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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Tree!!!!!!

My Dad has arrived and brought me two Christmas trees. A white one that was my Moms....but it has no lights so we will have to get some.  The tree I lost was prelit so I haven't got any lights for it....but we will get some.  And the other one was from the Quilt Guild and the tree they donated to the Festival of Trees in my home town.  My dad "won" it at the Silent Auction.  The ornaments are beautiful......

I read somewhere that you should put your tree on an east wall...this is as close as we can get.  It's for good luck or something.  Hey, we need all the good luck we can get!!  We need a fantastic 2014!  I'll do anything necessary.  :-)

Tomorrow we are off to Medicine Hat for Amy's hockey game......late night.  Ugh.  But the girls and I are going for pedicures Sunday afternoon!  Ahhhhhh!  Can't wait.  Relaxation before the craziness!  


Kathy said...

What a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas Jane and family. Wishing you a MUCH better 2014 and yes, one of these days when I am down in Calgary I will stop by the new and improved High River quilt store; ) hugs til then.

Jane said...

Thanks so much Kathy and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas too and looking forward to seeing you in a much improved 2014!!