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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Could I forget!!???

My neighbors belong to the Rotary Club here and they were handing out quilts from The Sewing Room, a quilt shop in Calgary,for flood victims, a week ago.  I told her I was given a quilt by Linda from Patchwork Fabrics in Slave Lake already but she said to come and get one for our daughter Amy.  Amy had hockey practice that night so I went on her behalf.  There were quite a few quilts....of all shapes, sizes and colors!  My kids have always complained about the quilts I have made for use on the couch...too small!!!!  So I went looking for one big enough for cuddles.  And I found one.  It's a rag quilt but made without batting.  It is made with good quality flannel though so it's not flimsy and it's very cozy.
It's bright and colorful and makes me smile....not only because of the colors but because there was a kind quilter out there willing to make this quilt for us here in High River.  There were many many kind quilters!!!!!  We can feel the love every time we wrap up in it!!

We went Christmas shopping today in Calgary....I didn't get a whole lot done.  As per usual, I found a thing or two for me.  This little girl came home to be added to my Jim Shore snowman collection:

She short (like me).  :-)

I saw this in a magazine last night...excuse the bad picture, but I thought it was nice.....

Lots of snug white quilts here right now!!!!!

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