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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sure Felt Like a Sunday

Well, it felt like a Sunday today.  I didn't leave the house and attempted more crafting.  Mostly I just did more with my tart tin holders.  Here's an example of what they will be like now:
They now have a little jute bow and each will have a card.  Some cards are nicer than others but I hope they will appeal to the masses!  LOL
I am also working on the hangings....between the hockey game, Pinterest and emails I'm slowing getting the quilt pieces stitched on.  
My hubby is on his way home from High Prairie and should be arriving in about an hour and a half.  It will be later but I'm sure he will love sleeping in his own bed.  ;-). I'll be getting him to help me with an idea for a booth divider in the next couple of days! 
Boooooo Boston just scored in OT.  Better luck next game Chicago!

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