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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Where do I start????????????????????  This has been one of the most surreal experiences I've ever , well, experienced!  It's INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

When we looked for houses last summer, we made sure we bought in an area NOT in the flood zone! Well, I think the flood zone has to be expanded although they say this has never happened before....anywhere.  Three times worse than the worst flood in Alberta's history!

From 2-4a.m we watched the water rise incredibly fast.  We had time to get "important" stuff out of our, business and personal papers, etc....and for that I am extremely thankful.  We heard the door pushed open and the water rushing in.  Windows smashed and the basement filled with water in under a minute.  We continued watching the water rise from front and back.  It was horrible.  The transformer blew around 4 am.  We had no power, couldn't flush toilets.....morning came and we saw firsthand the devastation!
This is the stairwell going to the basement.  There are several steps to a landing then a few steps more to the basement.  The water had come up on the next step before we had left.  Needless to say, our basement is toast!

The side yard....there are cement stairs going down there.  The roof you see is under which we have or had our patio table and chairs.

Across the street.  Our trailer that holds our stuff for the Vintage with Flair sale we were going to go to.

Our front "yard" before we left.  There was no grass for the dogs to do their "business" on!  
I really hope it hasn't got higher.  I pray it hasn't gone to our main floor.  There was about 6" of water in our garage when we left too.  What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never ever been through anything like this.  I hope I never ever have to experience anything like it again.  I feel for the people who couldn't take or move important irreplaceable items.  We will have a lot to replace but it's only 'stuff' right???  We can now put in the kind of windows WE want.  We can get different furniture and get rid of the carpet in Amy's bedroom.  It's all good(???).  Have to look at the positive right????????
We are staying at a motel in Claresholm.  The dogs and kittens are with us.  

They are doing fine!!!!!  Dogs too!  As long as they are with us they are fine!!!!!

Hope we can return soon and start the clean up. will take a long time!!!!


Kathy said...

Oh Jane and Family...... I did wonder how you all were doing as there were no posts recently. Glad you are all safe, warm and dry. It's unreal to see the pictures and think how fast it all happened...Cyber hugs...

Jane said...

Thanks Kathy. Until we got here in Claresholm we haven't had good Internet service. It's nice to be able to communicate again! And what else do I have to do really?!?