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Friday, November 15, 2013


Well I caught it.....a cold.  It's knocked me down and out.  I had to go uptown today and it was a quick trip that pooped me now I am sitting with a quilt, a hot drink (a hot caramel apple drink for my Keurig....yummy!!!!), Kleenex, throat lozenges and a couple of magazines. It's quiet.....everyone else is at work.  I don't even have the tv on.......peaceful....ahhhhhh!

I'm also sitting here thinking about Christmas and I will make my list soon.  Sing along with me..."It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr!!!!!!"  Can't wait to have the whole family here.......but I have a ton of things to do before that day and once I get some energy back, that to-do list is getting done!

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Kathy said...

Oh dear!! I had a set back earlier this week with a nasty cold too! Hope you feel better soon. Drink lots of your Keurig blend, it can't help but make you feel better : )