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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Countdown Is On

Wow, 8 days counting today......Christmas Day.  My Moms birthday was the 24th.  An emotional time of year for many.  My friend Kim is going through a tough time.  Her father passed away Monday so they are making arrangements for a funeral when most people are making arrangements for a gathering of a different kind.  I wish I was there to help if I could.  But she has a big family and I'm sure there are more than enough people around. claims way too many good people.

I did my baking yesterday and was so adamant I wasn't going to eat anything that I got it all into the freezer without taking any pictures!!!!!!!  I don't make much.....Ginger cookies, my moms shortbread (which never tastes like hers) and my grandmas butter tarts...again, nothing like my Grandmas.  Oh well.  Maybe one day I will be more ambitious and make a variety of things.  But for now this is more than enough.

Still no tree but I have Christmas around the house:

Even my nails got a bit festive:

And my next door neighbors are definitely festive!
Aren't they fun!!!!  

We have a blizzard happening today.  Yesterday was beautiful...+7C and today winter is back!!  Time to crank some Christmas tunes and get something accomplished!  Oh, the finished tree skirt:(why not add another photo to this photo heavy post!?!)


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Kathy said...

Looks Super Festive!!! Merry Christmas!