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Saturday, May 31, 2014


I woke up this morning (way too early to the squawk of some annoying bird!) with my teeth clenched (I've started to wear my splint again) and feeling a bit funky.....restless, anxious.....I can't really put a finger on it.  Lots going on in this little mind of mine.  But the sun is shining and I work today....I worked all three of the most beautiful days of the week...figures!.....and I hope to get to a greenhouse soon to fill in my flowerbeds in the back yard.  I do not see much coming up so I'm thinking I'll chalk that up to more flood loss.  :( The greenhouse visit will likely wait until next week as the greenhouses are nuts here on the weekends!!!!!!!  I also need to get out my friend, "Round-Up",first.

This dude has no worries in the world.....ahhhh to be a cat!

On the quilting front, I need to make myself quilt a ton of small projects of which I have the tops done.  It's not my favorite process but maybe I can make it fun by trying to challenge myself to do something more fancy.  We will see.....quilting in the ditch is so much easier as is stippling!  I'll practice first on a scrap.  Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little Birdies Stitcheries Quilt

Another top finished today!  This one was started in 2011 and I had to change the number on the sixth block.  :/  Anyway, the top is now was fun to do.

Here's the link to the free patterns!


Well, I'm a bit tired this morning!  Yesterday was a mentally exhausting day of thinking, planning, dreaming, but to no avail...yet!  Confused?  That's okay......I'll post more details if and when the time arises.  ;). The Habs played last night and even though I don't consider myself a Habs fan, two members of my family are HUGE Habs fans and I thought I would sew while the game was on.  I received my first Little Project from Primitive Gatherings yesterday.  I will get a little project to do once a month for 12 months and had to order the book these projects are out of as well.  So I started this new one!  And, a little after 1 a.m, the top is complete!  It only measures 14"x14" but I messed up, big time, and had to un-sew 80 pieces, cut them smaller then sew together 160 pieces so it took me a lot longer then it should have but I was determined!!!!!!!  Here is the book with the kit and the finished top:

I forgot to share my completed snowman stitchery block #2!  Here it is attached to block #1:

Today I have to do some house cleaning and it's a rainy day so it will be hard to find the motivation adding to the fact I didn't get much sleep!!  Work Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week!  A shower will be a good start to wake me up!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Mug!

This Mondays Mug Memory mug is from another store up north.  This store is a book store/stationary store/giftware store and has a fantastic scrapbooking supply section!!!!!!!!  I avoid the place when I head up there because I know I will buy more stuff  that I never use!!!!!  This mug has "morning" on one side and "night" on the other.  Nice heavy pottery with a good thick handle!

Sorry I didn't edit these pictures so you see a lot of our counter!  LOL!  

It's a sunny day here on Sunshine Lake....I hear construction in the area and geese honking!!!!  The water is calm.  A good day.  :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Festival of Quilts!

Going to a quilt show is always fun, but going with a friend that thinks like you is even better!!!!!  Sue picked me up in the morning and off we went to Heritage Park!  When we got there we headed straight for the vendors!!!!!!!!!!  Shop first then look!!!!!!  The vendors were great......Chinook Fabrics was busy so that was great to see!!!!!  The Quilt Patch from Moosejaw was there...I restrained myself and only bought two small quilt kits and a well as Village Quilts from Lethbridge, the girls from Vegreville (their booth was busy, busy too), Hamels and many, many others.  The Sugar Pine was there and my big purchase was the kit I had seen in the store that I couldn't stop thinking about!!!  I bought a few other patterns at various booths (again proud I didn't buy the kits instead!!)   We also stopped in Out of Hand, a quilt shop in Calgary.  I had never been and oh boy is it packed but with some lovely things!  Here are some pics of the quilts we did eventually walk around to see!

Isn't this amazing!!!  Over 4000 tiny yo-yos!  Made to help with her insomnia!!!  If I keep waking up at 5:30 am I might have to do this too!!!!
Here are my purchases:

It was a super day!!!!!!!
Last weekend was the parade.  It was a bit cold but I still love a parade!!!  A couple of from the Shriners and the float from Vulcan which was very cool!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Mug Monday!

You would think I would be running out of mugs...nope!  I look in the cupboard and see some I'm not sure where they came from but there are still a lot to go.  :). The mug I chose for today is would likely hold almost two large cups from my Keurig!  But it's light.  A gal by Falher, another small town close to my hometown, made and painted this.  She made several different pottery pieces and I have a few...I use the mug and the spoon rest but I'm scared to break the other pieces I have which is silly!  This will remind me to get them out and enjoy them!!!!!  Of course I like dad was a beekeeper when I was growing up and his dad was one too.  My grandpa would come from Ontario to help my dad, every summer, after he stopped beekeeping myself.  Great memories!  My Grandma would accompany him on occasion and, well, I miss her.  So this mug kind of reminds me of them too!

Look at these two goofs from yesterday.........not sure what they would do without our deep window sills!

Jax is not a small cat so you can see the sills are quite accommodating!!  Hahaha!

