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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We've Been Hit!!!!

It seems nothing is done half assed around here.  If it's windy, it's very windy.  And if we get a blizzard it's a doozie!!!!  Yesterday we were hit with a doozie!  If we just had snow it would have been lovely....a picture perfect winter day.  But the wind was wicked...and cold!  This morning our street was snowed a couple of huge drifts that even Hubby with the quad could not remove last night.  He did the rest of the street and another neighbor used his snowblower on the sidewalks.  By later last night you couldn't tell.  Here's Hubby on the quad last night clearing the drift right in front of our driveway.
He really does love doing this!!!!!!!  Here's our front yard this should be able to see a bird feeder on a stand.....but it's buried!!

It's still windy today but no snow so far.  I'm waiting for a chinook now to melt it all!  hahaha. But today will be a cozy inside day.

Even the cats were checking out the snow!

I have done some decorating.  I'm not sure about the's different for me and not symmetrical which I was trying to do but my OCD is having a hard time adjusting!  Lol.  And I have my nativity scene on the old treadle...ignore the light switches!  

Next is finding a tree...........

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Hi Jane, hope the snow is now more of a chuckle for you now since the not half assed cold has hit : (