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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Week

Another week has flown by!!!!!  Slow down Father Time!!!!!!!!  Next week we will be into December and I haven't got one Christmas/snowman decoration up!!!!!  Soon...very soon.  I am hosting a neighbor party on the 14th so everything will be done by then!!!

This past Sunday we were off to a hockey game in Lethbridge.  It was a beautiful day!!!!
  Our view outside of High River
The temperature closer to Lethbridge

I finished up a few quilty projects.  I made a couple of these table runners and some smaller 'mats' all out of those 2.5" squares.  I have so many of them as I am part of the monthly send out from Fat Quarter Shop.  I should cancel but it's so fun and gives you a small glimpse at the new fabric coming out.  I just need to get using more of them up!!!

Tuesday night we were off to a hockey game in Calgary and the sunset was amazing!!!!!  This pic was taken with my cell phone reaching across Hubby while driving on hwy 2 so it's not very good.  The effect of the sun on the clouds was awesome and this picture does not do it justice!

I also finished up another wool felt mat.  The last kit I had...for candle mats.  I'll have to get at some of my bigger projects.  I do enjoy them!  Using appliqué glue instead of pins works great!!

Today is cleaning and treadmill and list making!  I WILL be organized before the weekend (where we will be going to two more hockey games!).

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