiful morning, then we had some rain in the afternoon when I went down to my sewing area.  When I came up the sun was shining again!!  I weeded the veggie garden last night...almost died hilling the potatoes!  Whew....out of shape!!  

I will get done what I will get done and the rest I can plug away at and get it done eventually.  This morning, Daughter1, Lyla and I went to the teacher's place that I worked with this year (Daughter1 is doing her makeup next weekend for her wedding) and then into town and went to a children's consignment place and I bought a few things for her and her cousin to play with at our house.  Then we went to the coffee shop, the women's clothing consignment shop next door, lunch at Timmies then out to a greenhouse where I got a beautiful planter basket for the back.  I'll try and remember and picture for my next post.

🍁 Happy Canada Day!  

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Almost There!

 Ahhhhhhh this week coming up is the last week of school before summer break.  We will not have kindergarten kids as they were finished Friday....we have cleaning and screenings for next year and parent info sessions to get through.  The week before last was field trip we are on a bus to a wildlife park where we saw some pretty cool animals!

I made the two boys I work with, tied fleece blankets for an end of the year gift.  They loved them!!!! I asked for pictures of the boys with them and I immediately got this from this guys' grandma (whom he lives with).  He's sound asleep with his stuffed monkey Row-bert.  πŸ’™  She said it went on his bed as soon as he got home.  I told them both they were hugs from me and to snuggle when they needed one.  When you do the job I do, all you wish for is that you made a difference in their lives....for the better of course!  I sure hope I did.

Last weekend I sat out on the deck to get some air and relax....I opened the patio umbrella and something landed on my first I thought a big moth...well.....nope, it was a bat!  Cutie pie but he couldn't stay in my umbrella or on my arm so I tucked him in a dark place and he was gone the next day.  Bats are great to have around to eat bugs!!!!

Yesterday morning I was in our sunroom having my coffee when I looked out to see this.  This little one is not very old and sooooooo cute!  I hope to see them again and watch her/him grow up!

And then there is this little monkey!!!!  That was a whole roll of toilet paper!!!!!  I don't know whether getting another kitten will keep her occupied or I'll have both causing havoc!  I haven't asked for any updated pictures....might do that in a bit.

It is a gloriously beautiful day today.  We've had a couple of days of a nice rain and now it's warm....and humid (not like in Ontario though!)  I have weeded my flowerbeds and am now sitting in the shade with the nice breeze writing this.  All of us girls are outside!  Molly loves it out here!  At least it keeps her out of trouble!  hahaha  I hope to get the motivation to clean later but it can always wait until tomorrow.......  πŸ™‹ (not sure who this blonde is but she's voting for tomorrow!  LOLOLOL  We will see.)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Goodbye My Friend

On Friday I received news that my friend Erica was in palliative care and was being kept comfortable.  She fought for a year with cancer...she fought very hard.  I was just texting with her last I was in shock that things had turned so quickly.....but that's the nature of the beast and my friend would never let on how bad things were.  Friday night I had a fire, a drink to her honour and sent her a final text message, knowing she wouldn't see it but it let me say what I needed to say.  Yesterday, after I got the news she passed away, I cried.  

Erica was a GREAT listener.  She helped me through my Mom's battle and when I was having trouble with some friends.  We would talk and talk and talk both when I "worked" at her store helping with displays or even just when I popped in to shop/visit.  We drank a lot of chai lattes together too and we always texted...not daily but we kept in touch.

She had a lot of things she dealt with in her life that were devastating and always stayed calm and steady (in public anyway).  She would say "It is what it is" and I have a small wooden plaque that says that as it always reminded me of her.  

She had an amazing store.....I told her I admired her as she jumped in with two feet to realize her dream, something I never had the nerve to do.  Her store grew and expanded and became a destination for people travelling looking for a great place to shop!  I have MANY items from her store and have also made and sold stuff there.  Here is my prized possession:

This barn painting was destined for her house.  She had posted a picture of one she had for sale but someone else had scooped it up before I got up to visit.  When we were talking about it, she told me she had bought one for her house but she needed to repaint the walls before she could hang I want it and she would order herself another one.  Of course I said YES!!!  She never did get a chance to order another one.....That's the type of person and business woman she was....always making her customers happy.  That's one of the reasons why people loved her and her store!

I had make this wallhanging for her after we had a conversation where I was trying to motivate her to get back to living....she was having a hard time wanting to get off the couch and do anything after she returned from her long stint in Calgary.  She loved her yard and flowers and the river that ran close by and would take a picture of the river in the same place every month.  I challenged her to get up and take a picture of her river....she did it a couple of days later.  I never did get this wallhanging quilted.......which makes me sad but it will be another reminder of my good friend.  I added a crow to the bottom because she loved crows.  

Erica spent her dash well.  I will miss her dearly and going back to my old hometown will be so much different as there will be a huge void that will never be filled.  

Rest in peace my friend.....until we meet again.πŸ‘Ό