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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On Saturday before we went to bed we were to turn the clocks back an hour.  "Fall back".  I'm still trying to adjust to gaining that hour!  I don't know what time I was awake this morning.....before the sun.  I'm trying to stay up until my 'normal' bedtime.....I'm fading fast!!  Lol. I'm also getting a cold.....I hope it doesn't hit much harder....this is enough!!!!!  Hubby is worse.  We are taking it easy at home when we can.

Today after the gym I showered and went uptown to's so nice having a drugstore open in town again!!!  Afterwards I stopped into the quilt store to say hello to Mavis and Lucie.  Lucie had to leave and it got a bit busy so I helped a couple of customers find stuff!  What fun!!!  I had a coffee and a nice visit....And came home with a couple of patterns!  An addiction I tell ya!!!!

This evening I did get a wool project done....a small candle mat.

So fun!  It was a laser cut kit I bought in Fernie (I think) on our Montana trip.  

I think tomorrow will be cleaning's my day off from the gym.  Gotta do something!  Shutters are to be installed on the windows downstairs on Thursday.  I hope they will look alright!  I have to hem the curtains so can take them off tomorrow and get them out of the way.  Always something to do....and of course there's still painting!!!!  

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Margaret Macpherson said...

Adorable! My body is still operating on former time. This is a sew day, yippee! Rainy & dull. All I feel like doing is sleeping..... Have a good one and stay well.