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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The white stuff

Sunday we had the arrival of a pretty significant amount of the white stuff.  The wind blew quite hard and it was a wet, icy kind of snow.  These pictures were taken early yesterday morning.  The day turned into a nice sunny day but it was still cold....-6C was the high.  Some has melted but it's still white out there.  We are to get plus temperatures the rest of the week so it should be gone by Halloween.

I'm not ready for winter.....mentally for sure!  
Today I MUST hit the gym.....once a week is not good enough and I need my routine back.  I still have some painting to do....4 doors/trim/casings and the trim coming up the stairs.  I ran out of paint but got some yesterday so no excuses now!  Blair's desk is to be delivered today to I will have some organizing to do.  I know one day I will look back and think "that wasn't so bad" but right now I feel it's never ending!  I do have to do some sewing today.  Amy's hockey team is having a pub night and she is donating one of my small quilts to the silent auction but the one I am donating needs binding.....and done before she leaves for practice tonight!  So after the gym that's what I will be working on!  I don't like to do bindings but it will feel nice to sit at the sewing machine!

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