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Monday, November 4, 2013

Not Much....

I see it's been a week since posting and nothing much has been happening to report.  Snow, Halloween (still a ton of candy leftover!!!), hockey (our daughters team continues their winning streak), supper last night at Longview Steakhouse to celebrate Hubby's birthday (today) and our neighbor Maureen's birthday (tomorrow). I made her a couple of dishcloths and appliquéd a tea towel.

When it's her husbands birthday in July I'm not sure what I can make him!!  LOL!  One day they might get quilts but he's very tall so it would have to be a long one!  Anyway, we had a very nice visit last night.  The food out there......melt in your mouth steak!  Unbelievable!!!!!!  I have changed my Curves coach meetings to Monday might be interesting!!!  Oh's the start 
of a new week!!!  
Our oldest daughter goes for her orientation at her new job at Mac....a makeup store.  She's excited!!!!  I hope she is working full time's a job for the holiday season for now.  Unfortunately she has to drive to Calgary but she has good winter tires on her car and is a cautious driver. But Mom will still worry!!!!!
Our lake is getting lower and lower.......I'm thinking our side will be drained in the next day or two.  Then the clean up.  I guess the residents who have lived here for awhile are saying they were told the lake was much deeper than it actually is.  I hope they can make it deeper and maybe it will stay even year when it gets water again.  
Well, off to start my day!

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