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Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Or??????

You know one of the many fun things about being a grandparent is playing with fun toys again!  I "won" these on an online auction on Facebook!   Score!!!!  I've only kept one out for now (to add to the others I have) and will switch them up every so often.  Lyla especially loves the ones that make sounds or play little tunes.

I've been working for the past three weeks now and am loving it!!!!  I am waiting to hear about next week but was told to be prepared to be at the school awhile yet.  The gal I am covering for has a Dr appointment today so we will find out more I am assuming.

My vehicle has been disgustingly dirty since the last ct scan appointment in Calgary!!!  It had been snowing and it stayed then it hit a cold stretch so I knew there was no point in washing it but Wednesday after school I decided that was the day!  I was really tired of getting my pant leg dirty every time I got in or out of my vehicle!  It has been super warm and a little windy...perfect weather that has melted all the snow and is drying things up wonderfully!  

This peanut comes over every weekend so Poppa can get in a visit!  She loves her Poppa!  We get to watch her all day tomorrow and I can't wait!  Her personality is really starting to shine....she's a smart little girl! (at least we think so!  ;)  )

And this cutie pattootie is growing like a weed!  Always full of smiles......Easter weekend cannot come soon enough!  I need to squeeze him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this picture was sent the morning he woke up screaming at 3:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep until he got cuddles!  How can you be mad at that face????????)

I'm off to meet my friend Sue for pie uptown and then to get my hair done.  I'm patiently waiting for the sun to come out!!!!!!!  I have a long to-do list for the weekend......including grand daughter cuddles!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thoughts of Mom

Today was a crazy day.  I stayed home not feeling well.....sore throat, swollen glands.  To add to that, our house was being shown so I took the dogs out for a drive (when all I wanted to do was lay down!).  I received the message yesterday when I got home from work so instead of sitting down then and relaxing, I cleaned.  I was ready this morning.  (haven't heard anything)

My friend Kim text me about a song her daughter was listening to a song by Ed Sheeran called Supermarket Flowers.  I found it and downloaded it on Apple Music where you can also view the lyrics.  I've listened to it several times this evening and teared up (or all out bawled!) every time!  I thought of my Mom.

  I loved this line in the song......

"A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved"  

Isn't that so true.  The song is about losing his Mum.....we are so sad losing those who have loved us. Sometimes it seems as though my Mom has passed away only recently.....but it will be six years this August.  I still miss her every day.

One thing my Mom would make for suppers was meatloaf.  It wasn't my favourite meal of all time but I did eat it.  This recipe was on a blog I follow and I made it Friday for when Hubby came home.  It was soooooo easy and soooooo tasty!  I will make it again, with mashed potatoes; comfort food like mom used to make.  <3 


It will be an early night for me tonight....tomorrow is a busy day/class and we are having a substitute teacher......oiy!  It might be a long day but I'm sure to survive!  I get my nails done tomorrow and I am wanting a nice light springy colour.  The little things..........

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blocks, A Box and a Saturday Drive

I am not sure if my hand appliqué is improving but I do have fun doing these blocks.  Here is Month two of the BOM from Out of Hand in Calgary called Message in a Bottle:

And here are months one and two sewn together.  I can't really call them blocks because we do at least two blocks a month.  :o)

My next Kim Diehl ones arrived last week but I haven't taken the fabric out of the package yet. 
My Sew Sampler box arrived last week too, from Fat Quarter Shop.  Some fun stuff in here!  I have two jolly bars now and should try the free patterns that come with them...I also have the Jolly Bar pattern booklet.  

I worked Monday to Thursday last week and I have to say I have missed working with little people!!!!!  It was very fun and very tiring!!!!  I know for sure I have next week too but after that we don't know yet.  

Today Hubby and I went for a drive.....he wanted to check out a place that he was told about where you can go skidooing.  I didn't think we would ever get there!  HAHAHA!  But we did.....and you know you are closer to the mountains when you see this much snow!  We basically have none at our house and this was about an hour away.  
I was nervous as there was no cell service and we were on a goat trail!  LOL  But it was beautiful scenery and the sun was shining there....cloudy back at home.  

