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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still No Tree

Well, we've looked for a tree but have yet to find one we want to spend money on.  What is left in stores are not the nicest and aren't on sale enough for me to want to buy.  So my dad has a tree that I will put in the basement.  Hubby left for up north today and if he has room for it he will bring it back next week.  If not Dad will bring it on the 21st!  I don't think we've ever had a tree up so late!  Oh doesn't bother me but Amy is wrapping gifts and is complaining there is no tree to put them under!  Soon Amy, soon!

I think I am almost done any shopping I had to do.  When I went shopping at the mall on Sunday I bought this cute nightlight.  The flame flickers when it's on......doesn't give off much for light but it makes me smile.

My poor sewing machine must be feeling neglected as I haven't worked on anything for so long.  If I would get some baking done and cleaning done then maybe my reward could be sewing!!!!  I had made my dad a quilt for his bed this spring.  He didn't want to use it until he bought a new bed...and now he has.  He made his own headboard and sent me this picture of everything all set up.
Looks good altogether!!

Wind is blowing but the sun is shining!  I think it's warming up.....nice!  Off to accomplish something!!!!


Margaret Macpherson said...

What? No tree made of fabric to hang on the wall? New tradition, maybe? Or not!
The night lite is neat. Smiles for sure!
Have some happy in your "new" place.

Margaret Macpherson said...

Nice quilt. Looks great. Good for your Dad.

Jane said...

Haha not sure about that as a new tradition Pegs!!