It's overcast right now but I'm hoping it will clear off for the parade...if we are going.  We have company coming this morning who might not get here until 10:30.  We might have to wait until the next one.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stitching Snowmen

Yesterday I completed the first block of a snowman stitchery quilt I have started that's new at the shop.  I almost have the stitching part done for the second block now too.

Today started out sunny.  Deb and I got our walk in and Hubby and I ran to Okotoks for plants for my half barrel planters and a stop at Michaels.  When we were getting plants, big black clouds were getting close and thunder started rumbling!!!  So I rushed through the nursery, which was crazy busy, and we got home in time.  These clouds came and are passing over...they were blacker than the pics:

I think they will be over soon.  Tomorrow is the Little Britches Rodeo parade so I sure hope it's a nice day.  This town needs some happy!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Trip

Hubby and I went to Banff yesterday to meet with my Dad. On the way we stopped in Canmore and I popped into The Sugar Pine Co.  I have to be honest....I was disappointed.  I had been in the store likely 10+ years ago and I liked it.  Lots of kits and I don't remember the store being so crowded.  The downstairs, which had giftware before, was very junky yesterday.  Giftware (most seemed old) mixed with notions, etc.  old fabric.....then upstairs I found cluttered and unorganized.  Of course I still made a purchase!!!  What addict can walk away from a quilt shop empty handed????
The shop outside:

My purchases:

Banff was nice...busy as usual.  We had a good visit with my dad.  :)
Today I've been sitting outside all afternoon.  The sun is shining and it's a lovely day.  I moved my old ladder to the back flowerbed this afternoon.  

I hope some plants come back and can make it through the mulch!!  Time will tell.  
I've started stitching my new snowman red work project!!!  I love hand stitching!!!!  ❤️

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh My Back!!!!!

Yesterday was spent in the yard....front and back....old mulch and flood remains were hauled away, weeds were pulled, some edging was done and 70 bags of new mulch hauled in!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It sure feels good when I look out there but my back is killing me!!!!!  Hahaha. Always that first spring time clean up!  Last year was a lot because we cleaned up the beds from the previous owner and hauled in mulch.  This year it was a lot because of the flood and the mess and replacing the mulch that floated away!!!  Next year, God willing, it will be a normal cleanup of some dead plants, weed removal, etc.  We want to really make use of our backyard this summer.  We moved in August 2012 so didn't have much time.  Last year was the flood so it wasn't used at all.  This year I want to make it a fun, comfortable place to be.  We want a fire pit, I want some more comfie chairs, and I will work on making the flowerbeds pretty.  The grass is coming nicely.....I'm sure it will fill in more as the year goes on.

On Mothers Day I painted the front of my old wood ironing board.  It's for display only and decided it needed chalkboard paint!

As promised, here are the prints from my son for Mothers Day.  Love them!!

I also have a picture of my yummy dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was banana split cheesecake but only had chunks of cheesecake in the middle....yummmmmmmmm. 

I have been working on a quilt with embroidery, Little Birdies Stitcheries for about three years now!  It's one of those things I'd work on for awhile then put away.  There are 12 stitched blocks and I'm now working on #12!!!!  Here's the completed #11 block.  I'm hoping to have the last one finished today so I can square them up, sash them, sew them together then add a border!!!!!! 

We are off to Banff today to meet up with my Dad who is there for something work related.  I'll stitch on the way and might be able to stop at The Sugar Pine Co in Canmore......I need NOTHING but there's no harm in "looking" right????????

Monday, May 12, 2014

Funny Mug

Monday Mug Memory!  This is an OLDIE!!!!  Like 30+ years old!  In my hometown we used to have a drugstore called Merners Drugs.  It was a Rexall store located where my favorite clothing store is now.  The store had everything from giftware to vet supplies!!  It wasn't very big but it was neat.  One day I saw this mug and had to have it.  I'm not very tall and I guess I thought I was tough...HAHAHA!!  This mug has moved with me so many times that I'm surprised it's survived but hey, IT is tough..and mean!!

Look at that little monster!!!  Makes me laugh!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day and I vowed to do exactly what I wanted and guess what that was?  Spend the day in my sewing room!!!!  I had bought fabric online to make S a pillowcase so that got done as well as another cat one for my friend Debs son.  Then I started on another old, little kit.  I got the blocks made and now to sew them together.

Three of my children were around.  Besides my supper the night before at the Cheesecake Factory I got a gift certificate for a 90 minute hot rock massage from the girls (I can't wait to book that!!!) and two prints from my son from my favorite store in HP. (I'll post pics tomorrow).  Our eldest boy was unable to come down.  He had had his wisdom teeth out Friday so was recovering from that....hopefully I'll get to see him next weekend (hint hint!!!!!). Anyway, he sent me this picture saying "Happy Mothers Day!"  I guess I'll always be with him and he can likely reach that spot to give me a kiss!  Hahaha!!!  I do want him to design a tattoo for me....I love the one he has on his back that he designed....this one was "old school" out of a book.