Nice to get out and now we are watching hockey and are awaiting pizza delivery!  Baby cuddles this's been a great day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some Block of the Month Stitching and the Sin Bin

Well, I've been doing a bit of stitching.  Here are my Kim Diehl Journey's End Block of the Month blocks for the first month that I am getting from the Fat Quarter Shop.  They were fun to make and I had cut them out when I received them so they were ready to sew together when I had time.  I LOVE anything Kim Diehl, I LOVE houses and this quilt will be all houses!  I LOVE this fabric line by Kim Diehl as well.  The next set should arrive within the next week or so.

Here are the first set of blocks for month one of the Message in a Bottle Block of the Month that I am doing from Out of Hand in Calgary.  I LOVE needle turn appliqué and have watched a few You Tube videos on how to do points so my next blocks should be better!  That's what it's all about isn't it...improving our skills.  I will pick up the next set of fabrics tomorrow after my ct scan.

Hockey last Saturday night in Lethbridge.....yep this is Daughter2.  :oP  She's spending a couple of minutes in the penalty box (sin bin)!

My job interview update:  I didn't get the job.  Someone who used to work at the school got's a tough school to get into!  But I have signed up to be a casual EA and have already been asked to cover a medical leave at that school so on Monday I will be heading to kindergarten for at least two weeks!!!!!  I hope I will survive and I'm hoping to impress them and maybe get in next year.  hahaha!!  Everything happens for a reason..........

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spring Teaser!

After my interview yesterday (I think it went well) I came home to do my Monday housecleaning.  It was so nice outside I opened a few windows......lots of that snow melted throughout the day although we do still have some.  Today is to get to double digits above zero (+12) so it won't take long to melt it all and the great temps are to last all week!!

While cleaning I took down any last signs of winter.....winter quilts and wallhangings were tucked away and I replaced them with lighter ones.  Snowmen table runners were put away as well.  I also brought out this candle I hadn't burned yet.....lilacs are a big reminder of spring!!!!!!  The house smelled wonderful!  I will burn it again today!!!!!

As I sit here relaxing on Valentine's Day morn I am reminded of when my Mom and I owned a flowershop and how CRAZY this day was!!!  Just think of spur of the moment, last minute, 'oops I forgot' men coming in wanting arrangements NOW!  Well, there were men who planned ahead, called earlier in the week and ordered flowers for their sweethearts and so we would be frantically filling those orders and dealing with the last minute guys walking in the door.  Oh it was not a fun time!  hahahaha!  Since then I have told my Hubby he does NOT have to get me a thing on Valentines Day! Just to be able to relax today (and Mothers Day and Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas) is all I need!  :o) 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers and I hope you are doing what you want and if you get flowers from your sweetheart remember to think about the frantic florists working their butts off today!  LOL!!!!  I know I will!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Well, I was on a bit of a roll last week and got my Garden Path Buggy Barn blocks from the book Perennially Crazy done.  Love the fabrics in a kit from Village Quilts in Lethbridge that I bought years ago.  I'm just a tiny bit stumped because of the extra fabric I know must be for borders.....I need to figure out how big the borders are supposed to be!  The top from the book is as you see here so the borders are something Village Quilts did to make it bigger......I could call and see if Natasha remembers or still has the quilt around....or I could just figure it out myself! :o)

My daughter's good friend from our hometown is having a baby and had her baby shower on Sunday in Calgary where she is currently living.  I had this top done for awhile and got it quilted with a minky backing and satin binding.  I guess it was a hit!!!!  

