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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree skirt..and a job?

Yesterday Hubby left for the north first thing in the morning.  I had my coffee and stared at my to-do list but felt completely unmotivated!  I did a few Christmas cards but needed a couple of stamps for postage to the States so went up to the Postoffice.  Near the post offices temporary location is the quilt shops temporary location and I hadn't been in awhile so I popped in the see Mavis and Lucie.  I had a great visit and picked up a free pattern and some templates to make a tree skirt.  While there Mavis mentioned I should hand in a resume....Lucie was probably going to need someone part time in the new year.....Lucie came out from the back and we all chatted....and I left my phone number!  I think I might be working at the shop in the new year and I'm excited about that!!!!!!!  They will be back in the old but expanded and totally renovated location downtown!  How fun to go to work and fondle fabric all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A dream job!  Now I likely won't bring home much of a pay cheque but I will be out of the house and meeting new people....and fondling fabric!!!!  Hahaha!!!  LOVE!

So when I got home I chose the fabric I was going to use for the tree skirt and got started.  Then my neighbor called and we went for a long walk and I came home and continued until my daughter came home and we went for supper.  Once back I kept going.  Here's the top done and since this picture (of the tree skirt and our little 3 lb chihuahua) I have the felt pinned to the back:

Our daughters have convinced me to go to the mall with them today but it should be a quick trip and then I will come home and try to finish the tree skirt.  We are having a chinook so I'm sure it will be nice and sloppy out there soon!!  :)


Kathy said...

What a FANTASTIC opportunity. Will have to try and stop by there one of these days.... time permitting...

Jane said...

Yes Kathy....I sure hope I get the job! I'll be sure to post if I do!! :-)