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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Word!

Two more days left in  I have mixed feelings as always.  I am usually sad about the end of a year but excited about the new.  I'm the same this year....maybe a little less sad, and only because of the flood.  The worst natural disaster in Canada's history....and we survived it.  Throughout it all I tried very hard to put on a positive front...."it is what it is now deal with it" was kind of our motto.  When people asked I would say how lucky we felt as so many had it so much worse.  That was true....but in private, over time, I would wear down....that positive front would momentarily fade and I would feel sorry...for us and our loss and the rebuilding that lay ahead.  And it's true when people would say "it's only things".....but they were our "things"!  Maybe our positive front was the reason friends and family from 'home' weren't rushing down to help.  I'm sure lives were busy and until you see things firsthand you really don't get the full scope of the devastation.  There was disappointment in that.....even just communication or lack thereof, was disheartening.  The jokes and jabs "well you moved to HIGH RIVER!" went around and around and at first we smiled and chuckled but then it began to make us mad.  Did people not read or watch the news?  Did they not care?  But it's's in our past and part of 2013.  But it sure makes a person realize a few things.....some of which are hard realizations.......
So onto and upward and into 2014.  I've decided my word-of-the-year would be "LESS". Less stuff, less weight, less stress, less debt, less procrastination, less worry, less disappointment, less anger....... I will purge, over the course of the year, excess 'things' in our home.  I will purge relationships that are a struggle to maintain.  I will focus on paying down debt by not purchasing more 'stuff' and being more aware of our finances.  (That includes fabric stuff too....YIKES!). I will return to Curves and the meal plan and walking with my neighbor and new friend Deb and making it all a regular part of my day.  I have big plans for 2014!!!!!!!!
One thing I would love to do, using the ton of fabric I already own, is a Dear Jane quilt....pieced by hand!  I have the book now I need to get started!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!  I find it ironic that the blocks are from another Jane exactly 100 years before I was born.

Another thing I'd like to make, with wool felt I already have is a pin cushion.  Look at this one I purchased from Kaaren Johnston whose blog is named The Painted Quilt.  I had purchased a Christmas one a couple of years ago and marvel at the detail and all the work!!

I already have a book that will guide me.  
Big plans as per usual but I'm hoping and planning on a very wonderful 2014!!!!!!!  Chin up and move forward!


Kathy said...

What a good word Jane! I am blaming this year and its "losses" on the unlucky "13". I think that it is truly hard to understand loss whether inanimate or animate if you have not experienced it or learned empathy. Commend yourself and your family for the courage to have persevered through what you did. I found it quite heart warming to see the picture of your dad installing the stair railing compared to the last picture you posted of that stair well. Wishing you all the best for 2014, it HAS to be better. : )

Jane said...

Thank you Kathy! Yes, 13 may have had something to do with the type of year for sure!!!!! Happy New Year to you as well!!!! Let's hope it's full of quilty fun!