He said it was painful so I told him it made up for the 12+ hours of labor and a foreceps delivery!!!  LOL

I hope to get into the flowerbeds today although I know the sewing room will be calling to me!  Tomorrow we meet my dad in Banff and I'd like to go early and maybe pop into The Sugar Pine Co in Canmore.  I don't need anything I'd just like to "look"!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Dream........

For years I have dreamt of owning a quilt shop.  I have saved every issue of Quilt Sampler magazine since the late '90s and this week the current spring/summer issue was released.  I savor every page, reading about these shops and what they do for their customers...special events, classes, sales.  I see how they display fabrics and what other props they use.  I finished enjoying the issue this morning.....I will re-read this until I tuck it away with the rest of them.  Many, many magazines have been purged from my collection but not this one!

Yesterday I spent most of the day rearranging and re-doing displays at Chinook Fabrics.  I woke up this morning, at 6 AM, thinking of other things I could/should have done!!!!  I don't work again until Thursday and I'm sure there will be lots to do!  We are expecting the Downton Abbey fabrics as well as Yoko Seiko fabrics (I think that's the right name?!?)....where will they go???????  I have to tell myself to relax and remind myself that it's not MY shop!!!!!!!!

These two were watching the birds yesterday morning.  I'm sure they dream about being out there and chasing them!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Boys Quilt

I worked myself hard yesterday.  I cleaned the house, emptied garbages, scooped dog poop in the backyard, did a couple of loads of laundry then rewarded myself with sewing!  I had a productive few days and I loved it!!!!  Work today...we will see if I'll have time to sew there.  I'm sure there will be displays to re-do though.  Lucie and Francois are back from a show and we are getting a POS system and the gal inputting likely had to scan everything....anyway, I'm preparing myself for a bit of a mess and doing displays seems to be my job.  :). Back to my sewing.  I finished the little boys quilt I had started the day before.  It was fun and easy and it's not that big so I hope to quilt it myself.  I'd like to be brave and put minky on the back might have to be flannel.
The lighting isn't that great but it was a fun I had sitting around for awhile!!!!

Next up?  I think I have to get some of my BOMs caught up....more on the way!  I also need to force myself to quilt some of the small tops I have done....mostly table toppers, runners and this boys quilt.  

I saw this on Facebook this explains things perfectly!!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Sewing!!

I've had a great couple of days sewing!  Finished the Tablerunner top and then yesterday made some coasters from this You Tube video. (I hope the link works). The Gourmet Quilter calls them mug rugs but they are coasters to me.  Anyway, a great way to use up charm pack squares or cut from your stash!!  Here are my two sets:

Then I started an old baby quilt kit and will continue with that today.  I'd love to get the top done today so I can feel like I've really accomplished a lot these last few days!  It's doable!  I must clean first.  

Here is my quilting buddy yesterday.  She was so snuggled and warm!
Sound asleep!!!!

I have three orchid plants in my sewing room that bloom and re-bloom consistently.  They must love their environment!  Here is one of them:

It's tempting to get more but I don't need a greenhouse/nursery in there!!!  I have enough "stuff" on the window sills!!!!!!!

Off to clean then sew!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ta Da!!

I did sew yesterday and finished the table runner I started yesterday!  It's was an ugly day outside so I turned the fireplace on and sewed away...ahhhhhh.  Here's the top:


I really like how it turned out and it may be a pattern I make again.....maybe.  

I've seen the sun this morning but we still have a lot of clouds so we aren't clear yet!  But even just a glimpse lets us know it's still there!!!!!!

Stitching Group tonight!  Whoo hoo!  I don't know which of my one million projects I will bring but I'll figure it out by then!  I might make some coasters or mug mats today from an idea a customer gave me.  You know I'll post pictures of the finished product if I do!!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Here it is already Monday!!!  So it's Monday Mug Memories!  I have three pictures of today's mug.  Gotta show you all the way around this one.  It's from The Buggy Barn in Reardon, Washington.  I didn't get it this past April but a few years before.  What a lovely shop!!

I spent some time during this snowy, rainy weekend to get my sewing and craft room cleaned up.  Feels so good to go in there now.  Not perfect but I breathe easier when I walk in.

This is what I woke up to Saturday.  It's not like that now, the snow is all gone but we have no sunshine.  My forecast shows sun tomorrow.....I sure hope it's right!

Saturday the sewing machine repair guy Chris was at the shop.  Earlier in the week he came and repaired a lady's Featherweight.  So a light bulb went off in my head and I brought mine in for him.  I used it Friday night...quite different from my big Janome!!!  She sounds a bit tinny...but she's old!!!!! LOL!  I'll take it out and use it on occasion to keep her running smoothly.

I hope to continue sewing on a table-runner I started yesterday.  I had it in my purge pile but it was from a cute little shop in Exeter, Ontario that is no longer open.  I bought it while there with my cousin and my aunt.....and the chocolate store was across the street.  I love that little town!!!!!  So I couldn't part with the memories but told myself if I was keeping it, it had to get done!  I'm almost done the hand stitching on the last block and will get it put together today.  A picture for tomorrow's post!!