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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Got It!!

Yesterday I had to run up town and thought I'd bring my finished tree skirt to show the gals at the quilt shop since the pattern(free) and templates came from there and I wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas.  They are closing after Saturday and reopening Monday January 6th in the old, pre-flood location....which they've expanded as well as renovated!  While I was there, the owner Lucie said she wanted to talk to me so we talked.....and she offered me the job!!!!!!  Part time and three days a week, for now!!!!  I start January 7th!!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!!!  We also talked about teaching classes.....yikes!!!!!!!!    We all know I will not be making any money........she offers a great discount to employees.......but I'll be out of the house, meeting quilters and touching fabric...three whole days a week!!!!!!  ***sigh***
Just thought I'd share the great news!!!!!!!


Kathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Will certainly have to make a road trip that way now ; )

Jane said...

Thanks Kathy!!!