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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"What's Up" Wednesday!

Again it seems so long since my last post.  You can tell there isn't much happening around here and that is a good thing considering the past few months!!

Yesterday and today have been nice warm days and the snow we have is disappearing although I heard today at the grocery store that we are to get more this weekend.  I guess it is that time of the year!  Monday the fall decorations came down and were put away and yesterday was cleaning day!!  I will slowly get winter decorations out but I am enjoying the uncluttered look right now.....maybe decorations will be minimal this year.  I should go through my stuff and purge.  Many people in High River lost all of their Christmas decorations in the flood.

I had some great deliveries/mail today!!  First off my UPS guy, who doesn't even ring the doorbell anymore because he knows the dogs see him and start barking, brought me this:

Then we stopped for the mail and these lovelies were there waiting for me:

I love all the projects in both books....and that's just at a glance.  I will enjoy them in detail after supper!

This morning I made chocolate chip cookies (at a daughters request) and I used the recipe on the back of the chips bag and I wish I had of used my usual recipe.  They taste okay........

Our son got the call for work today.  He has to be up in Fort McMurray tomorrow so he decided to go to our other sons place in St Albert today.  He took his dog and his brother will babysit her while he's working.  I get frustrated with this son and the mess he makes when he's here...but I sure hate it when he leaves.  I'll even miss his little fur ball dog....she's a cutie. I'm thinking it might be Christmas before we see him again.  :-(

No gym this week......feel like I needed to get house stuff done....and haven't been in the mood.  Our treadmill is to arrive tomorrow sometime.  I hope I have the motivation to use that!!!!  Time will tell!

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