My friend Sue came with me to my ct scan and Dr meeting on Thursday......then we made the "mistake" of stopping in at a couple of quilt shops on the way home!!!  Both of us purchased the first kit for a BOM called Message in a Bottle from Out of Hand.  Of course that meant we signed up for the rest of them too!!!!  We fell in love with the fabrics!!!!  The quilt has hand appliqué which I love to to get doing it!  I am also doing the Kim Diehl BOM from Fat Quarter Shop and have five house blocks to get sewn together for Month one!  I have them all cut out and ready to go..........this week for sure!  (of course we won't mention all the other BOMs started but not finished that I have stacked nicely in project boxes!)

I sent my kids their Valentine's Day goodie bags.....and left a bit for us to enjoy.....okay does anyone page anyone any more?????  LOLOLOL!!  (PS  Thumbs up to Canada Post....I mailed the parcel just regular parcel post to St Albert Thursday morning before I left for Calgary and the kids received it the next day!!!!!!!)

Daughter2 had a hockey game in Cochrane Friday night so Hubby left work early, we picked her up and took her there.......Hometown Hockey was set up and we could see stages, ice rink and other temporary buildings when we drove in.  During the first intermission an entertainer from Hometown Hockey came on the ice and juggled flaming mini goalie sticks.  He was pretty good and funny.

My post would not be complete without pictures of the grand babies........
Master Jude turned seven months old last week and his mother informed me this morning that he is officially crawling now!!!!!  Miss Lyla is giggling for Grandpa as he pretends to eat her banana!  She is still not feeling 100% so will go with her mommy to the doctor this afternoon.  

I am off to a job interview this morning at a school here in High River....fingers crossed I get it....I miss working with the kiddos and need to get doing something!  It is only 2-3 full days a week so I think that would be perfect for me to get back to the to go and sell myself!  ;o)

Monday, February 6, 2017

A GREAT Visit....Just What I Needed!

Kim is such a super wonderful friend!  I was so excited when she said she was coming to Calgary with her Hubby and was able to come to visit with me!  We always have such a great time, have some laughs and solve all of the worlds problems (even in our own worlds)!  I miss her like crazy when she has to leave.

Here we are at the local quilt could we miss stopping into a quilt shop?!  Not sure why I have my glasses on....must have had to look at price tags!  

That was Thursday.  After Kim left to head back to Calgary, I checked the mail and I was touched when I opened this card.....4 special ladies from my hometown, who are members of the quilt guild there, sent it.  I have been so moved by the people who have reached out by sending cards to let me know I am being thought of while I go through my journey.  When you hear the "c" word, regardless of how serious the diagnosis is (or not), just knowing there are people who care and let you know they are rooting for you, is overwhelming.  And it shows me that even though you move away, you aren't forgotten.  :o)

And speaking of thoughtfulness......Kim gave this quilt to me when she arrived on Thursday....I wanted to cry but then I knew it would make her cry!  Cancer has touched her family in many ways, many times.  As a quilter, she knows what it means to gift a quilt to a person needing that special "hug" and I felt the love!  I will cherish this quilt forever!   

Friday was a whirlwind day for a visit!  Kim wanted to help me with a Buggy Barn kit I had bought years ago as she is the queen of Buggy Barn! Since a realtor was showing our house at noon (CRAZY eh??) we got the fabric organized to be cut.  We grabbed the dogs and went for a drive while the showing was happening (nothing came of it of course!).  Afterwards, we dropped the dogs off, went for lunch, came back and Kim continued teaching me what I needed to know as she had to leave soon.....then we remembered a ruler she wanted at the quilt shop so up we went to grab that!  She had to leave when we got back to the house just as it started snowing.  She arrived safely back in Calgary!!  

Here they are cut and switched and ready for sewing!

Here they are done!  They were so much fun to do!  Glad I had a great teacher!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE them!!  This is the quilt according to the pattern but my kit came with extra fabric for borders and binding.  

I had to stop working on this as my daughters friend is having a baby shower on Sunday so I have quilted a top I had had done.  Didn't want to leave it to the last minute!

The snow I had mentioned earlier......I think has finally stopped!!!  Hubby stayed home today and spent the morning clearing snow. I sure hope the roads are okay for his drive to work tomorrow morning!!!!!