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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Another day of not doing much.  I am really lacking energy.  I've been taking my vitamin D for a few weeks now......hopefully it's the time change......time will tell....and I hope it gets better.  I've got things to do!!

Yesterday I started and today I finished another wool candle mat....a good thing to do when you don't have any energy.

Today I started another one.  They were kits I had...the one started today is the last kit but I have a couple of other patterns I'd like to make too....and I have enough wool that I don't need a kit.  I enjoy the handwork while watching tv.

Today our shutters were installed on the basement windows.  I think I will like them.  I took the curtains down (they need to be hemmed) and will put them back up just for the look.  They "warm" up the windows.  

There is still so much to do down there!  My deadline is the end of November because then the Christmas decorations come out...once I buy a new tree.  I'm going to miss my skinny tree........maybe one day I will replace it.
Treadmill should arrive next week.....I need it!  I do have my Curves workout but the treadmill lets my mind wonder and think and straighten things out!  I might have to fight Amy for it but we will work out a schedule!!


Margaret Macpherson said...

Love your candle mats. Window looks neat & tidy. The process continues. Remember, goals are something one strives toward. Ease up a bit girl. Rest is important too! Are you taking Vit. B's at all? Expectations reasonable? You've had a LOT going on recently. Relax with a day of review. You only get to have 24 hours in this day. Is it what you still haven't gotten done that is tiring you out, or what you're doing?? .....or both? HUGS. XOXO

Jane said...

Pegs I'm feeling physically tired and definitely not from what I'm doing as I've had a few days of doing nothing much except the gym. What do you recommend for vit B? I think the expectations are reasonable I just need to get some ambition!!! Thanks for the hugs!!!!! Sending one right back at ya!!!! XOXO