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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading Home

Well, I head for home today.  It's been a great two weeks!

It will be a long ride for these two:


I took these pics after taking them from the barn they called home, driving in a vehicle and now they are looking at my dads dog!!  They've been eating, playing and using the litter box.  I think they will be okay.  Both are purring and slept with me last night.  Mia has a bit of a gooey eye so we will have to get that looked at once they are adjusted at home.

My brother Craig has a plane and text me last night asking when I was leaving for home.  Then he asked if I wanted to go flying.  I'm glad I agreed!!!  We flew over my other brothers place, our old place, my in laws old place, town and all over really.  It was a beautiful night!!!!!!!!!  Things looks so much different from that high in the air!!  I will definitely do it again.

The plane and my pilot.

Not looking forward to the long drive home.  I have a nasty headache this morning but once I get going it will likely be okay.  Hope these kittens manage alright and sleep!!!

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